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Frenetic in a sentence

of this frenetic stupidity.
this frenetic pace of activity.
The frenetic mother rushed over and flung the.
sight of Chin’s frenetic activity while he had been asleep.
After another minute of frenetic calls, he suddenly shouted.
wielding frying pans in frenetic arcs above their heads while.
Notice how the 30-day is much more frenetic than the 90-day volatility.

She could hear the din of the crowd; she could feel the frenetic energy.
Frowning as he moved off to pace with frenetic irritation, she began to read.
else in the room as the frenetic pace of their initial coming together kept going.
War’s frenetic pace forced aviation through a growth pattern like a hothouse tomato.
The next six weeks were filled with frenetic activity as the fleet prepared to depart.
Predictably my head was swimming with frenetic thoughts; but then suddenly I got the.
effect of this constant frenetic act of creativity which must surely explode in the endless.
I heard their excited voices again and the frenetic metallic clicking of guns being reloaded.
She shopped with her mother in midtown, battling the crowds but enjoying the frenetic energy.
A price decline is the market’s frenetic, short-term interpretation of the stock’s worth.
In the Lammas Lord’s courtyard, he stood trembling as Gelahn stopped his frenetic pace at last.
I went to bed early but the frenetic activity of my brain subsided only with the use of a tranquilizer.
On her part, she was struck at once by the frenetic atmosphere in the building, which bordered on panic.
She supposed this disoriented feeling would pass once she got used to the chaos and frenetic pace of the city.
The noon hour traffic on Miami's South Beach was frenetic with luxury convertibles and materialistic individuals.
Lea continued with her painting but as the years went by, slowed down considerably from her original, frenetic pace.
Was Thomas Pierce watching us and laughing? He could be the ice-cream man, or anyone else in this frenetic mob scene.
I stood motionless, watching this frenetic activity, and then suddenly he was stalking towards the door, car keys in hand.
There was minimal interference from the leadership which ensured quick decision-making, so crucial in a frenetic election campaign.
Clive House was the scene of frenetic activity from their reception of the announcement forward to the named date of the blessed union.
Now, we were into another general election in the age of private television where dozens of news channels were in frenetic competition.

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Synonyms for frenetic

frantic frenetic frenzied