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Flinch in a sentence | flinch example sentences

  1. The monitor did not flinch.
  2. The man didn’t even flinch.
  3. He blinks but does not flinch.
  4. The lead doctor didn’t flinch.
  5. This time, I didn't flinch away.

  6. It made him flinch, his face sour.
  7. Never flinch at any task or hardship.
  8. The Thunderhead didn’t even flinch.
  9. Gloria, the ice queen, didn’t flinch.
  10. Travers felt his eyes flinch, watering.
  11. But Sam didn’t flinch on seeing this.
  12. Still, Garcia did not flinch or protest.
  13. But his stubborn spirit refused to flinch.
  14. The sudden contrast made Ethan flinch away.
  15. She didn’t turn, she didn’t even flinch.

  16. She did not even flinch at the use of power.
  17. The president didnt flinch at the estimates.
  18. The scratching sound inside made her flinch.
  19. She didn't flinch or want to run or anything.
  20. I flinch at the sight of his death-pale face.
  21. He looked through her but she did not flinch.
  22. A jolt of energy suddenly hits me and I flinch.
  23. I stifled a flinch and his mother looked down.
  24. He moved as if to thump me but I didnt flinch.
  25. She didnt flinch when he ran his hands along.

  26. He stared back hard at me, but I didn’t flinch.
  27. I flinch as they drag me outside, to the garden.
  28. He cocked his fist, but she didn’t even flinch.
  29. He whispered something that made the girl flinch.
  30. I looked at Aidan nervously, but he didn't flinch.
  31. It was her turn to flinch at the sting of his words.
  32. If you flinch or try to jump off, we could both be.
  33. The man stopped with a suddenness that made her flinch.
  34. Mine to have and hold," he said, "No, no, don't flinch.
  35. Rick then clapped his hands, causing the man to flinch.
  36. A pang in his stomach made him flinch but he hid it well.
  37. Both Coreema and Morn did not flinch, but his heightened.
  38. I flinch, thinking about what Micah is slowly turning into.
  39. Armstrong was not happy, but the other man did not flinch.
  40. Its light made him flinch and at last he gathered his phlegm.
  41. More lightning and then more trembling thunder made him flinch.
  42. Cristian saw Sage flinch slightly at his words as if it cut her.
  43. Savannah didn’t flinch when the boned needle pricked her flesh.
  44. She was unconscious and didn’t flinch when the needle went in.
  45. The General did not flinch and replied with ease and confidence:.
  46. I hoped that he wil at least look at me but he didn’t even flinch.
  47. Mavis couldn’t help flinch and look away as a rifle shot rang out.
  48. I scooted closer and took his hand, relieved when he didn’t flinch.
  49. Her free hand pounded on him, but he didn’t flinch, didn’t budge.
  50. The man moved towards me again, raising his hand causing me to flinch.
  51. Mother didn’t flinch in her chair, waver in her voice or bat an eye.
  52. Rhett, watching Wade’s face with meditative eyes, saw the boy flinch.
  53. Who was it Lucky! he said, his authorative tone making me flinch.
  54. Not so much as a flinch appeared in Sam’s eyes as he stepped toward.
  55. I flinch, perturbed that I may have been pregnant less than an hour ago.
  56. Javid didn’t flinch, though his upper lip wore a thin layer of sweat.
  57. Dunit gargled saliva in his throat that made Murbella and Telkit flinch.
  58. Stokes looked at his older brother, careful not to flinch, lest it give.
  59. But the Russian soldier shouted something that made the other two flinch.
  60. This time I did flinch, but she had already turned heading for the stairs.
  61. Zhynkyns’ jaw clenched, but the colonel’s stony face refused to flinch.
  62. The big man didn’t even so much as flinch as the spear shaft was removed.
  63. Dan and I looked at each other long and hard, waiting for the other to flinch.
  64. It was still red and sensitive and even his light touch caused her to flinch.
  65. The wounds must have stung, but Sicarius did not flinch when she washed them.
  66. Angel sensed such pure evil that she held her breath and tried not to flinch.
  67. It was primal instinct that made us flinch and shy away from her bare breasts.
  68. The Project! Moshe realized that the word had made him flinch when he heard it.
  69. Rykus couldn’t hear the words, but whatever they were, they made Ash flinch.
  70. Deane didn’t flinch as he held a casual stare for a second before looking away.
  71. His face didn’t flinch though, nor did he seem to notice his cigarette was out.
