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Slice in a sentence

Slice it using a wet.
And he cut a huge slice.
Wash, cut of ends, slice.
Slice the top at an angle.
A small slice of the future.
Place one slice of turkey.
Ras was precise in his slice.

Peel, core, and slice apples.
He got the other slice later.
A slice of experience can be.
Thinly slice the celeriac bulb.
String, slice thinly, and steam.
We ordered coffee and a slice.
Wash peel and slice the carrots.
Core, peel and slice the apples.
He ate another slice of orange.
Wouldnt mind a slice of bread.
You took a slice of my reality.
Drain and slice artichoke hearts.
Just a small slice of the breast.
I took a second slice of meatloaf.
Method: Slice beef into thin, 1 in.
Place the slice with corned beef.
She put the slice down and smiled.
But there’s only one slice left.
Nice with a slice of banana as well.
Dig out the long roots, slice, boil.
Within seconds the slice healed over.
A big slice, if not the whole thing.
Hurt myself with a slice of lettuce.
Slice bananans and arrange over glaze.
Tomorrow will show how to slice fish.
Spread mayo on the top slice of the.
Spread mayo on the top slice of bread.
Slice rhubarb thinly and dry in an oven.
Serve with whipped cream and slice of.
Slice into wedges and serve immediately.
He scoffed the rest of the vanilla slice.
A slice of the pie or the whole thing?
Slice the leek, and cut celery into dice.
Cool 5 minutes before slicing.
Of course! No fish, no slicing.
You can also do slicing with negative positions.
Theresa slicing a meatball in half with her fork.
Lena stopped slicing vegetables and closed her eyes.
Pascal handed over three wooden-handled slicing knives.
He began slicing chunks off the remaining piece of stone.
Oleon cut into Onn’s left hand, slicing off two fingers.
When he got sick of slicing up cats and dogs, he started.
Kitchen knives should only be used for slicing and cutting.
Curved swords flashed, severing heads, slicing chests and arms.
Nord launched into motion, slicing and stabbing at the young one.
Her blades began slicing through the air faster than ever before.
He was swallowed by vortexing angular intersections slicing 698.
It bit onto Karit's leg, its serrated beak slicing into his flesh.
Remembering my old master slicing my skin and back as he fucked me.
As neatly as if he were slicing a melon, he slit the man’s throat.
I immediately came back at him from the right, slicing at a diagonal.
I did a slicing motion across my neck at her for asking that question.
One of the Warriors had caught her in the side, slicing into her torso.
You’re not wearing your glasses, I cried, slicing through the.
Tony fell through the barb wire fence, slicing his calf in the process.
Within seconds he had crossed the room and was slicing down at Michael.
I dropped, pulling the barb free and slicing it off with my rear talons.
Helen and cut her clothes off by the simple expedient of slicing up the.
Late in his last lap, there was an abrupt slicing sensation in his ankle.
Taliesin swung his weapon in arching strokes, slicing and maiming at will.
Davidson’s hand, framing it and slicing pale and flat across the bones.
Then all that was left was the creamy white wake slicing through the dark.
She could feel something slicing her heart seeing the two in front of her.
Another of his horde decided to attack, this time slicing my left forearm.
The sound was piercing, like a sliver of glass slicing open Claire’s heart.
The harness wasn’t necessary, so there was no point slicing it to ribbons.
They began slicing heads as the zombies turned their attention to the person.
Looking down, I observed that the huge saw had been slicing through my chest.
Like dicing, slicing is a broad term and generally consists of the following.
Tarak watched as she took out two more neatly slicing thru their mid sections.
The axes crashed back and forth, slicing and gnawing the old, staunch timbers.
He scrambled to his feet, the glass slivers slicing deeper with every movement.
It was sliced in half.
His words sliced my heart.
A chill sliced through me.
Two were sliced and diced.
Her stomach was sliced open.
I asked about sliced fingers.
Man, a sliced finger could hurt.
Matt fried some of the sliced.
He just sliced open my stomach.
Serve the sliced steak with the.
When they pop, add sliced onions.
They sliced through the air and.
You mean sliced loafs love.
He had sliced off one of her toes.
He sliced directly across the lake.
Spear after spear sliced open his.
Something sharp sliced into my back.
A dagger-point sliced his right ear.
His hatchet sliced through the air.
He saw nothing that had been sliced.
A scalpel sliced the alien’s throat.
Something jagged sliced into his arm.
Finally, I want two loaves of sliced.
Top with equal amounts of sliced beef.
He lowered the blade and sliced into her.
These dividends are likely to be sliced.
She sliced the air with her wand, and a.
I cooked the meat, sliced it up as part.
His second blade sliced across her wrist.
He sliced deeply into Tommit’s shoulder.
They swung and sliced, blocked and dodged.
The prospect of having her throat sliced.
Pour half the pudding over the sliced cake.
The ships sliced forward with a faster speed.
What was the best thing before sliced bread?
It burned where she had sliced her hand open.
Pierre fell to his knees as the blade sliced.
Onions for frying should be sliced and floured.
I shrugged it off and sliced its head in half.
The condemnation sliced through internal organs.
Cut into 1/8 inch slices.
Cut the fruit into 8 slices.
Cut each half into 4 slices.
Top with 2 to 3 apple slices.
Two slices of that cake.
Cut tomatoes into thin slices.
Arrange four bacon slices on top.
You got cheese slices last time.
The sixth and seventh slices vanish.
You offer up the last slices of pizza.
In that split moment, the bread slices.
Your laser slices off 1 end to open it.
Garnish with tomato slices and parsley.
Peel carrots and cut into ¼-inch slices.
Put slices of food on a rack/ mat/ tray.
Cut very thick slices of bacon into cubes.
Cut moderately thin slices of white bread.
He might be getting slices at idle level.
Remove the pel and cut into 2 inch slices.
Prepare the bacon slices in a frying pan.
Grilled slices of white bread, scrambled.
Included were small bite size slices of a.
Garnish with thin slices of orange and/or.
And the waiter insisted we have two slices.
Ma moved the thick slices about with a spoon.
Have the eggs hard-boiled, and cut into slices.
It was ham and Swiss cheese on two slices of.
Remove chops and orange slices to a small dish.
Cover the breast with thin slices of salt pork.
He also took two slices of chocolate cream pie.
She placed three slices of bread on each plate.
The forced karga slices set his stomach roaring.
Cut bread slices with heart-shaped cookie cutter.
Now grate or cut into slices and sprinkle with.
The cuts were deep and with no hesitation slices.
Glaze when cool and sprinkle almond slices on top.
Brown the onion slices and remove them from the.
Thoroughly rinse the eggplant slices and pat dry.
In the same pan brown the meat slices briefly on.
Put a few slices of artichoke heart here and there.

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