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Flying en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He was flying too low.
  2. It is the C-130 flying.
  3. He was flying blind now.
  4. I was flying on the floor.
  5. Flying around in the air.

  6. After flying for 20 mins.
  7. She was flying with her.
  8. He was wired, flying high.
  9. I was flying a rescue.
  10. Im flying there now and.
  11. Ever flying in the spring.
  12. It went flying though the.
  13. He was flying like a racer.
  14. The birds are always flying.
  15. Who was flying the plane?

  16. Money went flying al over.
  17. Says the guy who’s flying.
  18. Soon the airship was flying.
  19. The song of the flying bees.
  20. It was even flying without.
  21. There is no flying from fate.
  22. It is only flying at 30 mph.
  23. That was not flying with me.
  24. I sent the thousands flying.
  25. Who was flying this thing?

  26. More flying… cool! I grin.
  27. I passed with flying colors.
  28. Chapter 6: The Flying Coffin.
  29. It was flying in a southern.
  30. It passed with flying colors.
  31. Above, I saw some bats flying.
  32. He’s flying in next week.
  33. His mug and drink went flying.
  34. But, the SST is flying us to.
  35. This is a nice flying plane.
  36. Is this a flying visit, or.
  37. Q Texas Air: Flying with Frank.
  38. Nature was flying at half mast.
  39. With us flying on the dragon.
  40. She'd as leave think of flying.
  41. An uppercut sent another flying.
  42. Instead, Crissy came flying in.
  43. Tomorrow he was flying out to.
  44. Flying through walls was novel.
  45. The plane was flying over the.
  46. They had to feed the flying rats.
  47. Luke always knew he hated flying.
  48. He passed with flying colors.
  49. With a flying mount you should.
  50. The time was flying away from me.
  51. We have not seen you flying yet.
  52. She meets it with flying colors.
  53. That’s why I am flying so low.
  54. We will flying into outer space.
  55. The gryphons are flying with him.
  56. She was flying in the wind again.
  57. Hallo— they're all flying away.
  58. I have seen you flying with them.
  59. It was flying in their direction.
  60. Flying over the Place of Burning.
  61. I’d passed with flying colours.
  62. Johnny went flying into the lake.
  63. This is flying and flying is fun.
  64. Macs began flying off the shelves.
  65. Flying and fear were exhilarating.
  66. He is flying by the cars on the F.
  67. The sensation was of truly flying.
  68. Flying low, Aero releases his grip.
  69. Flying around with that big hound.
  70. And you? How was your flying?
  71. Her body went flying over the pews.
  72. Startled by the flying square of.
  73. I was flying high above the clouds.
  74. On flying eyes and lips and hair;.
  75. Whatever bro, he’s totally flying.
  76. Flying over the area of Ping-Siang.
  77. But the dragon continued flying on.
  78. Martin sent the third empty flying.
  79. That’s not rowing, it’s flying.
  80. We’re flying to Vegas tonight.
  81. With fingers flying, she took the.
  82. I was flying above the seven clouds.
  83. Flying on griffins is way more fun.
  84. And her robe was white and flying;.
  85. And where are you flying to?
  86. We were flying straight towards it.
  87. I cant believe we are flying!.
  88. I waved Sunita with a flying kisses.
  89. His body was sent flying into the.
  90. It reminded her of flying crockery.
  91. My life is flying hither and thither.
  92. He sees that he is flying northwest.
  93. I cannot wait to go flying with him.
  94. He's flying! Isn't that neat?
  95. His flagon of wine went flying and.
  96. It would be so easy — like flying.
  97. I said I wasn’t fond of flying.
  98. Catherine paid a flying visit to it.
  99. He heard there oft the flying sound.
  100. That accounted for the flying fruit.
  1. And the years are flown.
  2. Time had flown by and.
  3. The months had flown by.
  4. The magic had flown out.
  5. You have not flown before.
  6. Since then, I have flown.
  7. I had flown before to the.