  72. Both geckoids’ skin color turned to a wild red that startled Joey into a flinch.
  73. I suppose it might be because Tori was here, but Gregory didn't even flinch at it.
  74. He groaned, slamming his hands against her car door-her car door!-making her flinch.
  75. He brought her chin back toward him and she was surprised that she didn’t flinch.
  76. Typical dog talk, no pants, he doesn’t even flinch beneath you, boys will be boys.
  77. Max kept his eyes glued to the screen and didn’t flinch when the needle broke skin.
  78. He clicked his fingers repeatedly in front of her face but she did not flinch or move.
  79. Pooh didn’t flinch as Grim let off two shots—one in the head and one in the chest.
  80. She did not flinch or whimper, though his fingers dug like talons into her firm flesh.
  81. Hazel had barely time to flinch before Bigwig was sniffing at the pellets in the grass.
  82. My stomach was starting to seize up, but I was too scared that my head might flinch and.
  83. He was shouting now, his words sharp and bitter, making Kiri flinch with their vehemence.
  84. Simon tried not to flinch and instead let the slow globules drag their way down his face.
  85. What would happen if she poked him? Would he do more than flinch? Would he do even that?
  86. Fabio? She saw him flinch and then he turned over unto his back, with a pained groan.
  87. He looked at the passport again, and then at me again, with piercing eyes that didn't flinch.
  88. He even wagged his finger at her and she gave a small flinch and glanced at me standing there.
  89. She was afraid he would touch her in some casual way, and she would flinch, and he would know.
  90. Kerry didn’t seem to flinch and the children below were not sure Jason had even made contact.
  91. In the corner of my eye I saw Jesse flinch too, I had forgotten he was there in my furious fit.
  92. He burst out of the water before she could so much as flinch and grabbed hold of her from behind.
  93. He didn’t even flinch when the nurse put the antibiotic cream on his cut and shredded fingers.
  94. Suddenly a bloody hand slaps against the back window, I flinch backward, drawing in a sharp gasp.
  95. As if to underline his words, a horrific scream was heard from the background, making Miri flinch.
  96. I’m watching Zachary’s response, and I’m surprised he doesn’t flinch at Emily’s embrace.
  97. Bill himself couldn’t help flinch a few times when heavier shells exploded against the shields.
  98. Raskolnikov awaited him calmly and silently; his eyebrows did not quiver, his face did not flinch.
  99. He had not seemed to flinch at all, from witnessing to the Good News that was ours to spread.
  100. Nothing I say will change your mind so what’s the point? he said, his tone making me flinch.
  1. Oh, dang! he said flinching.
  2. She gazed at me without flinching.
  3. Flinching, he pulled his hand back.
  4. Carton met his look without flinching.
  5. Schmidt took the blow without flinching.
  6. In one flinching blink of the eyes, Roger.
  7. You can’t say the word without flinching.
  8. He faced death in the eye, without flinching.
  9. Without flinching, I leaped out of the station.
  10. The latter returned his glances without flinching.
  11. Taramis met that tigerish glare without flinching.
  12. She gingerly poked her jeans with a flinching hand.
  13. He coughed again, flinching from the incredible pain.
  14. Patrice cries out at the sound, flinching as her fear.
  15. But despite the endless shivering, the flinching of the.
  16. He picks up peppers and bites into them without flinching.
  17. She strove to keep from flinching at Grace’s touch and almost.
  18. I'm not here to feed, he said, flinching slightly at her scent.
  19. Harry put his shoulders back and faced the situation without flinching.
  20. Flinching, she responded: That makes a morbid kind of sense to me, Father.
  21. Not flinching, Lewis happily lets the nurse inject him with the pain killer.
  22. Ingrid stared without flinching at her tormentor, having taken her decision.
  23. Nope, not anymore, the boy met the Captain’s stare without flinching.
  24. He seated himself in front of Porphyrius, and gazed upon him without flinching.
  25. The squares, wasted by this mad cavalry, closed up their ranks without flinching.
  26. I was impressed by Roy's courage as he stood there without flinching as the blade.
  27. Flinching under the renewed pressure, Sari blurted out, I, am with child, not yours.
  28. Raskolnikov seated himself directly facing Porfiry, and looked at him without flinching.
