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  1. The Upside of Margin Fluctuation.
  2. Volatility: The fluctuation in the option price.
  3. The findings presented above suggest that fluctuation in.
  4. Our GCP seems to be indicating a fluctuation in the noosphere.
  5. This causes tremendous price fluctuation, or as we say, volatility.

  6. Historical volatility: The fluctuation trends during a time span of one year.
  7. The risk of implied volatility fluctuation is measured by the position’s vega.
  8. Strive ever onwards to a higher plain – stay the course of fluctuation, the day’s.
  9. Here I should note that even with a very accurate scale, there’s some fluctuation in the weight reading.
  10. Investors shouldn’t let short-term trading and market fluctuation get in the way of your long-term thinking.
  11. In addition to this standardized measure of past market fluctuation, other factors influence market volatility.
  12. However, it will be a whole lot less fluctuation than if you shorted the futures and were wrong in the short term.
  13. He went deeper in: through signal level monitoring, fluctuation pattern analysis, and information stream consistency.
  14. Also, keep in mind that you can lose the amount of a dividend in one or two days’ fluctuation in the price of the stock.
  15. It is remarkable that this fluctuation, whether periodical or not, appears thus to require many years for its accomplishment.

  16. Exactly at what point the question of price fluctuation becomes material rather than minor is naturally impossible to prescribe.
  17. The most striking aspect of the Staley exhibit is the extraordinary fluctuation in the yearly earnings per share of common stock.
  18. The ratio was clearly behaving differently than it had over the past 120 years by leaving its normal range of fluctuation between 0.
  19. By this fluctuation the pond asserts its title to a shore, and thus the shore is shorn, and the trees cannot hold it by right of possession.
  20. In much the same way, investment crowds burn brightly in the financial universe and are responsible for much of the observed price fluctuation.
  21. The holder of a foreign stock or bond is subject not only to the intrinsic risks of that security but also to the additional risk of currency fluctuation.
  22. In theory it should be just long enough to cover a full cyclical fluctuation but not so long as to include factors or results that are totally out of date.
  23. It also helps to increase the liver function in regulating the spleen function in insulin production, resulting in reducing the risk of insulin fluctuation.
  24. This weighting is expressed by the number of equivalent underlying (futures), or the amount an option moves for a minimum price fluctuation of the underlying.
  25. In actual practice, the presence of additional noise and fluctuation obscures these simple tendencies, but this is the underlying truth of momentum divergence.

