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    1. As far as everyone was concerned, I could prevent people from turning into zombies

    2. Elevating the legs at the end of a long day helps to prevent problems with the blood vessels in the legs, as does wearing support stockings

    3. Exercising to strengthen muscles around knees and hips helps prevent falls and serious injury

    4. · Remove throw rugs and tack down the edges of carpets to prevent falls

    5. Will prevent most insects, caterpillars from chewing on leaves of ornamentals

    6. Not a poison; all poisons should be avoided at all costs! Can also prevent dogs and cats from coming near your property

    7. BD 508: A biodynamic spray that will help to prevent many fungal diseases

    8. "It could get ugly, I'm trying to prevent that

    9. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    10. Therefore it is important for the home owner to learn the proper measures that can be taken to prevent termites from entering your home

    11. Construction Sand (90%) and DE (10%) mixed together and laid down around the house 3 feet deep and 3 feet out from the house will prevent termites from moving into your house

    12. Pretty scary, huh? How does one prevent such a crisis such as this? Well, I’ve come up with a handy acronym that can help you prevent even your biggest problem students from getting out of hand: LEER

    13. will help to prevent diseases on most plants and trees

    14. ‘I suppose you could say I am trying prevent a silly argument becoming something even more ridiculous

    15. there is a warning sign on his house which is put to prevent the spread

    16. When the gulls had gone flapping out over the water she said, "We need you to help us prevent this, and we can save ourselves if we impact a big old daedelus-drive starship on that asteroid at full drive and detonate the reactor

    17. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex

    18. Will this be enough to protect him from the hatred of those he has disappointed? Will he be able to prevent the terrible disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor? Will he run and hide or will he match brave words with brave actions? Sometimes knowing what's coming next just isn't enough

    19. This doesn't prevent him from going steady with the daughter of the family, but their happiness won't last: While she is in the garden, she bumps her head against a tree branch; she falls down on the ground and some mutated plants swallow her up; when they vomit her she is no longer what she was: she looks like a gigantic snail-like monster, a living horror

    20. Ways to prevent “Majority Rule" from happening in the local church?


    22. Herndon would not support trying to prevent it

    23. From here the volume was loud enough that it was possible to enjoy the song, but it wouldn't prevent them speaking to each other

    24. Pecans are also antioxidant-rich which helps prevent the plaque formation that causes hardening of the arteries

    25. Despite anticipating that the sound of the water flowing past my head as I sleep in the cabin bed allotted to me would awaken memories that would prevent me sleeping, I do manage to drop off and woke to find myself in a different world; the flat lowlands have been replaced by rolling hills which, even though the plants and animals show the ubiquitous signs of malaise I have seen elsewhere, is lovely to behold

    26. delicately poised, even though they prevent me

    27. Vitamin C has long been proven to fight and prevent wrinkles

    28. Antioxidants help prevent free-radical damage by preventing these

    29. "They may wish to prevent our observation of their activities

    30. In stretching the spinal column to the greatest degree it helps to relieve and prevent sciatica and lumbago

    31. "Oh he'd like it to be," she told him, "he says there's a bully group on that starship that tries to prevent any sexual contact outside exclusive monogamous relationships for life

    32. In case that didn't work, my father stacked chairs in front of the door to prevent a possible escape attempt

    33. Lead by Heavenly Talstan, the Angels of Sol went to war to prevent that virus from being produced

    34. ‘Yes, … you know it should be possible to treat the stone in some way so as to prevent the writing from disappearing

    35. To prevent this from happening, avoid the traditional pick up lines

    36. do? You reflexively try to prevent 1 he attack

    37. latches and catches, it was designed to prevent the delivery of more

    38. “I think that is a good idea,” Kelvin said, “If nothing else it will prevent them from getting in our path where they could drop something on us

    39. buried that same Christmas evening to prevent any contagion

    40. She had to land on him to prevent it

    41. something should come up which would prevent all practicality of a promise

    42. She was normally silent but couldn’t prevent a long loud “oh wow!” with this one

    43. separated to prevent them from injuring one another

    44. I failed to prevent you from carrying out further entanglement experiments

    45. and can prevent us from living the life we could be

    46. not prevent another from making what he or she considers to be a sound

    47. Prevent the Listing of Your WordPress Directories

    48. How to Prevent a Directory Listing of Your Website with

    49. about who and what we are prevent us from having a direct experience of

    50. Ken is leaning against the door to prevent any more disturbances

    1. She thought the wizard's modification called the Instinct would have prevented this, but it only prevented violence done by one human on another

