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Important in a sentence

It is important for all.
It was important to her.
This is an important call.
So it is important that.
It is important to know.
Zhis is important to know.
What is important to you?

It is the least important.
It is important to spend.
It made her feel important.
This is an important point.
Why this topic is important.
It is very important that.
This is an important ratio.
It is important because of.
It's important that we know.
The gifts are an important.
You’re so important to me.
It is important for all to.
This will be very important.
This is very important –.
I remember it was important.
The most important thing in.
There is one very important.
It is important to stick to.
This important point in the.
You are that important to us.
But it is very important to.
It is important to remember.
Even more important, from a.
Water is the most important.
Your words are very important.
Nothing else was important now.
The most important thing was.
This is the important part.
Faith is important to mankind.
It’s important to all of us.
The most important one of all.
Your father is not important.
But it is also very important.

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