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Famous in a sentence

I wanted to be famous.
And Pi is the famous.
The Rich and The Famous.
He is a very famous man.
There is a famous story.
They were famous for it.
He was famous, Red Beard.

It was as famous as the.
Married to a famous king.
Think 'ow famous yer'd be.
On a pedestal, the famous.
He was famous for rabbits.
However, it is famous for.
His family was famous for.
Its his most famous novel.
We are not a famous planet.
He was getting famous again.
I don’t want to be famous.
He would be rich and famous.
A famous instance in which.
And yet, sir, the famous Mr.
In the words of your famous.
This could make her famous!.
Once, the famous physicist L.
He could have been a famous.
And none of them were famous.
Look at you, you’re famous.
This guy is making you famous.
It too is famous for its shops.
That famous murder trial had.
This later became the famous.
He was only a famous humorist.
Well, it was Almost Famous Town.
Styled on the famous headdress.
That was the famous Trojan War.
A clause in the famous act of.
Cats are famous for hunting mice.
In Cape Town, the famous Table.
These categories a famous – Dr.
The Great Wall of China is famous.

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celebrated famed famous illustrious notable noted renowned

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