    2. We can age gracefully even though aging cannot be prevented

    3. And wasn't that the problem, all the little things about their culture that prevented them from having feelings for each other as individuals? Yet he had only to feel it to know the feeling was right

    4. From time to time she watched the new world of alien features and fads strut and crow and found it all strangely attractive, but the rules of the game quite prevented her from embracing such energy and liveliness

    5. My clients and I have prevented serious illnesses by using this proven system that naturally strengthens your body‘s immune response

    6. prevented by adjusting or manipulating the energy

    7. Joseph wanted to talk to him but situations and work prevented it

    8. trees also prevented the stables from being visible and spoiling the

    9. The wire-mesh fence which once prevented lost balls

    10. between the worlds prevented the passage of radio waves, in much

    11. First, Tom had to unlock the wire-mesh door which prevented

    12. I’ve already told you that you prevented my Uncle

    13. “That would be prevented by the Instinct I would think

    14. He might know he had to, he might even try, but something in his body prevented the words from coming out

    15. He cared that being scheduled to take a message prevented him from sleeping

    16. of jail time prevented him from putting shock collars on us

    17. No laws of physics prevented him from already knowing quite a lot about them

    18. had a veil of lies over her eye that prevented her from seeing the

    19. But had this superabundance been real, it would, without any order of council, have effectually prevented the plantation of new vineyards, by reducing the profits of this species of cultivation below their natural proportion to those of corn and pasture

    20. ‘She’s dead and you could have prevented it

    21. The addition of the herbs prevented a hangover, so he could indulge to his heart’s content

    22. Lady Phyllis wouldn’t have risked his anger if she didn’t know something that prevented him from coming

    23. Thus he will be prevented

    24. prevented her from calling him Rajit bhaiya; wasn’t too long; and

    25. which might have prevented me from meeting my darling, in the

    26. Together, they prevented us from

    27. That this exportation could only be prevented by a proper attention to what they called the balance of trade

    28. That only their close kinship prevented him from covering her with kisses, from her mouth down to her neck and chest, and then… The ocean turned into a heated bath

    29. After those first few times when disgust prevented her, she’d always moved her

    30. The only thing that might have prevented her from marrying him was that he didn’t worship her God yet, though he had intimated that he would adopt the Hebrew law and religion and serve her God with her

    31. All she could hear in her head was her own voice, questioning again and again if it could have been prevented

    32. The violence and injustice of the rulers of mankind is an ancient evil, for which, I am afraid, the nature of human affairs can scarce admit of a remedy : but the mean rapacity, the monopolizing spirit, of merchants and manufacturers, who neither are, nor ought to be, the rulers of mankind, though it cannot, perhaps, be corrected, may very easily be prevented from disturbing the tranquillity of anybody but themselves

    33. Several times she looked over her shoulder, glancing through her tears at the ruler until distance finally prevented it

    34. First, The engrossing of uncultivated land, though it has by no means been prevented altogether, has been more restrained in the English colonies than in any other

    35. Though they had not, therefore, been prohibited from establishing such manufactures, yet, in their present state of improvement, a regard to their own interest would probably have prevented them from doing so

    36. Accumulation is thus prevented in the hands of all those who are naturally the most disposed to accumulate; and the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour, receive no augmentation from the revenue of those who ought naturally to augment them the most

    37. But its real effect has been to raise the rate of mercantile profit, and to enable our merchants to turn into a branch of trade, of which the returns are more slow and distant than those of the greater part of other trades, a greater proportion of their capital than they otherwise would have done; two events which, if a bounty could have prevented, it might perhaps have been very well worth while to give such a bounty

    38. Our woollen manufacturers, in order to justify their demand of such extraordinary restrictions and regulations, confidently asserted, that English wool was of a peculiar quality, superior to that of any other country; that the wool of other countries could not, without some mixture of it, be wrought up into any tolerable manufacture; that fine cloth could not be made without it ; that England, therefore, if the exportation of it could be totally prevented, could monopolize to herself almost the whole woollen trade of the world; and thus, having no rivals, could sell at what price she pleased, and in a short time acquire the most incredible degree of wealth by the most advantageous balance of trade

