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    1. The bank manager uses our money to foreclose Uncle Todd, sell the farm at auction and recover a princely sum for their shareholders…or mmm…something more ingenious perhap?”

    2. Without another option, he had to foreclose on the homes where Vicki had

    3. that would foreclose the possibility of meaningful debate about

    4. "Give him twenty-four hours to pay up in full, or foreclose

    5. Citizens would have spat openly at policemen in open disgust, and openly mobbed the banks, and openly ripped out their money, and openly hanged the bank presidents, and openly shot any bastard that tried to foreclose on their land

    6. If he has to foreclose, he will be paying out money in court fees instead of making it in interest

    7. I Missed a Payment - Will the Bank Foreclose

    8. If he has to foreclose, then he is in for a lot of hassles

    9. When he has to foreclose, his income stream is dried up

    10. Yet the fiscal crisis in New York, for all the little opportunities it opened, threatened to foreclose bigger ones

    11. 6 The failure to foreclose on Interborough Rapid Transit Secured 7s for seven years after default of principal (discussed on p

    12. , foreclose on collateral and accelerate payments of debt)

    13. The lenders decided to foreclose

    14. Emott) said, I believe, every thing that could be said in favor of those unfortunate people, and really almost convinced me that we ought to make this interference; but unfortunately for him and for his cause, other advocates rose up in its favor and placed the subject in a situation not only as respects the majority of this House, but as respects that Government with whom intercession is to be made, which will completely foreclose any attempt at relieving the sufferers

    15. We may, in this way, foreclose the door of amicable negotiation which the Executive by his first Message showed us he had kept open

    16. If, unfortunately, it becomes exhausted, I, as mortgagee, foreclose at the best price obtainable

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    Synonyms for "foreclose"

    foreclose forbid forestall preclude prevent

    "foreclose" definitions

    keep from happening or arising; make impossible

    subject to foreclosing procedures; take away the right of mortgagors to redeem their mortgage