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Fixate in a sentence | fixate example sentences

  1. No one should fixate on the past.
  2. Besides, there are so many other physical things about me to fixate on.
  3. Obsession Fixate onto something that you’ve felt you’ve ignored for too.
  4. They tend to fixate on one thing and can get very good at that particular thing.
  5. That helps explain why we fixate on the raw magnitude of a market decline and forget to put the loss in proportion.

  6. Wall Street analysts then tend to fixate on whether a business will meet or beat these quarterly earnings estimates.
  7. If there was a lull in the drama, she would create something new upon which to fixate, and most of those creations at this time came from her sessions with Marianne Kris.
  8. The love potion that the slave traders create have had all genetic information that might make a person fixate on the person who generated the tears removed, leaving them to imprint on the first person they see, smell, and touch.

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