    39. The improvement, might, perhaps, have been greater if the price had been better; but the lowness of price, though it may have obstructed, yet certainly it has not altogether prevented that improvement

    40. By the famous treaty of commerce with Portugal, the consumer is prevented by duties from purchasing of a neighbouring country, a commodity which our own climate does not produce ; but is obliged to purchase it of a distant country, though it is acknowledged, that the commodity of the distant country is of a worse quality than that of the near one

    41. It prevented dirt and sand from blowing in my face

    42. Had Zardino been detected, prevented? Or had he no intention of delivering on the only logical course of action? Roidon’s broken mind could not possibly determine

    43. ! And to think I could have prevented all this! Why didn't you say

    44. He could have prevented this

    45. can't afford food, or from trivial diseases that could be treated or prevented for a couple of

    46. 38 If we now have a strong magnetic field, generated by mechanics within the Earth that are different to what we have today - considering that through extrapolating back in time, we arrive at a stronger magnetic field, using the mechanics inside the Earth after the Flood, and also keeping in mind that the core would probably have had more mobility within the Earth (provided by the additional water lubrication from the fountains of the deep, before the Flood) what would be the outcome? If this layer of water existed homogenously between the crust and the mantle, it may have prevented contact between the inner and outer layers of rock and aid in the mobility of the core inside the Earth – just as one would have with a present day ball-bearing for example

    47. This layer of water, in the form of ice, may have prevented more of the sun’s harmful particles and rays reaching the surface of the planet

    48. This prohibition has, in some cases, entirely prevented, and in others has very much diminished, the importation of those commodities, by reducing the importers to the necessity of smuggling

    49. It has entirely prevented the importation of foreign wollens; and it has very much diminished that of foreign silks and velvets, In both cases, it has entirely annihilated the revenue of customs which might have been levied upon such importation

    50. If, by such a system of administration, smuggling to any considerable extent could be prevented, even under pretty high duties ; and if every duty was occasionally either heightened or lowered according as it was most likely, either the one way or the other, to afford the greatest revenue to the state; taxation being always employed as an instrument of revenue, and never of monopoly ; it seems not improbable that a revenue, at least equal to the present neat revenue of the customs, might be drawn from duties upon the importation of only a few sorts of goods of the most general use and consumption ; and that the duties of customs might thus be brought to the same degree of simplicity, certainty, and precision, as those of excise

    1. Its slow, graceful movements have proven to have a profound effect in improving balance and preventing falls

    2. preventing the onrush of hyperthermia amid winter’s close called icy tendrils

    3. Dante's ears are stunned moment, preventing hearing the

    4. I flirt him openly during the aerobics session, just like all women in class do; especially the married ones surround him ostentatiously during the lesson, preventing any single woman from approach him! Themis smiles and dallies with all women, giving them hope for something more

    5. Great in the bar, so long as you remembered to bend the knees when sitting, but of little use in preventing the onrush of hyperthermia amid winter’s close called icy tendrils

    6. Antioxidants help prevent free-radical damage by preventing these

    7. The track leads gently down the slope of the hill; the woods preventing us from seeing any great distance, but as we round a bend in the way, I spot a building a couple of miles away

    8. By the time I catch up with Sefir, Berndt has settled her in a makeshift stall, hobbling her more from the point of view of preventing her doing herself any damage than anything else, as he assures me quickly

    9. If he was to guess, he figured that she would go into a hang on every time slice because there was so much security preventing any signals from coming back thru Thom’s instruments to anything, including that veron store

    10. If it does no more than it is doing now, it is preventing us from achieving a parking orbit in the Kuiper Belt

    11. “Do I have a trapped emotion that is preventing

    12. “Is there a trapped emotion that is preventing me

    13. Although preventing the directory listing does not stop them from exploiting those

    14. “Because I don’t think letting you have access to your memories from before K’shitn of 100,00,23 is preventing you from being

    15. Taking a few more general measurements, gauged by his own steps, he was satisfied of the necessary tasks required for preventing any future incursions

