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Farewell in a sentence

1. I bade my final farewell.
2. He said farewell and left.
3. He said farewell to us on.
4. Farewell, then; in the intense.
5. Finally, I bade farewell to them.
6. Pray, givest me a farewell kiss.
7. He bid us both farewell and left.

8. She bid Laru a temporary farewell.
9. Think of it as a farewell present.
10. He winked, a sort of silent farewell.
11. Farewell, farewell! but this I tell.
12. By conscious choice, bid it farewell.
13. Of serfs the farewell wail have given.
14. It was a farewell dinner of some sort.
15. Mitali wanted to bid farewell to Sanju.
16. I was saying farewell to your father.
17. Take care of these coins, and farewell.
18. The name of the boat was Farewell Summer.
19. He also said a warm farewell to Philemon.
20. But then it means farewell, here it meant.
21. Now farewell! said the friendly gentleman.
22. Nerissa cried a desperate farewell to Eury.
23. Pocketing the card, she bid Gerald farewell.
24. That one kiss farewell would be their last.
25. Lafayette spoke and bade Lamarque farewell.
26. Until we meet again, good luck and farewell.
27. It was in this spirit they bade me farewell.
28. Just thought I’d stop by and say farewell.
29. And he bade his family farewell, and started.
30. He said farewell to Thran and the ailing Nga.
31. The last farewell was affecting in the extreme.
32. This last essay is his farewell to the public.
33. THERE was a feast that night, a farewell feast.
34. Both families were up early, bidding us farewell.
35. She calls a farewell over her shoulder and waves.
36. When they sew him up he repeats his farewell tour.
37. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
38. It was the last time; he came to bid her farewell.
39. He had been saying farewell to the beer-barrel in.
40. Then he bid a fond farewell to his adopted family.
41. Farewell, Pomona; wilt thou not wish me well?
42. Farewell! was the cry of my heart as I left him.
43. His mother and father followed for the happy farewell.
44. In the evening Frodo gave his farewell feast: it was.
45. She said farewell to the wild neon colors decorating.
46. Relieved kin had showered gifts of farewell upon them.
47. They said farewell to Nob and Bob, and took leave of Mr.
48. Without a parting farewell, he and Brittney parted ways.
49. Thank you for everything and farewell! said Anatole.
50. Pierre a temporary farewell and headed off towards the.
51. At that moment, the young man waved a farewell to Joseph.
52. A large crowd came to bid them farewell outside of Amos.
53. At the top of my voice I yelled out my farewell to them.
54. Farewell, hut, farewell, river, farewell, Siddhartha!.
55. And Aksénov for the last time bade his family farewell.
56. He bade us farewell and went ashore to visit the bishop.
57. Farewell, Miss Eyre, for the present; is that all?
58. Now, I fear, we must say farewell to Balin son of Fundin.
59. When the time comes, you will understand all… farewell.
60. He could not bear to say farewell to Thunder, Dunk decided.
61. I bid farewell to Phoenix as he thunders through the sky;.
62. Friday morning was devoted to a farewell prayer-meeting.
63. Then, we all bade farewell and returned with a heavy heart.
64. On their way they were given farewell cheers by the public.
65. He nodded a curt farewell and left the tavern, with Caris.
66. Farewell Tasuki! My thanks for your protection and defense.
67. Crying farewell, the Elves of Lurien with long grey poles.
68. She laughed lightly and gave another gentle farewell stroke.
69. This day we say farewell to the truest sons of the East.
70. After a farewell wave, she trailed Sicarius into the hallway.
71. Eisenhower warned the nation about it in his farewell speech.
72. He said, "Farewell!" said a last "God bless you!" and left her.
73. Priscilla, it will readily be imagined, made no farewell calls.
74. I knew in her look that she was saying farewell to me forever.
75. But she knew that soon she might have to bid the city farewell.
76. Wherefore I bid it fond farewell to see the higher Truth of All.
77. And in his mind he offered a silent farewell to his dear friend.
78. It was just a little after 10pm and he knew his little farewell.
79. He had taken poison, and written his farewell on a piece of paper.
80. As they gained the road, waved farewell, and headed back into town.
81. I can remember that last night when he bade farewell to my mother.
82. The bird bore her last farewell along with it to the southern sea.
83. I took Caryn’s hand and went upstairs with her…to say farewell.
84. Then the husband, bidding farewell to all his friends, stretched.
85. He then took a step back to allow for his son to say his farewell.
86. Then Treebeard said farewell to each of them in turn, and he bowed.
87. Stan realized quickly that William was giving him a farewell speech.
88. On the way up, he felt it as a farewell and at the same time a call.
89. They said one briefer farewell with only Joe getting out of the van.
90. And the two unicorns were gone before her farewell could be returned.
91. Saying farewell, Kifter and Hanor started out towards the main gates.
92. After resting a day, I bid everyone farewell and set off south again.
93. With that the company said farewell to the island and the mound, and.
94. With that complete, she bid farewell and disappeared down the stairs.
95. Both kissed me lightly on the cheek, then bid farewell to the children.
