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Shrink in a sentence | shrink example sentences

  1. She should be the shrink.
  2. The bubble began to shrink.
  3. To shrink the side of the.
  4. I was like a shrink voyeur.
  5. Ether does not shrink or expand.

  6. And all the boards did shrink;.
  7. She seemed to shrink into herself.
  8. And did you? asked the shrink.
  9. Was she crazy? She went to a shrink.
  10. Abraham did not shrink in his duty.
  11. White Herons shrink in the distance.
  12. Then human population would shrink.
  13. You need to see a shrink or something.
  14. I couldn’t help but shrink from him.
  15. We’ve spoken with Caitlin’s shrink.

  16. How small they shrink, when we pretend.
  17. Now as the forests shrink, many of the.
  18. Guess I still need my shrink don't I?
  19. Science wipes out myth and shrink doubts.
  20. So we could shrink the military way down.
  21. He’s pretty funny, said the shrink.
  22. The Tethys Seaway continued to shrink and.
  23. This would really shrink the matrix of words.
  24. It seemed to shrink a little to fit my finger.
  25. His temper made her shrink back into her chair.

  26. Now to call a good shrink to visit him in jail.
  27. The shrink had to pump him full of happy juice.
  28. I focused on her and sent the command to shrink.
  29. It seemed to be able to shrink and grow in size.
  30. I was remembering my own shrink, after the murders.
  31. She felt herself shrink into her hood, hating him.
  32. It won’t shrink there either, she countered.
  33. I went through chemotherapy and it didn’t shrink.
  34. Ever since he had started dating his own shrink, Dr.
  35. But we are not of those who shrink back and are.
  36. As midday approaches the shadow will shrink and move.
  37. When her eyes closed, she seemed to shrink, and her.
  38. Thankfully, the crowd continued to shrink considerably.
  39. He put them in the dryer, hoping they wouldn’t shrink.
  40. Set roared with outrage, but the avatar began to shrink.
  41. A moment later, she and her possessions began to shrink.
  42. When the big Greek entered, the kitchen seemed to shrink.
  43. That was the difference between the doctor and the shrink.
  44. Olaf seemed to shrink as he began to understand what had.
  45. Willow was against the far wall; trying to shrink into it.
  46. But who would this be – some B’tari appointed shrink?
  47. Sometimes this provokes the womb to shrink, she said.
  48. She had to undergo radiation therapy to shrink the thyroid.
  49. You need not shrink from bringing any doctrine before them.
  50. I should totally come see you instead of my normal shrink.
  51. It would reduce, shrink and simplify the entire legal system.
  52. A shrink might have had interesting things to say about this.
  53. Before humiliations such as these some natures do not shrink.
  54. She didn’t bother to shrink back to the limits of her chain.
  55. The sphere of light began to deflate, shrink, fold, and bend.
  56. His lanky frame seemed to shrink by inches as his chin dropped.
  57. In extreme cases delta-neutrality boundaries may shrink to zero.
  58. Caitlin told her shrink that Dennis had been raping her?
  59. The mountain continued to shrink as they went from seam to seam.
  60. I’m talking to her court-appointed shrink in, uh, five hours.
  61. Congress never can shrink from its constitutional responsibility.
  62. So it is little wonder that humans shrink from this kind of pain.
  63. You need to eat before you shrink to nothing, she said back.
  64. This would cause the value of his bonds (his principal) to shrink.
  65. A faery can also manipulate the size of his or her body to shrink.
  66. I’m sorry, but you mentioned that time is beginning to shrink.
  67. Spread meringue to stick to the edges so it won't shrink when you.
  68. And his was that worst loneliness which would shrink from sympathy.
  69. I’ve never been to see a shrink before and I might just need one.
  70. Nicole could feel her insides shrink a little with each word he said.