  8. It was flown in and placed.
  9. And had not flown away yet.
  10. He'll have to be flown out.
  11. The year has just flown by.
  12. Anyway, Id never flown a.
  13. Time had literally flown by.
  14. Thirty minutes had flown by.
  15. She had flown most of the way.
  16. Flown here with Hiss in an SST.
  17. The lash had flown freely, but.
  18. When I awake it has all flown by.
  19. His mangled body was flown to Dr.
  20. I understood the birds had flown.
  21. He hadn’t flown since Libby left.
  22. Time had flown! It was almost 6 P.
  23. Meanwhile, I was also flown to Ft.
  24. Dawley must have flown in to the St.
  25. I was flown back to Japan in an old.
  26. In his youth he'd always flown nights.
  27. You could have flown out to see me.
  28. Who had flown the helicopter, though?
  29. If I was a bird, I’d have flown away.
  30. They've flown in the swiftness of time.
  31. Had he been a crow he would have flown.
  32. He said he'd flown you down to Singapore.
  33. The helicopter had flown over the house.
  34. Sir Richard had them flown to the complex.
  35. I love that he’s flown so far to see me.
  36. A couple of light aircraft had flown past.
  37. But I have never flown anything like this.
  38. I’ve never flown in anything that small.
  39. If she wasn't I wouldn't of flown out here.
  40. I shouldn’t have flown off the handle.
  41. The first of the siblings had flown the nest.
  42. Have you ever flown the morning hummingbird.
  43. The news that Carl had flown off the handle.
  44. It couldn’t have flown, it just couldn’t.
  45. The chance to grab the opportunity had flown.
  46. Moments of bliss, I cried, ah! whither flown?
  47. But it was the only glider Adam had ever flown.
  48. She could have flown to safety but had refused.
  49. The open window that the canteen had just flown.
  50. I could have them flown in for the festivities.
  51. From Kommergersky Pereulok, we had flown to this.
  52. That F-83 supposedly has flown faster than mach 2.
  53. The dragon had flown back to his nest and his mate.
  54. This was the first time she had flown into combat.
  55. They probably would have flown you out themselves.
  56. After they had flown a safe distance away from the.
  57. Ay! There's some of the birds flown from the cages.
  58. Maybe it had flown out of the yard before I got in.
  59. I’ve flown lots of times, and I’m still here.
  60. Clayton remembered when he’d flown in a month ago.
  61. Her decade in the city had flown, but it had been fun.
  62. The flown birds wouldn’t be returning to this nest.
  63. I have flown through quite a few time zones today.
  64. The machines could have been flown across the Channel.
  65. Later, once at home, his father had flown into a rage.
  66. The Fell Beasts appear to have flown out for the moment.
  67. But the bird has flown, you won't catch it by the tail.
  68. You should’ve agreed; we could’ve flown in style.
  69. We’d probably have just flown over them or something.
  70. Plus the aircraft was red lined and could not be flown.
  71. It could have flown around and came at us from the back.
  72. How was the trip? I’ve never flown in a jet fighter.
  73. Eyes like the eyes of the young Marines he had flown off.
  74. The next, something had flown at her out of the darkness.
  75. The team, together with the Mole were all flown to Shufat.
  76. Oh, yeah, there’s Jeff Lang, he’s flown with them guys.
  77. I’ve flown this plane hundreds of miles in one flight.
  78. The four days that they spent in Cebu seemed to have flown.
  79. She was flown into Salt Lake City Hospital because her ap-.
  80. The two Nal had flown over out over the water a ways from.
  81. Orphenn was flung higher into the sky than he had ever flown.
  82. I have been here over a week and the time has just flown by.
  83. But then I had a thought, I had flown before in these dreams.
  84. On the morrow he will leave me, as my Hopes have flown before.
  85. All supplies were either trucked in or flown in by transport.
  86. The wind is strong this summer day, Her petticoat has flown.
