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Frenzied in a sentence

her in a frenzied attack.
Aunt was frenzied and nervous.
because of its frenzied fluttering.
Bushnels and watched the frenzied crowd.
images from his short but frenzied dreams.
I said, trying to calm my frenzied heart.
notice that the frenzied crowd was depleting.

frenzied mouth as he screamed for the guard,.
Charles drove with a white-knuckled frenzied.
back to witness the frenzied face of her sister.
stir up in them emotions of frenzied enthusiasm.
The frenzied activity at the top of the dunes.
The steps went slowly, and the frenzied pounding.
upon the path of his frenzied, very narrow escape.
figure into a frenzied rage as they had ever since.
He began to turn in a small, tight, frenzied circle.
The next few weeks were a blur of frenzied activity.
make out that the frenzied wind was sweeping through.
I watched Knut, as he seemed to be the most frenzied of.
by the most frenzied elements of Eridu and the planetary.
It was so hard to hear anything past my frenzied breaths.
listening to the contented snores within and the frenzied.
Frenzied is a word that the media is using but there was.
They are not the result of frenzied attacks with a weapon.
Others react in a much more violent and frenzied fashion,.
flight-path of the frenzied bird as it had dived towards him.
Search Dinu and the house was filled up with frenzied.
A frenzied battle had been fought securing me within the spear.
In the aftermath of their frenzied lovemaking, Michael raised.
‘In his frenzied determination to maintain the secret, Desi.
huge mobs into frenzied action with effluent theatrical speech.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

whispering frenzies, and already by the morning, the group.
There are sites that are worth studying because they will help you to discern the current frenzies.
The Illustrated Man and all the men and beasts asprawl in frenzies on him now snatched and banged the switch.
As the door squealed wide on its hinges, the voice of the chef could be heard shrieking in frenzies at his cooks.
Public diversions have always been the objects of dread and hatred to all the fanatical promoters of those popular frenzies.
Nearby, the masks, skulls, jackstraw legbones, floating ribs, skull faces of the Phantom had been uprooted and hurled across the stage in frenzies.
He could keep it from her for a little while, but how fucking great if he could be gone and not have’ta see her in another of her frenzies when she did find out.
Every market hiccup seems to trigger what has predictably evolved into wholesale (selling) frenzies under pretexts that (otherwise) appear to validate sporadic selling or profit taking by institutional investors whenever relatively sound (market) economies would (otherwise) dictate staying the course.
It is a frenzy.
The frenzy of.
They act in frenzy.
The frenzy that had.
renewed sense of frenzy.
feeding on the frenzy,.
frenzy, filled with fear.
frenzy for the week begin.
sharks in a feeding frenzy.
At last his frenzy gave out.
in a wild, frustrated frenzy.
and ran to and fro in frenzy.
in a frenzy of fear and dread.
It stirred them into a frenzy.
I watch the frenzy on the screen.
Salaburi was a frenzy of activity.
With the frenzy behind them, the.
The wind’s frenzy was his frenzy.
It threw her thoughts into a frenzy.
finally called a halt to the frenzy.
would send her into a feeding frenzy.
pieces in a short frenzy of violence.
contents of the bottle in wild frenzy.
The media frenzy that ensued in the.
A maddened frenzy lay across his face.
The newspapers are in a feeding frenzy.
I got myself into some kind of frenzy.
Now she flew at him almost in a frenzy.
The bees supplied ample frenzy to the.
He turns to Frenzy and says, Fry her.

Synonyms for frenzied

frantic frenetic frenzied manic