  29. You have shown an ability to withstand large losses in your portfolio without flinching.
  30. The line’s down again, said the production worker, almost flinching as he said it.
  31. He put up his hand, and the stranger took it for a solemn shake, flinching at the same time.
  32. Epanchin had deliberately examined him from head to foot; but he had stood fire without flinching.
  33. It’s a holy stone, I told him, and begged him not to toss it away, which he did without flinching.
  34. No longer unconscious, his flinching jaw communicated a clear combination of outrage and foreboding.
  35. He sat up slowly, flinching as if he were still in immense pain, and then wrapped his arms around me.
  36. The secret of their influence is that they put themselves at the head, and go ahead, without flinching.
  37. Good heavens you stink, she said, flinching away from Johnny and finding herself back in Caesar's armpit.
  38. The guard instantly drew back the AKs loading arm carefully, waiting for Ethan to make the mistake of flinching.
  39. These days she looked at him with revulsion, flinching from his touch, becoming angry if he even mentioned sex.
  40. Vateesa sank to the floor, speechless with terror, but Yasmela faced the infuriated barbarian without flinching.
  41. Mark could feel it when they contained their auras, and he met the dragon god’s fierce glare without flinching.
  42. Where had it been? The voice of a man facing himself and his world without feeling, without flinching, without hope.
  43. I couldn’t help flinching at the sight of him: he had no chin, and his right arm was severed just below the elbow.
  44. Unlike the incident with Blondie, he made no attempt to fend off the blow and took the hit solidly without flinching.
  45. Flinching from pain, he loosened his grip involuntarily and allowed her to spin around and punch him hard in the face.
  46. They were larger than any she had seen a man wear and, without flinching, she pushed his head sideways to study one closer.
  47. He’d stood in silence and taken the brunt of her tirade without flinching, but his visage now looked as if it had been carved in stone.
  48. Gould's face became set and rigid for a second, as if to receive, without flinching, a great wave of loneliness that swept over her head.
  49. When he met Laeron’s gaze he had to force himself to look at the stone eye without flinching, though the guilt was not so easily tucked away.
  50. His choice was a life lived for itself, where a person acknowledges the absurdity of the world without flinching, and then lives life to the fullest.
  51. Darniil stared back without flinching; equally serious about the issue, but feeling a light shiver as he stared into those black, beady eyes sizing him up.
  52. Kimi jumped to her feet, flinching as she landed on the bad ankle, hiding her splinted, broken wrist behind her, not wanting Achak to notice she was injured.
  53. Moten was secretly surprised and also impressed on seeing Elizabeth Gardner and Mary Takahashi do their bit at bayoneting without flinching, their faces impassive.
  54. He listened intently enough, but was always wide-eyed and nervous, flinching visibly every time Robbie shouted out his updates on our preciously spinning time together.
  55. Trying to ignore the pounding noises all around her, she padded onwards, flinching as one monster actually passed right over the top of her, its hot breath scorching her fur.
  56. The extremely rare few who can gaze without flinching into the can’t-be-denied mirror’s image already know what they will see there or at least, are not at all surprised.
  57. A low keening wail started from the pit of his belly, his muscles cramping and twisting and flinching as the howl made its way up his windpipe and out through his clenched teeth.
  58. For an instant Manfredo glared up at Jaume with such glowing rage and hatred that Jaume, physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted as he was, could barely keep from flinching.
  59. He had probably seen so many similar skirmishes in his life that he had become immune to public displays of hostility, only flinching when bullets or blades were added into the equation.
  60. Best, noticing this, clasped his beloved blunderbuss and swept it dangerously around the bar, past the flinching group who were already off their stools and shuffling back into the darkness.
  61. Tall as a dead tree in winter all skull, all scarecrow-stilted bones, the thin man, the Skeleton, Mr Skull played his xylophone shadow upon hidden things, cold paper rubbish, warm flinching boys, below.