  87. The Shuttle had flown low over the United States looking for.
  88. Alex was beside me again, having flown back as Jennabeth spoke.
  89. The airplane was invented and first flown by the Marx brothers.
  90. He had flown back to Chicago to his home in the North Suburbs.
  91. The SST had flown long enough they should be over water by now.
  92. Those silly birds, directly one wants them--they've flown away.
  93. Flower has flown off to the place that I have prepared for him.
  94. He had flown missions in II, III, and IV Corps in support of U.
  95. You’ll be flown to the Idaho side of the ridge where you.
  96. He replied, without turning round, that they had all flown away.
  97. Before that, he was to be feted in New York, flown to London to.
  98. I had flown in from Greece and had arrived the previous evening.
  99. I can hear something in the air and one of them has flown unto me.
  100. The wind is strong this summer day, Her petticoat has flown away.
  1. It flies for a while.
  2. My, my, how time flies.
  3. The Lord and the Flies.
  4. Flies were all over him.
  5. The flies buzz in the sun.
  6. But the SST flies at--.
  7. Flies dead on the pavement.
  8. Like flies on the cold flesh.
  9. Maggot flies out of the bogs.
  10. Flies were all over the place.
  11. A shimmering blanket of flies.
  12. Marco’s ship flies near him.
  13. On the beach a boy flies a kite.
  14. A Molter flies up to me: Glacia.
  15. Flies flew at him for his sweat.
  17. There were no flies, she noticed.
  18. The only difference was no flies.
  19. Willie flies the U-2 into the sky.
  20. Billy knows that the flies will.
  21. A few flies flew out of the bag.
  22. Flesh flies have varied habits:.
  23. What was he, Lord Of The Flies?
  24. He was in the nude, flesh flies.
  25. Flies were feasting on his blood.
  26. This stops them attracting flies.
  27. Every way the soul flies is hell.
  28. A knife was no match for the flies.
  29. Be thy verse the thing that flies.
  30. Picking the Wings off Crane Flies.
  31. The window is open and flies are.
  32. Time really flies, she said.
  33. Flies draw attention to droppings.
  34. There were armies of flies of all.
  35. Or of the arrow that flies by day;.
  36. Upon the wing the black bird flies.
  37. Emerson’s hand flies to her mouth.
  38. Flies hovered, and maggots wiggled.
  39. The eagle flies alongside the ship.
  40. The blowing sand, the biting flies.
  41. Just now his hobby is catching flies.
  42. My flag of truth flies at half mast.
  43. The flies appear to be orbiting her.
  44. There were flies buzzing everywhere.
  45. We’ll see how this baby flies!.
  46. She was too bored to even swat flies.
  47. Flies have better sense than knights.
  48. One of the Powers-That-Ski flies in.
  49. Dry flies are simply flies that float.
  50. Even the flies have fled, Dunk noted.
  51. He flies off and quickly accelerates.
  52. There's no flies on old Yellow Hair.
  53. Jaden flies over near north Manhattan.
  54. Flies had used it as their graveyard.
  55. He used the hat to fan away the flies.
  56. Flies are attracted to rotting things.
  57. The Tundra bites, swarming with flies.
  58. The curtains waved, the wakened flies.
  59. The flies were smarter than the Greeks.
  60. He flies three times as fast as this.
  61. They came like flies to something rank.
  62. Jay takes Reese and flies into the air.
  63. Hang clusters of cloves to repel flies.
  64. The shell flies into a wall and smokes.
  65. Yellow jackets and flies filled the air.
  66. The battery comes out, the cap flies off.
  67. She was busy trying to keep flies from.
  68. How time flies! We have been very happy.
  69. The flies are buzzing again in the hazy.
  70. The camera flies closer, focusing onto.
  71. Carrion flies are signs of death and rot.
  72. Stuck on the pane two flies buzzed, stuck.
  73. He heard the buzz of flies six feet away.
  74. It flies in the face of law and civility.
  75. The view flies over that of a red planet.
  76. Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase;.