  71. I tried not to shrink away, although the gesture was no doubt useless.
  72. The gray blur before him began to shrink as his eyelids gently closed.
  73. The Space of Newton and Euclid is not able to shrink and stretch – i.
  74. Phil had recommended her as a professional shrink when Nicky was down.
  75. She lit a pipe and waited for the sun to shrink the rain-swollen axle.
  76. Sensing my disbelief, he went on, slowly and deliberately, like a shrink.
  77. I watch the glass building above the Dauntless compound shrink behind us.
  78. There’s nothing a shrink likes better than watching people whack off.
  79. I think I may need to call my shrink to tell her I just had a breakthrough.
  80. When an atom moves the size of the atom must shrink to compensate for the.
  81. To be honest I’m reluctant to try to play the shrink with Lisbeth.
  82. Dolly did not shrink away, but her face did not lose its frigid expression.
  83. Hebrews 10:39 But we are not of them that shrink back unto perdition; but.
  84. But we are not among those who shrink back and are LOST (apolia); we have.
  85. But we are not of those who shrink back and are DESTROYED (apolia), but of.
  86. That those who "shrink back" in unbelief will be " destroyed" Hebrews 10:39.
  87. His blood-tarnished fangs were beginning to shrink back to their normal size.
  88. The shrink in me knows that love creates trust, but fears do create distrust.
  89. And if they had shrunk this much, he hoped, maybe they would shrink even more.
  90. They watched it gradually shrink in size until it disappeared in the distance.
  91. You never knew for sure with Strather anyway, for he was always a shrink first.
  92. And he was required to videoconference with a shrink back on Earth twice a week.
  93. Both TweetDeck and Twhirl have built in link-shorteners, which shrink a link to.
  94. And after we’ve had it you can take it to the shrink if you think it will help.
  95. Unless rates rise at a comparable 1% per month, underwriting profits must shrink.
  96. They sensed the forms moving past the counter and tried to shrink into the floor.
  97. Turns out that my shrink sends all her calls to her answering service after ten p.
  98. With a fixed game, the odds now shrink to about fourteen million to less than one.
  99. The shrink then did his thing and told the patient that now the war was over, it.
  100. Hebrews 10:39 But we are not of them that shrink back unto perdition; but of them.
  1. You can do it by shrinking.
  2. The woman was shrinking away.
  3. The shrinking of the Schnauzer.
  5. That's why the church is shrinking.
  6. The Incredible Shrinking Bogey Bear.
  7. The orbit of the Earth is shrinking.
  8. I can't help shrinking back from her.
  9. Walnut resists warping and shrinking.
  10. The crowd is shrinking really fast; they.
  11. She flinched, shrinking into the cushions.
  12. He remembered his first moments of shrinking.
  13. To add to the problem, shrinking markets have.
  14. She tried to avoid shrinking beneath his gaze.
  15. Everywhere lay the smoking, shrinking corpses.
  16. The first one is the shrinking Ogallala Aquifer.
  17. Lower and lower crawled the mists, shrinking, fading.
  18. In fact, it’s shrinking due to inflation each year.
  19. Due to WW1 Britain’s huge global empire was shrinking.
  20. Lemurs and other animals live in these shrinking forests.
  21. In the dry season, they survived by shrinking into com-.
  22. Then the hunters slowly moved in for the kill, shrinking.
  23. I hug the Administrator and feel her shrinking in my arms.
  24. What we found was the effective market size was shrinking.
  25. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other.
  26. Time's been shrinking his appearance for over four thousand.
  27. Following this review will be one more chapter on shrinking fat.
  28. The Universe was growing by miles and not shrinking into nothing.
  29. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the.
