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Gash in a sentence

The gash wasn’t bad, or deep.
The gash was surface, had to be.
He had a gash across his forehead.
He glanced at the gash in her leg.
That’s quite a gash you’ve got.
There is that gash in your face, ser.
The dark blood spilled out of the gash.

Her leg was broken and she had a gash.
The gash on her head was still bleeding.
The magic blade cut a gash in the bronze.
I can see the horrific gash on your neck.
He found a rag and applied it to the gash.
Didn’t know she had a gash on ‘er head.
The woman winced as the gash became apparent.
A long gash appeared on the back of his hand.
Even after receiving a gash on her head, she.
Jeremy winced in pain from the gash on his face.
The deep gash had congealed not, nor the lines.
Sonja had a gash on her head and it was leaking.
That’s a nasty gash you have on your chest.
She’d opened up a nasty gash that gushed blood.
A picture of an arm with a small red gash appeared.
The man pointed to the gash across Clive’s throat.
A gash in his forehead trickled blood down his face.
The paramedics had to bandage the gash in her head.
He plunged the blade of the hatchet deep into the gash.
The gash on Alex's temple was still wet with fresh blood.
A wide gash corresponded with the ripped leather, a red.
There is a huge gash running down the middle of his palm.
Are you alright? He noticed a small gash on his brow.
It was Alby, flat on his back, a huge gash on his forehead.
He finished and indicated to the ugly red gash on my hand.
His worst problem was a festering wound; a terrifying gash.
A deep gash ran across his chest, but I knew he wasn't dead.
The saw tore into his forearm, leaving a three inch deep gash.
Pig-Killer obeyed effortlessly, leaving behind a ten inch gash.
As Amy stumbled to her feet, she felt a long gash across her cheek.
There was a gash above his right eye, a trickle of red on his cheek.
When he touched it, he felt a gash and a bone elbowing out sideways.
Brokin noticed at once the deep gash that disfigured his scout's head.

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