  77. Mint planted around the home repels flies.
  78. Flies, maggots, fleas, and whatever else.
  79. Too many flies in there, and it's too hot.
  80. The vulture flies down the road towards him.
  81. Flies kept alighting on her and biting her.
  82. Bats love to eat flies and other insects.
  83. These scavengers, together with flies and.
  84. The buzz of the great flies was loud again.
  85. They were flies caught in a green flypaper.
  86. He flies across the room and gives me a hug.
  87. They didn’t look like regular Fruit Flies.
  88. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  89. He flies into diabolical passions sometimes.
  90. Wet flies are simply flies that don’t float.
  91. Every time a chopper flies overhead, I hear.
  92. Flies through the Skies, with a Bird on a wing.
  93. The Blackbird flies faster and gains altitude.
  94. It was the sound of flies on crap or something.
  95. It flies very rapidly, and is not easily taken.
  96. My hand flies to my mouth as I stare, staggered.
  97. Just pick out whatever flies have drowned in it.
  98. He says they are Gray Deer and Horse that Flies.
  99. The thought of a million buzzing flies weaving.
  100. Bollocks said Abigail and opened his flies.
  1. I flew down to LA.
  2. I flew down to St.
  3. I flew into a rage.
  4. A plane flew above us.
  5. A dozen miles flew by.
  6. But flew at the whip.
  7. He flew at Momma Bear.
  8. A few more fists flew.
  9. And flew into the sun.
  10. As they flew over the.
  11. Hair flew back in the.
  12. His eyes flew open wide.
  13. It flew through the air.
  14. It flew like a torpedo.
  15. My eyes flew open again.
  16. The block flew up high.
  17. She flew into his room.
  18. I flew down there and.
  19. I flew home in tears.
  20. Tighe flew into a rage.
  21. His eyes flew back to me.
  22. The first five days flew.
  23. Ash’s gaze flew to his.
  24. We flew on the Concorde.
  25. I flew to the ship and.
  26. Now they flew bed sheets.
  27. Her eyes flew up to her.
  28. Her mother flew up above.
  29. So I flew down to Panama.
  30. Out of one flew a short.
  31. The lame man flew at him.
  32. Adèle flew to the window.
  33. Mitch and Silas flew hard.
  34. The back doors flew open.
  35. Fists flew and the staff.
  36. A nylon bag flew towards.
  37. Leaves flew up around him.
  38. I flew round to greet him.
  39. The man flew up screaming.
  40. Silas flew onto the table.
  41. He flew off along his way.
  42. The other bombers flew on.
  43. Jack flew across the room.
  44. And up the 'ole 'ouse flew.
  45. The question flew from my.
  46. The door finally flew open.
  47. I flew in the Mig-19 back.
  48. The twenty minutes flew by.
  49. The next four years flew by.
  50. For him, it flew perfectly.
  51. We flew out two days later.
  52. A trapdoor flew open, shut.
  53. The rest of the week flew by.
  54. Marie flew down the stairs.
  55. Pok! The cork flew out of Mr.
  56. Paul’s eyes flew wide open.
  57. He flew over to Daniel and.
  58. Then flew out the other side.
  59. A hand flew from empty space.
  60. Her hands flew to her mouth.
  61. He flew to her and listened.
  62. Flocks of geese flew overhead.
  63. The brief hours flew by as Mr.
  64. A tick bird flew up and down.
  65. Seagulls flew in the distance.
  66. Papers flew into the hallway.
  67. My eyes flew toward the clock.
  68. Seeing as they flew Biffs, i.
  69. The air flew out of my lungs.
  70. A cold, foul wind flew inside.
  71. Our bark flew before the wind.
  72. Then the hellhound flew off me.
  73. The plane flew high in the sky.
  74. Sue’s hand flew into the air.
  75. As they flew down, she said:.
  76. Heather flew at her in a rage.
  77. They flew down this afternoon.
  78. Obotron 1 flew away from Hroon.
  79. She flew at her and shook her.
  80. The half-hour of bliss flew by.
