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    1. Without hesitation or vacillation I answered them that Bush was going to give Kerry “a beating”

    2. It was overwhelmingly favored at first, though there was later vacillation

    3. A feeling of choice suggests the vacillation of an unstable machine

    4. This question is the antidote to vacillation, or even worse,

    5. And this apparent vacillation, or lack of moral courage, of the procurator was chiefly due to the memory of a number of controversies he had had with the Jews and because in each instance they had worsted him

    6. Go to whatever place you are accustomed to pray at; light a candle; and ask the deity to whom you usually pray that, if there happens to be a maleficent influence in your life which is preventing you from healing yourself, to please cast it out! You must make this prayer in a true spirit of decisiveness and determination – if you pray in a spirit of doubt or hesitation, the demon (if there is one) will use your vacillation to defeat your prayer

    7. If you pray in a spirit of doubt or hesitation, the demon will use your vacillation to defeat your prayer

    8. There was no vacillation now

    9. Irresolution is as much a curse as laziness for the result is the same, though the irresolute person often suffers from his constant vacillation

    10. In his long moment of vacillation, my imagination went wild with thoughts of his previous patients catatonic somewhere in the hospital from overdosing

    11. chose…which one?' Raymond watched the vacillation on the boy's face as his mother

    12. all of it…the pleasure and the pain and the ridiculous state of vacillation that existed

    13. On the whole his surmises, in addition to what he knew of the fact, increased his friendliness and tolerance towards Ladislaw, and made him understand the vacillation which kept him at Middlemarch after he had said that he should go away

    14. The vacillation between the various plans that were proposed had even increased after the Emperor had been at headquarters for a month

    15. The blind clairvoyance of the Revolution, breaking royalty in the King and the King with royalty, did so almost without noticing the man in the fierce crushing of the idea, the vast storm of the Assembly-Tribunal, the public wrath interrogating, Capet not knowing what to reply, the alarming, stupefied vacillation by that royal head beneath that sombre breath, the relative innocence of all in that

    16. The vacillation of his head and the fixity of his eyeballs suggested the thought of the magnetic needle seeking the pole

    17. It had been something so unexpected for them both that they wanted to resolve it not with shouts, tears, and intermediaries, as was the custom in the Caribbean, but with the wisdom of the nations of Europe, and there was so much vacillation as to whether their loyalties lay here or over there that they ended up mired in a puerile situation that did not belong anywhere

    18. “When I heard of you and your blustering up and down the ocean, I thought of you, somehow, as the one realist on an earth of vacillation

    19. There was still a moral vacillation

    20. The masses admit two spheres of knowledge, the most exact and the least subject to vacillation from a diversity of views,—the languages and mathematics; everything else they regard as trifles

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    swing swinging vacillation hesitation wavering

    "vacillation" definitions

    indecision in speech or action

    changing location by moving back and forth