96. After their morning meal the Company said farewell to the lawn by the.
97. It was time for Dandy to give a special farewell number just for them.
98. Frodo knew that Galadriel had held aloft her ring in token of farewell.
99. I have a sudden event here, therefore I cannot prepare wine as farewell.
100. And they certainly wouldn’t have bothered saying farewell to a slave.
1. As they farewelled the bus Bart asked in awe, ‘What did you say to Mum? I’ve never seen her so calm as she was after the park.
2. A month ago, they farewelled Agnew into his own private consultancy, and the subject of a replacement had naturally been canvassed.
1. We said our farewells to Mrs.
2. Official farewells and so on.
3. Marshall also said his farewells.
4. As farewells went, it was a good one.
5. They said their farewells, much to Jack annoyance.
6. Father Pastel took them aside to bid his farewells.
7. The following day we said our farewells to the Dutchies.
8. With that he said his farewells and hurried from the room.
9. Early the next morning, we made our farewells and set off again.
10. Matt said his farewells to the family then led Marion to his car.
11. One moment I'm with you, saying my farewells, the next, I'm here.
12. And, without any farewells, I leave the chamber and exit the pyramid.
13. We began to say our farewells to each other Frank turned to me saying.
14. And some people were giving their farewells to their kilns and friends.
15. Their farewells had been said in the great hall by the fire, and they.
16. Our farewells said, Christian leads me to the car where Taylor is waiting.
17. And so, they bid their farewells and good-nights, clueless as to what the.
18. She was sad, confused and ready to withdraw and stood to make her farewells.
19. The static became so bad that all we could do was shout farewells and give up.
20. Back in the house, Kate and Elliot are making their farewells to Grace and Mr.
21. Many then began making their farewells, including most of those with children.
22. The meeting concluded, they said their farewells, and McCoy cleaned up after his.
23. Apparently Galeron had sent her to give her farewells in order to test her purpose.
24. There were no big farewells between Court and Bender, or promises of keeping in touch.
25. Outside the coffee shop they part with farewells, wishing each other a Merry Christmas.
26. The Saxon never even blinked when he said his farewells, he never even looked at his son.
27. They dismantle the tent and camp without haste, while I say my farewells to the landscape.
28. From the beach we went back to his aunt’s house and bid our farewells and went to church.
29. The crew makes their way to the stern of the ship while waving their last farewells.
30. Introductions were made all around, at the village edge, and with relieved farewells they set off.
31. The last few customers were saying drunken farewells, and Sairy was collecting tankards and wiping tables.
32. After five they called it quits and with farewells to the staff and security, promised to return the next day.
33. They watch as bandaged children run alongside the retreating ship, shouting their farewells to their new family members.
34. They said their farewells to Marva, then Talia Linked to Relgemit, whose team was already in place at the Queen of Waves.
35. We left Sitka, after shedding some tears and emotional farewells and promised to be back as we had made many friends there.
36. A portal was immediately opened by Delanichi and the four other magicians briefly said their farewells before passing through.
37. The range of acquaintances of my wife is vast and the greetings and farewells can become unbearably prolonged and exasperating.
38. Exchanges of farewells, amid occasional shouts and a continuous ripple of laughter, were passing between those on board and those ashore.
39. When the ship docked in Boston I collected my pay, said my farewells, and hired a hack to cart me and my trunks to Paul Matthew’s shop.
40. We broke up then to say our individual farewells to our girls Helen and I held each other tight and we kissed softly then our lips parted and Helen said.
41. As the train coughed, lurched, and began to pull away, boys hanging from the windows shouted farewells: Good-bye, Mom! I’ll write from Berlin.
42. Aureliano Segundo and Meme took leave of her with mocking farewells and promised her that on the following Saturday they would have a big resurrection party.
43. I told Jodas to take half the men plus the twenty-seven freed Toltec slaves and our share of the taxes back to Bo-elon, he said his farewells and turned for home.
44. When we said our farewells on the showgrounds of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, it was with the hope that we might find a way to work together again.
45. The engines stopped, and all of us—magisters and Mechanics—piled off to say our farewells before the Mechanics went on and the magisters returned to the city.
46. They said their farewells, and then Talia tapped Mark’s power to Translocate them to the center of the yard in front of the ranch house at Winghoof Estate in Sming.
47. Finally everyone said their farewells and went home, and the humans were assisted in this by volunteers of the Atoned, who accompanied them and supplied Translocation.
48. Seconds later, Duprina and Dorian appeared, they joined Americus in the expression of the familiar phrases of farewells, hugs, more phrases of farewell and more hugs.