  81. Skull, flesh, bone flew apart.
  82. We flew home by way of Alaska.
  83. Chevalier flew out of the car.
  84. Arrows flew out and hit him in.
  85. I just flew in from the States.
  86. They flew in echelons of units.
  87. It flew away two seconds later.
  88. The rest of the evening flew by.
  89. Easing up, the pigeon flew off.
  90. He flew from London to New York.
  91. Insults flew in both directions.
  92. Sparks flew off of the swords.
  93. He looked at a moth that flew.
  94. His arms flew out, encircling.
  95. The longboat flew over the waves.
  96. Flies flew at him for his sweat.
  97. Stu Corrigan flew back with them.
  98. The rapturan’s eyes flew open.
  99. The lightning bolt flew into it.
  100. The two maidens that flew away.

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1. To fly at Mach 1.
2. Up we had to fly.
3. Let us up and fly.
4. I was to fly there.
5. Fly me to the moon.
6. She has to fly all.
7. It was ready to fly.
8. I fly over the moon.
9. But I'm ready to fly.
10. Force plane to fly me.
11. I fly over the cliff.
12. As I fly to the stars.
13. He chooses not to fly.
14. He prepared to fly off.
15. And rebirth on the fly.
16. We will fly away soon.
17. The Spider and the Fly.
18. You could try to fly.
19. Yes, I fly out today.
20. But it is the March fly.
21. Fly the big red rocket.
22. A fly line is only as.
23. Can you fly a 777?
24. The MAV is ready to fly.
25. And the infield fly rule.
26. When all fly up at once.
27. Then the spirits fly in.
28. Soon, we will fly away.
29. Of course, he can fly.
30. Kill this desire to fly.
31. It would fly away as I.
32. They want to fly a kite.
33. And the birds that fly.
34. This is so fly down here.
35. It seemed to fly all by.
36. Sure, and pigs could fly.
37. He never even hurt a fly.
38. I fly to the starry skies.
39. Then I’d fly to Europe.
40. He wants to fly with you.
41. Two of the crows fly away.
42. I just wish I could fly.
43. I can fly home from there.
44. He would fly back tomorrow.
45. Spread your wings and fly.
46. She planned to fly up to.
47. Flags and things that fly.
48. Fly trap, see fly chapter.
49. A fly alighted on his desk.
50. Everyone shall fly at low.
51. No, I have to fly back out.
52. The drive home will fly by.
53. He had arranged to fly to.
54. Nor as high as I could fly.
55. It could fly at a maximum.
56. He can fly with me anytime.
57. They fly our cargo vessels.
58. Then to fly off in a hurry.
59. As eras of mortality fly by.
60. To her that he will fly!.
61. No you couldn't, you'd fly.
62. One could have heard a fly.
63. Wendy and I can both fly it.
64. They were to fly a routine.
65. Babies fly with bunny wings.
66. They will attract Black Fly.
67. A fly crashed into the bulb.
68. Let me fly you to the moon;.
69. A fly was in search of food.
70. Birds fly, over the rainbow.
71. They would fly very near her.
72. We can fly our moonshine to.
73. I wanted to fly towards him.
74. Will fly with eagle’s wings.
75. That way, we can fly away.
76. My real dad used to fly jets.
77. The idea would be to fly on.
79. Fly, if you value your foul.
80. He would fly off immediately.
81. And I can’t fly yet either.
82. He was ready to fly the MH370.
83. He could fly if he wanted to.
84. A fly buzzed, touched my brow.
85. Well, we can’t fly back.
86. There was, however, a fly in.
87. My doves, when will you fly?!.
88. Radiates the soul to fly high.
89. I was going to fly here, but.
90. Now, don't fly off the handle.
91. I can still fly a plane, Kate.
92. My thoughts fly to the woman.
93. You've always wanted to fly.
94. I will fly it alone if I must.
95. I fly by his Will, like a Dove.
96. He first had to get it to fly.
97. I’d rather fly into the sun.
98. That will damage the fly line.
99. Mona, fly around this house.
100. You have the potential to fly.

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