  30. She despised him rather for his shrinking together, getting smaller.
  31. Shrinking from the cold, Levin walked rapidly, looking at the ground.
  32. He squirmed through the shrinking gap and came out on the other side.
  33. I felt very small beneath her gaze, like I was shrinking into nothing.
  34. The three-foot by three-foot lavatory felt half its size, and shrinking.
  35. But I showed at the surface no sign of how I was wincing and shrinking.
  36. The magic drifts up and away with the shrinking song of the nightingale.
  37. Being more sensitive does not mean avoiding pain, or shrinking from pain.
  38. Shrinking of throat tissue is also a common method of creating solutions.
  39. Time’s been shrinking his appearance for over four thousand years!.
  40. It seems to be expanding rapidly at both ends and shrinking in the middle.
  41. I am unclean! Unclean! she sobbed shrinking from his strong embrace.
  42. He felt sorry for his friend, trapped in that shrinking and doomed universe.
  43. In a broad downtrend, the number of stocks above their MAs keeps shrinking.
  44. They are famous in recent times for shrinking heads and killing missionaries.
  45. Clara stood shrinking slightly from the touch of the wind, twisting her hair.
  46. She gave his fast shrinking penis a good soaping then rinsing under the water.
  47. In spite of fits of depression, shrinking, everything, he believed in his work.
  48. I wished it wouldn't do that, wished my flesh wasn't shrinking against my bones.
  49. Characters could do this by shrinking, by stretching themselves thin or by being.
  50. Perhaps the recoil and the shrinking from her was love in its first fierce modesty.
  51. Walid looked over his shoulder at his friends who seemed to be shrinking in their shoes.
  52. By the light of the shrinking candle, he addressed a pre-paid Priority Post envelope to.
  53. My opinion! she cried, shrinking from such a compliment, highly as it gratified her.
  54. She was shrinking back against the wall, staring across at something he could not yet see.
  55. Then, back at Oxford, we took up again the life that seemed to be shrinking in the cold air.
  56. I bowed my head, wishing I could let Him go without feeling as if my very soul was shrinking.
  57. At first, the CIA had seen the shrinking of the ISI’s clandestine division as a good sign.
  58. It was obviously shrinking, but what a barrier still lay between us and the surface of the ocean!.
  59. What that spells is peoples disposable incomes are shrinking and their money is not going very far.
  60. The value of the dollar may be shrinking, but it still pulls some weight, so we must use it wisely.
  61. To see objects shrinking in your dream indicate that they are not as important as they once were.
  62. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the papery skin and pallid, baleful glare.
  63. I shrieked in agony as my bones twisted and snapped, shrinking and curling into the shape of the raven.
  64. The shrinking radius will increase the effectiveness of the influence of the gravity that the mass can.
  65. Shrinking -- à la Teledyne -- still isn't done except by a handful of shrewd entrepreneurial companies.
  66. And now that he felt he had to go out into life, he went through agonies of shrinking self-consciousness.
  67. The police-man took a few tentative steps towards her, shrinking the distance between them still further.
  68. We should acknowledge that and stop shrinking away from sending women in combat in roles they can fulfill.
  69. Norman put his huge brown hands on his knees and leaned forward, staring into Faith's pallid, shrinking face.
  70. You also want to watch out for shrinking effective markets, which may increase the market share of incumbents.
  71. That is, growing or shrinking, de-motivating or self-motivating, with their core resonating from love or fear.
  72. I shrink from these things; and a shrinking visitor, shy and uncertain, cannot be so nice as no visitor at all.
  73. Basilio, who had been waiting at table, shrinking within himself, clung to the sideboard with chattering teeth.
  74. BLOOM: (Shuddering, shrinking, joins his hands: with hangdog mien) O cold! O shivery! It was your ambrosial beauty.
  75. Twisting his mustache, he let his gaze travel up and down the shrinking queen with an effrontery that made her wince.
  76. Price? Planning on fixing me up in the next sixty minutes? It might be the quickest fix in the history of shrinking.
  77. His eyes, screwed up with fear as if he every moment expected another blow, gazed up at Rostov with shrinking terror.
  78. The Universe has mass that is pulling mass towards one another and we are in the centre of an ever shrinking Universe.
  79. His eyes, screwed up with fear as if he every moment expected another blow, gazed up at Rostóv with shrinking terror.
  80. Its details were still obscure and indistinct, even when it halted so near that it almost touched her shrinking flesh.
  81. Alternate form could also include Shrinking, but a character who uses this method to shrink wil have to become Feeble.
  82. Every churchyard within the town walls was full, and the available space in the cathedral graveyard was shrinking fast.
  83. For the first time in hours a feeling of fear swept over her, and Tarzan felt her draw away as though shrinking from him.
  84. And so, while the second and third days are making lower closes, the distance between the closes is most likely shrinking.
  85. Darling International was increasing its market share, but it did so within a shrinking market with fewer total customers.
  86. The airship-hanger space pressed down on him, crushing him with its vast expansiveness, shrinking him from man to tiny ant.
  87. Despite the shrinking size of our planet, wrapped as it is in barbed wire, we test our boundaries with each sentence we utter.
  88. I’m bullish on all things internet marketing and it’s simply not going to be a shrinking market, with or without a recovery.
  89. To dream that you are in an enclosure that is shrinking indicates that you feel restrained and confined in some circumstance.
  90. So he entered, full of shrinking and suffering when they looked up, seated himself at the table, and pretended to scan the news.