49. She refused to tell anyone anything except that she was going away, which is what she had done whenever she had gone to Europe, in order to avoid exhausting farewells.
50. He felt a knot in his stomach at the thought of her giving up, burying him in that little ritual they buried their dead kinsfolk with no body to say her farewells too.
51. One does not want virtual strangers hanging around at tearful farewells, and Barbara realised that, once the doors closed behind her, she would never see Donald again.
52. Many called their farewells and took their leave, while Silaran easily crouched with all four legs in a way that no horse ever could, allowing Mark to vault to his back.
53. Fond farewells were made all around and the party was once again on the ferry then train headed home, satisfied that their friends were well-contented and settled in their new life.
54. Introductions were made all around, at the village edge, and with relieved farewells they set off into the lengthening shadows of the afternoon for the town barely visible in the distance.
55. The ice keep’s more compact design had only a third of the volume of the home in Sweettower, so they were soon ready to depart, and after fond farewells they were off to their next destination.
56. Soon after midday they ate with Beorn for the last time, and after the meal they mounted the steeds he was lending them, and bidding him many farewells they rode off through his gate at a good pace.
57. Chef Luc said that he would fetch the van around to the front of the shop while the two boys said there farewells to Gabrielle who had been busying herself tending to customers, having now opened the shop for business.
58. At the gates we said our last farewells to our women; Essylt as usual, crying wild and insane to lose both Arthur and Medraut together, Rowena standing aside with not a tear in sight and looking at me with deep regard.
59. According to his calculations, Uncle Leo XII was certain that Florentino Ariza had been conceived on a desk in some unlocked office on a hot Sunday afternoon, while from her house his father’s wife heard the farewells of a boat that never sailed.
60. When the moment for the farewells had come, Madame Homais wept, Justin sobbed; Homais, as a man of nerve, concealed his emotion; he wished to carry his friend's overcoat himself as far as the gate of the notary, who was taking Leon to Rouen in his carriage.
61. There were parties and balls and bazaars gray and gold braid and the brides in blockade-run finery, aisles of crossed swords, every week and war weddings without number, with the grooms on furlough in bright toasts drunk in blockaded champagne and tearful farewells.
62. And Simon called Peter pulled in to the shore to find the Ghost by the charcoal bed and the baked fish to be given as gifts, with the word as deliverance to a final good, and the disciples there in a gentle mob and the last hour upon them and the Ascension near and the farewells that would linger beyond two thousand years to be remembered on Mars and shipped on to Alpha Centauri.
63. He presently began to make solemn comments on the change in the weather, and after hearing Herr Dremmel's view and sympathising with his gratification, said that as regarded himself it put an end to his work of preparation for the painting of Frau Dremmel's portrait, and therefore he was leaving the next morning and would take the opportunity, when Herr Dremmel presently retired to his laboratory, of making his farewells.
64. As the guests one by one pack, pay, and depart, and the seats at the table-d'hote shrink pitifully at each succeeding meal; as suites of rooms are closed, carpets taken up, and waiters sent away; those boarders who are staying on, en pension, until the next year's full re-opening, cannot help being somewhat affected by all these flittings and farewells, this eager discussion of plans, routes, and fresh quarters, this daily shrinkage in the stream of comradeship.
65. The next morning, after a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast, we were about to set off but there was still no sign of the return of Jodas, so, impatient to get home, having said our farewells we headed towards Tollan, after a short distance Coatl motioned me to stop, and I soon saw why, over the crest behind us came ten of the soldiers from Xocanti, they had been hanging back, Coatl waved them forward and they explained to us that the high priest, Wedon, had ordered them to escort our party home, that settled, we continued towards Tollan, from the last hillock I looked down on the familiar houses and fields, ball court, Temple and square, my eyes began to fill with tears and I quickened my step, impatient to be with my family and friends.
66. The queen, then, being dead, and not in a swoon, we buried her; and hardly had we covered her with earth, hardly had we said our last farewells, when, quis talia fando temperet a lachrymis? over the queen's grave there appeared, mounted upon a wooden horse, the giant Malambruno, Maguncia's first cousin, who besides being cruel is an enchanter; and he, to revenge the death of his cousin, punish the audacity of Don Clavijo, and in wrath at the contumacy of Antonomasia, left them both enchanted by his art on the grave itself; she being changed into an ape of brass, and he into a horrible crocodile of some unknown metal; while between the two there stands a pillar, also of metal, with certain characters in the Syriac language inscribed upon it, which, being translated into Kandian, and now into Castilian, contain the following sentence: 'These two rash lovers shall not recover their former shape until the valiant Manchegan comes to do battle with me in single combat; for the Fates reserve this unexampled adventure for his mighty valour alone.

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