    16. ’ He said gently, preventing me from apologising yet again by the simple expedient of putting his hand gently over my mouth

    17. The vines had recently been cut back or they would have hung over the wall, preventing people from taking this route

    18. Much needs to be done in preventing sexual abuse of children and teens

    19. Eventually the fallen lay so high and deep as to form a wall of death, preventing any more frontal attacks by the hive

    20. "We have a table propped against it, otherwise, there is nothing preventing it from being opened by the undead

    21. Folic acid is essential in preventing birth defects

    22. This regulation, instead of preventing, has been found from experience to increase the evil of usury

    23. there’s no one preventing me from theft, I’ll never be able to catch it

    24. If hostile feelings are preventing

    25. With that ring he could gain access to the king’s very presence without anyone questioning him or preventing him from doing so

    26. But what was worse, for the Huntress, those slaves were living shields preventing the sort of confrontation she'd prefer

    27. The high quality vitamin C and other rich nutrients in carrot juice efficiently nourish the skin, preventing dry skin, psoriasis and other skin blemishes

    28. But the healthful state of the human body, it would seem, contains in itself some unknown principle of preservation, capable either of preventing or of correcting, in many respects, the bad effects even of a very faulty regimen

    29. He seems not to have considered, that in the political body, the natural effort which every man is continually making to better his own condition, is a principle of preservation capable of preventing and correcting, in many respects, the bad effects of a political economy, in some degree both partial and oppressive

    30. The flap of material that could be pulled up to cover the lower half of the wearer’s face made an effective dust filter, preventing them from breathing in large quantities of the grey dust

    31. At first Torbin had not been aware of any physical sensation, but then he realised he was recumbent, and that some kind of metal frame held his head; yet that wasn’t what was preventing him from any movement

    32. ‘I said: it may not be a matter of simply preventing the wave

    33. Today we have discovered that there is an Ozone layer which is very effective in preventing harmful UV-B radiation reaching the surface of the planet

    34. 42 Imagine how an additional layer of ice above the atmosphere would have contributed to preventing damage from the sun impacting on life on Earth

    35. The temptation to smuggle can be diminished only by the lowering of the tax ; and the difficulty of smuggling can be increased only by establishing that system of administration which is most proper for preventing it

    36. Bigelow was also credited with preventing

    37. nylon, are paper thin and almost worthless in preventing blisters

    38. effectual for preventing the two last as the first-mentioned scheme of reformation

    39. that this meeting would lead to a general suspension of hostilities and be the means of preventing any further loss of life

    40. each other in preventing the Confederates from gaining a

    41. “Defendants argue that the regulation is reasonable and necessary because it is aimed at preventing speech the sole intention of which is to enflame the passion of those within the Base command

    42. Case in point: He refused to consider the recommendations of some of his top advisors that his administration move forward toward a federal law that would require the driver"s license of every alien to expire with the expiration of that person"s visa so that, as Dick Morris recently wrote: „…a routine traffic stop could trigger the deportation process" (to say nothing of preventing flying lessons)

    43. They are preventing us from building what will bring in all those gringo dollars

    44. The increasing pressure created a dull aching sensation; the constriction was preventing any movement of his torso

    45. It was his troubled mind preventing the true appreciation

    46. And obviously there were no unions preventing the commanding officer from becoming fatherly about it

    47. Therefore I arrested him for preventing me in the execution of my duties and told him to shut up before I had a fatherly talk with him

    48. A paramedic had me by the arm preventing me from running any further

    49. Still, despite our misgivings we protected all Judges and courts and this included preventing crowds (supporters of the terrorist / criminal) making noise next to the court house

    50. I presumed it was his work that occupied his thoughts so much, preventing him from speaking nonstop over irrelevant matters, like the old Spencer I’d grown to love

    1. The bait gets them into the trap and once they enter the water to feed, the soap in the water prevents them from being able to leave

    2. Borax laundry soap works great for this purpose because it has a fragrance with it that prevents animals from eating it

    3. "They can hurt your kedas," Tahlmute said, "no instinct prevents that

    4. Aging can be healthier with an exercise regimen like Yoga, which prevents accumulation of stress metabolites and always keeps the physiology supple