  91. This will lead to a shrinking of the structure that will bring about uncontrollable vibrations and a lack of space-time support.
  92. A new Gallup Poll a few years ago said the following and shows how the plight of religion attendance is shrinking in this country.
  93. All that I attribute to the line shrinking by reducing actually takes pace in every sphere as the diameter reduces to the centre.
  94. Since human life appeared, about two thirds of the years have had thirty weeks, a slowly shrinking one third have had thirty one.
  95. A series of five losses of 4 percent each is not a 20 percent loss to the account because the account was shrinking after each loss.
  96. So short from him lay the karawian, smoking, shrinking, but still his one hand held the long sword, that was red with Elior’s blood.
  97. It consists of lower highs and higher lows, with the trading range shrinking and converging to the point where a trend will take over.
  98. Clare had just returned from the stable-yard, and, confronting the man on the threshold, heard the words, and saw the shrinking of Tess.
  99. Its clinging, pliant branches wound about the man's naked body and limbs, seeming to caress his shrinking flesh with lustful avid kisses.
  100. Petrified by his aspect, and still more shrinking from the fiery dart that he held, the men fell back in dismay, and Ahab again spoke:—.
  1. The scar shrunk and hardened.
  2. My stomach had shrunk with dread.
  3. Everything seemed to have shrunk.
  4. Still, she did seem to have shrunk.
  5. The cloud shrunk away from the fire.
  6. The world had shrunk during the night.
  7. At last is shrunk and withered quite?
  8. She seemed to have shrunk into herself.
  9. Dad, cut, shrunk back down into the couch.
  10. They had shrunk from this final knowledge.
  11. The flame and noise shrunk in the distance.
  12. Sienna shrunk back, blinded by the intensity.
  13. Her body, which had shrunk together, relaxed.
  14. Differing densities shrunk at different rates.
  15. Your committee seems to have shrunk in size.
  16. Your point has shrunk a bit, hasn’t it?
  17. She stared at the body and shrunk against the wire.
  18. Over the centuries technology had shrunk the phone.
  19. I glanced hopelessly toward Annah, but she'd shrunk.
  20. They’re habitats have been invaded and have shrunk.
  21. Her world had shrunk to a space barely eight feet wide.
  22. Now why should she have shrunk? he wondered, aggrieved.
  23. The hammer in Master Joe's hand shrunk as he pocketed it.
  24. The file folder shrunk to a thumbnail size on the screen.
  25. Then their faces shrunk and turned gradually back into stone.
  26. It shrunk into a thinning red line and subsequently vanished.
  27. The priest shrunk under his stare and stepped back while bowing.
  28. They have tits enlarged by one doctor, brains shrunk by another.
  29. But from a charge of cynicism I have always shrunk instinctively.
  30. My brief feeling of superhuman power shrunk with every step I took.
  31. The Ultiman shrunk, crumbled and turned into a lump of a tough skin.
  32. And against his weak skeleton, was his hardened flesh shrunk tightly.
  33. Sixteen years old, son? Bit on the small side aren’t yer? Shrunk.
  34. In the course of time he shrunk to a skeletal shadow of his former self.
  35. Jezzabell had not realised that she had shrunk in size, she hobbled to.
  36. The room which seemed so large is shrunk, the mountain has become a hill.
  37. The sensitive clergyman shrunk, with nervous dread, from the light missile.
  38. But what if my heart had failed me, or I had shrunk from making up my mind?
  39. And every time he had stumbled against life itself he had shrunk away from it.
  40. When pressurized, the airlock expanded slightly; when depressurized, it shrunk.
  41. But poor Arial had shrunk in size, only because I was taller than her at last.
  42. The colossal being took one step, and just that quickly had shrunk to average.
  43. And if they had shrunk this much, he hoped, maybe they would shrink even more.
  44. He loomed huge above me, twice my height or more, and I shrunk down before him.
  45. They shrunk so much that only tiny flames the size of a bean were left burning.
  46. The courtyard seemed to have shrunk in size with the large creatures milling about.
  47. His robes were drawn in, tightened around his body as if they had instantly shrunk.
  48. He was not in the house, or if he was, he had somehow shrunk to the size of a mouse.
  49. It was surprising to see just how much her stomach had shrunk, in the past few days.
  50. I was afraid that father and mother would notice the feeling so I shrunk it out of me.
  51. He shrunk back among the barrels, his feathers scraping the wooden sides of the barrels.
