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Important in a sentence

1. This is an important call.
2. It is important for all.
3. So it is important that.
4. It is important to know.
5. It was important to her.
6. Zhis is important to know.
7. It is the least important.

8. What is important to you?
9. It is important to spend.
10. This is an important ratio.
11. This is an important point.
12. It is very important that.
13. It made her feel important.
14. Why this topic is important.
15. It's important that we know.
16. It is important because of.
17. I remember it was important.
18. This is very important –.
19. The gifts are an important.
20. This will be very important.
21. You’re so important to me.
22. It is important for all to.
23. You are that important to us.
24. It is important to stick to.
25. Even more important, from a.
26. It is important to remember.
27. The most important thing in.
28. There is one very important.
29. But it is very important to.
30. This important point in the.
31. Your words are very important.
32. Water is the most important.
33. Faith is important to mankind.
34. It’s important to all of us.
35. This is the important part.
36. The most important one of all.
37. Nothing else was important now.
38. The most important thing was.
39. Seeking the truth is important.
40. But it is an important factor.
41. Your father is not important.
42. This was an important landmark.
43. And I think that’s important.
44. But it is also very important.
45. This is a very important lesson.
46. It is important to understand.
47. It is important that we do not.
48. This work is important to share.
49. This is an extremely important.
50. It is important to be confident.
51. Friendship is important in love.
52. It is important for mankind to.
53. They ignore the most important.
54. Nothing else was more important.
55. Mom, this is really important.
56. Carole was more important to me.
57. Here is the important thing to.
58. Unity in the Church is important.
59. There is a more important issue.
60. He is simply not that important.
61. Perhaps the most important part.
62. Big men in their important but.
63. It’s important you earn these.
64. Measuring stats is very important.
65. He just likes to feel important.
66. This is a very important insight.
67. Everyone is valued and important.
68. But today's lesson was important.
69. Anyway, this is more important.
70. There are important vortexes (or.
71. This is the most important thing.
72. But I learnt something important.
73. Marketing is important, of course.
74. That’s why this is so important.
75. Your style of music is important.
76. The most important of modern (ca.
77. There is nothing more important.
78. Whitespace is important in Python.
79. He thought it was very important.
80. This is an important distinction.
81. All actors are equally important.
82. Nothing else was important to me.
83. It’s really important to have.
84. It was very important for Dillard.
85. There were more important things.
86. This is important, because most.
87. Who can say? It’s not important.
88. Lily, Nathan is more important.
89. This is a very important function.
90. You taught me something important.
91. It is very important to see how Dr.
92. It’s important for the trapped.
93. This trust is very important and.
94. It is important to lift up others.
95. That was the most important thing.
96. That was as important as the data.
97. Water purity is important for you.
98. Culthar had been important to her.
99. It is important to know the truth.
100. This is important, you need to go.

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