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Flying in a sentence

1. He was flying too low.
2. He was flying blind now.
3. It is the C-130 flying.
4. I was flying on the floor.
5. Flying around in the air.
6. After flying for 20 mins.
7. She was flying with her.

8. Ever flying in the spring.
9. I was flying a rescue.
10. Im flying there now and.
11. He was wired, flying high.
12. He was flying like a racer.
13. Soon the airship was flying.
14. Who was flying the plane?
15. Says the guy who’s flying.
16. It went flying though the.
17. Money went flying al over.
18. The birds are always flying.
19. It is only flying at 30 mph.
20. It was even flying without.
21. That was not flying with me.
22. I sent the thousands flying.
23. There is no flying from fate.
24. Who was flying this thing?
25. More flying… cool! I grin.
26. I passed with flying colors.
27. The song of the flying bees.
28. Chapter 6: The Flying Coffin.
29. It passed with flying colors.
30. It was flying in a southern.
31. His mug and drink went flying.
32. But, the SST is flying us to.
33. Above, I saw some bats flying.
34. This is a nice flying plane.
35. He’s flying in next week.
36. An uppercut sent another flying.
37. Flying through walls was novel.
38. She'd as leave think of flying.
39. Instead, Crissy came flying in.
40. Q Texas Air: Flying with Frank.
1. And the years are flown.
2. Time had flown by and.
3. The months had flown by.
4. The magic had flown out.
5. Since then, I have flown.
6. You have not flown before.
7. The year has just flown by.
8. Time had literally flown by.
9. He'll have to be flown out.
10. Anyway, Id never flown a.
11. I had flown before to the.
12. And had not flown away yet.
13. It was flown in and placed.
14. Thirty minutes had flown by.
15. She had flown most of the way.
16. Flown here with Hiss in an SST.
17. The lash had flown freely, but.
18. When I awake it has all flown by.
19. His mangled body was flown to Dr.
20. I understood the birds had flown.
21. Meanwhile, I was also flown to Ft.
22. Time had flown! It was almost 6 P.
23. He hadn’t flown since Libby left.
24. Dawley must have flown in to the St.
25. I was flown back to Japan in an old.
26. In his youth he'd always flown nights.
27. You could have flown out to see me.
28. Who had flown the helicopter, though?
29. They've flown in the swiftness of time.
30. Had he been a crow he would have flown.
31. If I was a bird, I’d have flown away.
32. He said he'd flown you down to Singapore.
33. The helicopter had flown over the house.
34. I love that he’s flown so far to see me.
35. I’ve never flown in anything that small.
36. A couple of light aircraft had flown past.
37. Sir Richard had them flown to the complex.
38. But I have never flown anything like this.
39. I shouldn’t have flown off the handle.
40. If she wasn't I wouldn't of flown out here.
1. It flies for a while.
2. My, my, how time flies.
3. The Lord and the Flies.
4. Flies were all over him.
5. The flies buzz in the sun.
6. But the SST flies at--.
7. Flies dead on the pavement.
8. Like flies on the cold flesh.
9. Maggot flies out of the bogs.
10. A shimmering blanket of flies.
11. Marco’s ship flies near him.
12. Flies were all over the place.
13. On the beach a boy flies a kite.
14. A Molter flies up to me: Glacia.
15. Flies flew at him for his sweat.
17. Willie flies the U-2 into the sky.
18. Flies were feasting on his blood.
19. There were no flies, she noticed.
20. What was he, Lord Of The Flies?
21. Billy knows that the flies will.
22. This stops them attracting flies.
23. A few flies flew out of the bag.
24. The only difference was no flies.
25. He was in the nude, flesh flies.
26. Every way the soul flies is hell.
27. Flesh flies have varied habits:.
28. Flies draw attention to droppings.
29. Picking the Wings off Crane Flies.
30. Be thy verse the thing that flies.
31. The window is open and flies are.
32. Time really flies, she said.
33. A knife was no match for the flies.
34. Upon the wing the black bird flies.
35. Emerson’s hand flies to her mouth.
36. Or of the arrow that flies by day;.
37. There were armies of flies of all.
38. The blowing sand, the biting flies.
39. The eagle flies alongside the ship.
40. Flies hovered, and maggots wiggled.
1. I flew down to LA.
2. I flew down to St.
3. I flew into a rage.
4. A plane flew above us.
5. But flew at the whip.
6. A dozen miles flew by.
7. And flew into the sun.
8. He flew at Momma Bear.
9. A few more fists flew.
10. The block flew up high.
11. It flew through the air.
12. My eyes flew open again.
13. Hair flew back in the.
14. I flew down there and.
15. As they flew over the.
16. It flew like a torpedo.
17. I flew home in tears.
18. His eyes flew open wide.
19. She flew into his room.
20. We flew on the Concorde.
21. I flew to the ship and.
22. The first five days flew.
23. His eyes flew back to me.
24. Ash’s gaze flew to his.
25. Tighe flew into a rage.
26. Her eyes flew up to her.
27. So I flew down to Panama.
28. Out of one flew a short.
29. Mitch and Silas flew hard.
30. The back doors flew open.
31. Now they flew bed sheets.
32. The lame man flew at him.
33. Her mother flew up above.
34. Adèle flew to the window.
35. Fists flew and the staff.
36. The man flew up screaming.
37. Silas flew onto the table.
38. The other bombers flew on.
39. I flew round to greet him.
40. He flew off along his way.

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To fly at Mach 1.
Up we had to fly.
I was to fly there.
Let us up and fly.
Fly me to the moon.
It was ready to fly.
She has to fly all.
I fly over the moon.
I fly over the cliff.
As I fly to the stars.
But I'm ready to fly.
Force plane to fly me.
We will fly away soon.
He prepared to fly off.
And rebirth on the fly.
He chooses not to fly.
Can you fly a 777?
Fly the big red rocket.
Yes, I fly out today.
But it is the March fly.
You could try to fly.
The Spider and the Fly.
A fly line is only as.
Of course, he can fly.
It would fly away as I.
Kill this desire to fly.
The MAV is ready to fly.
And the infield fly rule.
Soon, we will fly away.
When all fly up at once.
They want to fly a kite.
Then the spirits fly in.
And the birds that fly.
He wants to fly with you.
Two of the crows fly away.
I fly to the starry skies.
He never even hurt a fly.
Then I’d fly to Europe.
I just wish I could fly.
It seemed to fly all by.

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flight flying fast quick

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