  52. Hair grew from his face, his figure bent and shrunk until he was standing on all fours.
  53. It shrunk, expanded again, and repeated the process each time slightly faster than before.
  54. This was a sharp reversal because all these ratios had shrunk during the 1968–1987 period.
  55. The birds moved out of the way, and the long trees shrunk to make way for the herd of people.
  56. Now, as he came back from his big adventures in the wide world, it all seemed to have shrunk.
  57. Regular dividends have been paid but they, too, have shrunk significantly in purchasing power.
  58. THE RANCH HOUSE off the cul-de-sac had shrunk since the fall, like some kind of withered organ.
  59. I'm starving! And her teeth chattered as she shrunk closer to the almost extinguished embers.
  60. Once the option value has shrunk to almost nothing, it pays to hold in the hopes of a miracle.
  61. I sat at last with downcast eyes, silent, ashamed, my heart shrunk back into reserve and frost.
  62. But the only transformation was to his hideous baggy shorts, which seemed to have shrunk a little.
  63. The black and red monster had shrunk in numbers with the losing streak, just adding insult to injury.
  64. Even his stalwart manhood seemed to have shrunk somewhat under the strain of his much-tried emotions.
  65. When I heard, I was flabbergasted; I couldn’t speak a single word for a while; and my heart shrunk.
  66. He lowered his sword to the other man's ribs, which rapidly rose and shrunk with his every fear-filled breath.
  67. Immediately she shrunk back, kicked me in the face with her toes, and turned me neck and prop out of the room.
  68. His own individual life had felt like a shirt shrunk in the wash … but now he would welcome such straitening.
  69. The united congregation (standing at over 1,800 members at the time of union) subsequently shrunk considerably.
  70. I have long shrunk from children, because they often show a distrust,—a backwardness to be familiar with me.
  71. Jomer had shrunk; and in his living face they caught a brief vision of the power and majesty of the kings of stone.
  72. Generations have shrunk from parent to child, to graduation class to graduation class, to age to grade to upgrade.
  73. But their stomachs had shrunk to fit the ship's poor rations--except for Chica's, which had been kept full of rats.
  74. A $10,000 investment in the Monument Internet Fund in May 1999 would have shrunk to roughly $2,000 by year-end 2002.
  75. In fact, premium was so high at times, that on days of little activity, option premium shrunk for both puts and calls.
  76. The swollen left eye had shrunk enough that he could finally see from it, the deep laceration over it healing quickly.
  77. They would have guests on the premises in three days, after all, and the to-do list barely seemed to have shrunk at all.
  78. It was a subject which she must learn to speak of, and the weakness that shrunk from it would soon be quite unpardonable.
  79. As he‘d grown older the similarities between his life and that of other guys his age had shrunk, and differences grown.
  80. Miss Hunter screamed and shrunk against the wall at the sight of him, but Sherlock Holmes sprang forward and confronted him.
  81. Camilla shrunk down in her chair, her eyes fixed on her shoes, their soft canvas turning cold and brown from the muddy water.
  82. The tendons had shrunk, pulling the toe up so that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t force the toe of the hoof to the ground.
  83. From the precise time when Luray shrunk down he thought she had given her real address and hadn't thought of that possibility.
  84. Instead, millions of American students every year are being shrunk back toward their childhood, toward innocence and ignorance.
  85. How had Silya been able to forgive such a horrible act as this one? Ailia would have shrunk, she knew, unable to be so strong.
  86. The doctor's soul, withered and shrunk by the shame of a moral disgrace, became implacable in the expansion of its tenderness.
  87. Again, many times your problem is found to have shrunk in size and proportions while you have been resting your mind and body.
  88. How many times have you heard the above expression lately? More and more often, right? The truth is that the world has shrunk.
  89. He held his breath to prevent from breathing in the smoke and spun around and away from the dead body that shrunk on the ground.
  90. As they crossed the two-and-a-half-mile mark, Washington remained in the lead, though its advantage had shrunk to about ten feet.
  91. The world underneath him had shrunk into one big playground, scattered with trees, houses, boulders and sheep as little as tiny toys.