  62. And the tribe crept at last, trembling, near the fire, and they put out their flinching hands and felt the new season in their cave, this small yellow spot of changing weather, and they, too, at last, nervously, smiled.
  63. You mean when we used to tangle up the sheets? I said without even flinching and not caring who could hear us; I had no problem embarrassing him in public after the way he’d humiliated me in front of all of the most important people in my life.
  64. Nay, even the ster provostmarshal, lieutenantcolonel Tomkin-Maxwell ffrenchmullan Tomlinson, who presided on the sad occasion, he who had blown a considerable number of sepoys from the cannonmouth without flinching, could not now restrain his natural emotion.
  65. The senator above mentioned was a clever man, who had made his own way, heedless of those things which present obstacles, and which are called conscience, sworn faith, justice, duty: he had marched straight to his goal, without once flinching in the line of his advancement and his interest.
  66. She bent forward, at which each diamond on her neck gave a sinister wink like a toad's; and pressing her forehead against his temple she entered on her story of her acquaintance with Alec d'Urberville and its results, murmuring the words without flinching, and with her eyelids drooping down.
  67. But giving us no time to consider the dimensions, he threw himself instantly over his charming antagonist who received him as he pushed at once dead at mark, like a heroine, without flinching; for surely never was girl constitutionally truer to the taste of joy, or sincerer in the expressions of its sensations, than she was: we could observe pleasure lighten in her eyes, as he introduced his plenipotentiary instrument into her; till, at length, having indulged her to its utmost reach, its irritations grew so violent, and gave her the spurs so furiously, that collected within herself, and lost to every thing but the enjoyment of her favourite feelings, she retarded his thrusts with a just concert of spring heaves, keeping time so exactly with the most pathetic sighs, that one might have numbered the strokes in agitation by their distinct murmurs, whilst her active limbs kept wreathing and intertwisting with his, in convulsive folds: then the turtle-billing kisses, and the poignant painless lovebites, which they both exchanged, in a rage of delight, all conspiring towards the melting period.