    5. It’s only the knowledge that Stephen was intending to contact her and get her over to his office prevents me from ringing her mobile to check she is all right

    6. If you build a wall, it means that your devotion to your career prevents you from enjoying life

    7. "Until we can prove this visitor is not one of ours returning, the Instinct prevents us taking any such action

    8. This mineral has an antiseptic effect on the alimentary canal, is a constituent of the haemoglobin and keeps the blood purified, and prevents toxic impurities from accumulating in the body

    9. Viparita-Karani is very much a beauty treatment for it supplies the skin with an extra amount of blood and so prevents and smooths away untimely wrinkles

    10. can cite that prevents me from purchasing this girl

    11. My desires are obviously conflicting and this prevents me from fully benefiting from everything I could get from PPW

    12. The small quantity of land, therefore, which is brought to market, and the high price of what is brought thither, prevents a great number of capitals from being employed in its cultivation and improvement, which would otherwise have taken that direction

    13. The insignificant pageantry of their court becomes every day more brilliant; and the expense of it not only prevents accumulation, but frequently encroaches upon the funds destined for more necessary expenses

    14. A bounty upon exportation, by enabling them to send abroad their surplus part, and to keep up the price of what remains in the home market, effectually prevents this

    15. When nothing is happening that prevents you from being mindful, you can stay happy indefinitely

    16. It is a maze of thoughts and emotions that most of the time traps the attention, and prevents it from escaping to find happiness

    17. By making them feel the inconveniencies of a dearth somewhat earlier than they otherwise might do, he prevents their feeling them afterwads so severely as they certainly would do, if the cheapness of price encouraged them to consume faster than suited the real scarcity of the season

    18. Nowhere is this more apparent than when attachment to the self-image prevents us from doing things that we fear may damage that image

    19. And if the mind focuses on things that make you unhappy, attention is stuck in a morass that prevents you from enjoying your life

    20. The way that yoga looks at happiness and what prevents us from being happy is essentially the same as what I describe in Chapters 2 and 3

    21. She prohibits the exportation from one province to another by water, and even the canriage by land upon horseback, or in a cart, of hats, of wools, and woollen goods, of the produce of America; a regulation which effectually prevents the

    22. The narrow view of many people prevents them from acknowledging the similarity of the life force or God energy that pervades all life forms

    23. ideal not only creates an attitude that prevents the

    24. This prevents overeating and will keep your metabolism working

    25. Admittedly, the Constitution prevents only government(s) from infringing on freedom of speech

    26. He said after a while, ‘entering TIAR and communicating with its controller would surely have been a fascinating experience, however the Temporal Directive prevents such action

    27. Nothing prevents these men to study chemical engineering or whatever is needed and then abuse that knowledge to create a dirty bomb

    28. Though the treaty is a landmark and benefits Israel more than anyone, the Israeli right wing and its US supporters complain, believe it or not, that the treaty prevents the war they want

    29. that prevents us from knowing more about how the universe works? I think, to

    30. But, what prevents a party from including such projects in the original spending limits that they run on?” she asked

    31. It is up to U to clear your mind and life of the clutter that prevents you from your seeing this, your light

    32. which when locked with three fingers at BSR 9, prevents the sperms

    33. The shell of the vehicle prevents this and we

    34. care because their condition prevents them

    35. What prevents you from knowing is not the

    36. prevents you from focussing the inner

    37. After all, what prevents the insight into one’s true

    38. sleeping state of consciousness almost always prevents one from remembering this everyday

    39. abandonment of the false remove what prevents the real enter-

    40. Whatever prevents becomes a cause of pain and love

    41. with the Universe, and usually prevents souls from recalling their previous lives, but is imperfect

    42. It effectively prevents discovery

    43. It is only your mind that prevents self-knowledge

    44. This prevents R1 from advertising R2’s loopback to R3, or

    45. break free of the conditioning that prevents you from enjoying a full and complete sex life

    46. keep replaying previous experiences over in your mind? Or is there something else which prevents

    47. “It’s a common misconception that it (the law) prevents ticketing,” says a Georgetown University professor

    48. What prevents the appearance of

    49. an appearance? Nothing obvious prevents us from claiming that sensations and qualia exist

    50. Cartesian deception that opposes and prevents this knowledge, yet the meditation originates from

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