  92. The proportion of total fuel demand satisfied by coal has shrunk from over 40 per cent in the early 1970s to about 25 per cent in 1994.
  93. In the days of terror, we shrunk at standing armies; and what is the object now—defence? Who? Freemen who would not defend themselves.
  94. The ache in his shoulders and back made him all too aware of how much this urban universe had shrunk in his memory during the past century.
  95. An example would be during the recession in 2008 when trucking capacity shrunk significantly due to many small carriers ceasing operations.
  96. By the time he had provided for the new depreciation for assets to be acquired and interest payments, taxable income had been shrunk considerably.
  97. I don’t think he did any more damage but he still won’t put that hoof to the ground and you can see the muscles in his right haunch have shrunk.
  98. There, a giant who has Shrunk to a third her height dances with a selkie, and there is a gnome who is six feet tall, due to his size-altering Simulacrum.
  99. Her waist seemed to have shrunk, sacks of skin hung loosely under her eyes, and her hair looked more tangled than mine had that morning after my night out.
  100. There, a giant who has Shrunk to a third her height dances with a selkie, and there is a gnome who is two meters tall, due to his size-altering Simulacrum.
  1. The company hired shrinks and.
  2. As the cloud shrinks, it rotates.
  3. He shrinks down into his coat collar.
  4. He who hath suffered ofttimes shrinks.
  5. His waist shrinks and he sleeps more soundly.
  6. Not more than they the timid deer shrinks at.
  7. How many other shrinks could I do that with?
  8. Of course, the shrinks would attribute that to my.
  9. The alien’s huge body shrinks in size as it reaches the tunnel.
  10. Don Moore, because of their having found out that Dixie saw shrinks.
  11. Once the blood supply is cut off, the size of the hemorrhoid shrinks.
  12. Otherwise the heartbeat amplitude shrinks and your heart starts beat-.
  13. Notice how the pattern shrinks and then prices breaks into a new trend.
  14. In other words, one side of the lemniscate shrinks to the size of a single.
  15. Claire doubted a stadium full of shrinks could predict her husband’s behavior.
  16. She shrinks back, releasing my hands, and sits on one of the waiting room chairs.
  17. He is continually making a profit as the option shrinks in value with passing time.
  18. If we put chills in the sides, they lose the contact as the casting shrinks, so the.
  19. I wonder if shrinks are ever so good that their low-self-esteem patient says, Nope.
  20. It had been the suggestion of one of the shrinks my mother took me to when I was a kid.
  21. Once weak bears have been flushed out, volume shrinks and gives a signal to sell short.
  22. No, he would always tell me that he didn’t need a shrink, he said shrinks are for.
  23. The meat shrinks, pulls, stretches, changes shape, changes colour to black and curls up.
  24. Johanna shrinks back and looks at the reptile less slobbery than when she looked at Noël.
  25. It doesn’t mean you can’t do better than average when you get larger, but the margin shrinks.
  26. As the account balance shrinks, you are risking an ever-smaller percentage of the declining balance.
  27. In rotten wood these empty places are still larger, and so rotten wood swells most and shrinks most.
  28. To the untrue man, the whole universe is false,—it is impalpable,—it shrinks to nothing within his grasp.
  29. I refuse to look away, the tension makes the air tremble and the office shrinks until only the two of us are left.
  30. As a child, I was constantly being sent on playdates with other kids—the shrinks insisted I interact with cohorts.
  31. It scared her to think back on her past when all the shrinks and doctors were looking at her as if she had two heads.
  32. When human race falls behind God’s spirit in wrongs which is the substance the mind shrinks into the line of animals.
  33. Another advantage of fixed fraction approaches is that the actual amount at risk grows or shrinks with the account size.
  34. When that dip continues but volume shrinks, it shows that bulls are no longer running or that selling pressure is spent.
  35. Once gravity gains the upper hand, the celestial body shrinks like a punctured balloon and becomes smaller and smaller.
  36. When volume shrinks during a rally, it shows that bulls are becoming less eager, while bears are no longer running for cover.
  37. It explodes and shrinks by gravity so quickly that the atoms are broken up and fused together so tightly they form neutrons.
  38. For instance, if the account balance shrinks or grows dramatically, the initial dollar amount risked may lose some relevance.
  39. As academics and the industry come up with ever more factors that explain returns, the alpha pool shrinks and gets reclassified as beta.