  68. To his work without flinching the accoucheur comes,.
  1. She flinched at his words.
  2. He flinched away from her.
  3. She flinched and looked up.
  4. Peter flinched for a minute.
  5. But he no more than flinched.
  6. I reached out and he flinched.
  7. Rochelle flinched at his tone.
  8. Tomo flinched and then nodded.
  9. I flinched and closed my eyes.
  10. They both flinched at the sound.
  11. I flinched and looked up at her.
  12. Up! And he flinched his.
  13. I flinched and took it hesitantly.
  14. Stacey flinched, but kept his cool.
  15. She flinched and took a step back.
  16. Bilo turned her head and flinched.
  17. Gary flinched at her last sentence.
  18. She flinched at the inhuman sound.
  19. Each time a pain struck I flinched.
  20. I breathed in and flinched visibly.
  21. She flinched and moved out of reach.
  22. Smith looked at her and she flinched.
  23. Alan flinched at the use of the word.
  24. Tina flinched her eyes in frustration.
  25. And then, I flinched away her memory.
  26. Greta flinched at the look he gave her.
  27. He flinched, glancing toward the door.
  28. Her lungs flinched at the sudden chill.
  29. I flinched when he said Leanna’s name.
  30. Brynne flinched again at the loud noise.
  31. Joey flinched and clamped his mouth shut.
  32. Andrew flinched as she applied pressure.
  33. She made a disgusted sound and flinched.
  34. Tracey flinched and curled up into a ball.
  35. He raised his hand, and my mother flinched.
  36. I flinched on the direction of my thoughts.
  37. Christina, startled, flinched and screamed.
  38. One brother smiled and the other flinched.
  39. She flinched, shrinking into the cushions.
  40. Thomas flinched but didn’t shake her off.
  41. As the light hit his eyes, Rathos flinched.
  42. Jane flinched at his sudden change of tone.
  43. I flinched and followed her into the kitchen.
  44. Greg flinched in mock alarm, then started in.
  45. I flinched in suffering as I stood up warily.
  46. She flinched, but remained unresistingly in.
  47. Heather flinched, surprised at first at the.
  48. The man flinched, but at last turned his head.
  49. Wynne flinched, but Orphenn did nothing more.
  50. Shut up! I screamed at her, she flinched.
  51. Harvey flinched while another three shots were.
  52. The man merely flinched, and slowly turned his.
  53. Noah flinched, but he kept his eyes on the road.
  54. Our leave chits, I bellowed and he flinched.
  55. Ed flinched away as though her touch were poison.
  56. Even though she expected it, Amaranthe flinched.
  57. The woman flinched at the sound of Smith’s name.
  58. He put one of his feet in the water and flinched.
  59. Jonathan flinched and felt a flutter in his chest.
  60. The boy flinched a little, closed his eyes again.
  61. And you’re what, my watchdog? She flinched.
  62. Grover flinched every time one landed in his pile.
  63. Both Cristian and Sage flinched at her invocation.
  64. Mikhail leaned over to kiss her, but she flinched.
  65. He flinched, but her touch, though cold, was light.
  66. Esyth flinched and almost stumbled across the floor.
  67. Halirit flinched and withdrew further from the edge.
  68. Had he even flinched, the offended one's companions.
  69. He flinched his robes to send a soft wind against her.
  70. He flinched at the anger in Chevalier's voice, Yes.
  71. Myra flinched inwardly at the Galaef's last statement.
  72. Ow! He flinched back, hands rushing to his mouth.
  73. Keith flinched, eyeing the cattle prod the whole time.
  74. A voice rolled across Casey’s mind, and she flinched.
  75. He felt a tap on his shoulder and flinched automatically.
  76. She flinched and a few drops of blood smudged the knife.
  77. He never even flinched when Khapahr squeezed the trigger.
  78. As he stepped into the room both Menachem and I flinched.
  79. Drew flinched, more at the smell of shit than the impact.
  80. Aazuria flinched, wondering if Trevain knew her last name.
  81. Even the hard hearted Mark Goodwood flinched perceptibly.
  82. Jesse flinched at the sound of lightning striking nearby.
  83. I flinched when I saw her using my kitchen and my bedroom.
  84. The child flinched, but did not try to snatch her arm away.
  85. Lezura grabbed Joey’s hand so suddenly that Joey flinched.
  86. I flinched a bit as a small stone bounced onto the slab of.
  87. Simon’s voice boomed through their minds, and I flinched.
  88. Bill Ferny flinched and shuffled to the gate and unlocked it.
  89. Jess flinched, because he hadn’t expected that, not at all.
  90. I flinched a bit, I admit, but damn it he was still a Garda.
  91. Mersant flinched, not having delivered yet all the bad news.
  92. The second was very shy, scared and flinched under her touch.
  93. He reached out to touch her, but she flinched and moved away.
  94. Katrin, Zarek thought and his heart flinched almost in pain.
  95. He flinched, then held himself still, staring straight ahead.
  96. He kept a grimace from his face, but inside his heart flinched.
  97. Will flinched and waved his bandaged hand in front of his face.
  98. I flinched and felt the last of the bars melting in my pockets.
  99. I must have flinched or jumped a little, and gave out a groan.
  100. Emily flinched, but tried to focus on her book and ignore the.
  1. Ciere flinches, then drops her hand.
  2. The tooth faerie flinches her green little fists, she.
  3. Something touches her chin and she flinches in surprise.
  4. Captain Black never flinches from his formal stance, but his.
  5. He flinches at the sight of my left eye which is now completely shut.
  6. The scribe flinches as if Johan might hit him, but he holds his position.
  7. She barely flinches, throws you back to the bed and slams her head into yours.
  8. The lad flinches and cries out, but it is enough for Ralph to sense what he needs to.
  9. She reaches for his arms, but he flinches away from her touch, leaving her hands suspended in the air.
  10. From nowhere the darkness pierces his ears and he flinches as words come hammering into his head: Simon.
  11. Keep styptic powder on hand to control any bleeding from those little accidents that can happen when a budgie flinches.
  12. The queen flinches, but does it so subtly that Rapunzel doesn't notice, and promptly recovers herself and clicks a piece into place.
  13. He flinches as I mention his friend’s name and for a moment I wonder if I have gone too far, but with a sigh, he holds out his hand for the plate I am clutching.

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