  26. The standardized measurement of the fluctuation of a market, from a given time until expiration (or the time the position is offset), is called actual volatility.
  27. While the cost of a barrel of oil may vary, the one remaining constant is the fluctuation of public anxiety that varies in proportion to rising or declining prices.
  28. The benefit for Southwest (and its passengers) is that the company has fixed its costs and eliminated the volatility associated with the price fluctuation of jet fuel.
  29. Your option is likely to lose that much in time value over the next 30 days (although it could gain or lose more value through market movement or volatility fluctuation).
  30. While ancient Egyptians didn’t have the temperature fluctuation found at greater latitudes to contend with, they did have a need to anticipate the annual Nile flooding season.
  31. A little fluctuation of the wind now carried the path of the forest fire to the north, then blew back and the flames nearly stood still as though held in leash by some master hand.
  32. The annual average temperature is beneath freezing point, and the fluctuation throughout the year is huge: in the summer we can lie in the sun at 86 F, but in the winter -58 F is not unusual.
  33. Our Government was founded on the broad basis of popular opinion, liable to fluctuation upon the first appearance of any system which might be calculated to destroy the liberties of the people.
  34. The psychological effect of anticipating future events which will influence the price fluctuation of the underlying market are reflected in the option premium as a component of implied volatility.
  35. Of course, as far as the price of any individual house was concerned, there was a lot of fluctuation around this line depending on how good a salesman the realtor was and how desperate the owner was to sell.
  36. That concept of insurance alone is worth much more than the cost and the time you took to read the report! But seriously, apply this method and you will see a big difference in the fluctuation of your bankroll.
  37. The distinction to be made, therefore, is not between industries which are exempt from and those which are affected by depression, but rather between those which are more and those which are less subject to fluctuation.
  38. Selling premium in volatile markets is an aggressive strategy, and you may be in for a little more fluctuation in your option values in the short term, especially if you’re a few days early in your position entry.
  39. Closer and longer creative interrelations gradually start to appear between them, with a weak fluctuation interaction with Aspects of other Qualities, but each Form tries to assert its own position typical of its Quality.
  40. At one rod from the shore its greatest fluctuation, when observed by means of a level on land directed toward a graduated staff on the ice, was three quarters of an inch, though the ice appeared firmly attached to the shore.
  41. This Principle is that fluctuation factor (it sways incessantly, stimulating the appearance of qualitative inertial changes) that gives rise in each skrruullerrt system to the diversity of different-quality variants of choices.
  42. But it is our thesis that a properly executed group investment in common stocks does not carry any substantial risk of this sort and that therefore it should not be termed risky merely because of the element of price fluctuation.
  43. Let me remind you one more time that they synthesize in the 2-3-dimensional diapason Aspects of one dominant Quality with very weak (fluctuation) interactions with Fields-Consciousnesses that represent Aspects of the other 11 Qualities.
  44. Just when does a fluctuation indicate a turn and when is it merely a temporary correction? Even with other financial knowledge to test the plausibility of an indicator, and even with extensive experience interpreting charts, the chances of making a mistake are high.
  45. The men of this party said and thought that what was wrong resulted chiefly from the Emperor’s presence in the army with his military court and from the consequent presence there of an indefinite, conditional, and unsteady fluctuation of relations, which is in place at court but harmful in an army; that a sovereign should reign but not command the army, and.
  46. Therefore, these attempts to quit the addiction will have only a short-term effect (a small fluctuation in the planned “trajectory” that cannot essentially influence the quality of the Vector of a subsequent Choice which could replace this priority Direction by another one that leads to a higher-quality individual development scenario), after which “the human being” will get back to “his rut”.
  47. I have mentioned somewhere that each of the 12 Flows of Pure Qualities is differentiated inside itself into 1728 main (distinct in the discrete Direction of their life creativity, but duvuyllerrtly reprojected onto each other) Aspects that are subject to the Synthesis with each other (with the passive fluctuation dynamics of the same number of Aspects of each of the other 11 Qualities) in Self-Consciousnesses of doollttrok Forms.
  48. That is, the whole meaning of its creative self-realization (as well as that of a Formo-“particles” of any other Level!!) is that it simply cannot be “for a long time” either a flaks or a wave, but performs the simultaneous fluctuation manifestation of its Focus — through its typical Energy-Information — between Configurations of Forms that simultaneously structure these duvuyllerrt qualitative Levels of Energy-Plasma (in the resopason from 3.
  49. Some slipped a little downward, some got higher footing: people denied aspirates, gained wealth, and fastidious gentlemen stood for boroughs; some were caught in political currents, some in ecclesiastical, and perhaps found themselves surprisingly grouped in consequence; while a few personages or families that stood with rocky firmness amid all this fluctuation, were slowly presenting new aspects in spite of solidity, and altering with the double change of self and beholder.
  50. The men of this party said and thought that what was wrong resulted chiefly from the Emperor’s presence in the army with his military court and from the consequent presence there of an indefinite, conditional, and unsteady fluctuation of relations, which is in place at court but harmful in an army; that a sovereign should reign but not command the army, and that the only way out of the position would be for the Emperor and his court to leave the army; that the mere presence of the Emperor paralyzed the action of fifty thousand men required to secure his personal safety, and that the worst commander in chief, if independent, would be better than the very best one trammeled by the presence and authority of the monarch.
  51. What is the spirit that breathes in the five resolutions which have been adopted—resolutions which were in entire accordance with my feelings? Is it not a spirit of war? Do they not bear a hostile aspect? Are they not calculated to induce Great Britain to believe that forbearance on our part has terminated, and that we are resolved, unless she speedily extend to us full and ample justice, to decide the contest by the sword? Have you any thing to hope, by operating upon the minds of the rulers of that nation, a conviction that you are boasting no longer? If you do entertain such a hope, I pray you, do not adopt this measure—a measure which will show her the fluctuation of our opinions, and the repugnancy of our plans; a measure which will lull to sleep her fears of war, and convince her not only of your indecision, but of your timidity to unsheath your sword in defence of rights clear and undisputed, and in avenging injuries too glaring for the dignity and honor of a nation to submit to.

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