  40. Second, Delta shrinks with an increase in volatility, so Calls change in value much more slowly in relation to the price of the underlying.
  41. In some cases the shortening of the delta-neutrality boundaries can be so drastic that the whole boundary shrinks to a tiny group of points.
  42. You forget that we hardly know each other, and that the well-mannered do not thrust their deeper feelings on a person who shrinks from them.
  43. He suspected the shrinks were much more bent in those directions themselves and actually enjoyed interrogating him in detail about his little quirks.
  44. The rotary motion would prevent any adhesion until the entire band shrinks enough to grab and it welds all around its circumference simultaneously.
  45. Never, however, do they seem to pass so swiftly as when they bring us day by day more near to the dread moment from which every pulse and fibre of our being shrinks.
  46. Because in the fall and winter the wood is saturated with water, like a sponge, and spreads out, while in the summer the water comes out as a vapour, and the wood shrinks.
  47. I’ve been to therapy enough to know the tricks and I was aware that shrinks never write something down when you’ve said something truly crazy because then you’ll know it’s crazy.
  48. Does this mean there are no holes in their buckets? No, simply that by re-affirming the good parts marginalizes or even shrinks the perceived holes so they do not appear to leak as much.
  49. SHRINKS SAY THAT ARSON is a masculine sexual metaphor; that setting the fire is the arousal phase, the blaze itself is the consummation, and the hoses putting out the blaze are the release.
  50. Its head becomes grossly misshapen, expands and contracts, pulses and shrinks before expanding again—as if too much mass is being compacted into too small a form and the beast is resisting.
  51. As losses mount and equity shrinks, a loser grows desperate and converts outright positions into spreads, doubles up on losing positions, reverses and trades in the opposite direction, and so on.
  52. Similarly, if, say, a backwardated crude oil futures price curve remains unchanged over a quarter, a futures contract earns roll gains as its maturity shrinks and it rolls up the futures price curve.
  53. While there are around 1,500 or more companies large enough for them to own, their "good business" requirement probably shrinks that list by 80 percent, leaving them with no more than 300 possible candidates.
  54. Did you know your brain shrinks as you age? Most susceptible to atrophy is the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for memory and spatial reasoning, and the region first attacked by Alzheimer’s disease.
  55. What is accumulated through experience does not grow in size: it actually shrinks in size and becomes simpler rather than more complex: which is in complete opposition to the increasing complexity of tool-knowledge.
  56. The example shown in the preceding screenshot shrinks the VHDX files present at a location to a size of 150 GB (assuming that the VHD object associated with the file path has a minimum size less than or equal to 150 GB).
  57. How many of the wealthy people in this life are unhappy, unfulfilled, and are on anti-depressants and having to see shrinks all of the time because they are so miserable with all of their wealth and the type of lifestyle their money has bought them.
  58. The wife who seemed the most beautiful or most gracious woman imaginable, the husband who was looked upon as the strongest or cleverest man in the world, slowly loses this impossible glamour and shrinks to the life size proportions of a real man or woman.
  59. Social workers, shrinks, judges who themselves were molested as kids and/or are into kiddie porn, or so afraid of their own sexual selves that they won’t look at evidence or believe it, let most of the rapists go on having free access to their little victims.
  60. But when it is a beloved and intimate human being that is dying, besides this horror at the extinction of life there is a severance, a spiritual wound, which like a physical wound is sometimes fatal and sometimes heals, but always aches and shrinks at any external irritating touch.
  61. As the star’s cosmic material collapses and shrinks from its immense gravity the escape velocity of material entering the center of this cosmic wonder becomes greater than 186,000 miles per second - the speed of light - so that not even light escapes from its gravitational force and becomes a black hole.
  62. His experience was of that pitiable kind which shrinks from pity, and fears most of all that it should be known: it was that proud narrow sensitiveness which has not mass enough to spare for transformation into sympathy, and quivers thread-like in small currents of self-preoccupation or at best of an egoistic scrupulosity.
  63. The gods hadn’t been kind to him and, in his myopic view, it was downright unfair that he was now facing disciplinary action, a loss of a plum assignment to London and the humiliation of getting his security clearance suspended---not to mention the not-so friendly chats he was forced to endure with the department shrinks to explain he was, in fact, quite sane.

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