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Gay in a sentence | gay example sentences

  1. Ah well, a gay boy.
  2. On the useful, gay 'P.
  3. But he wouldn't be gay.
  4. The man was clearly gay.
  5. They all seemed very gay.

  6. I said, ‘Yes, I’m gay.
  7. He can hug the gay person.
  8. I bet I'll have a gay time.
  9. She'd marched with the gay.
  10. This seemed so gay to Blake.
  11. I don’t want to be gay.
  12. His son, I thought he was gay.
  13. Gay hotels in London seem to.
  14. And I can always get very gay.
  15. Gay Odyssey - came out in 2009.

  16. The stage rang with gay song:.
  17. He always gave me the gay vibe.
  18. It’s a gay walk, Doc thought.
  19. I mean, look at the word "gay".
  20. She was gay, like a sweetheart.
  21. No transvestites, no gay jokes.
  22. It was a gay and brilliant fete.
  23. Gay bashing was more his thing.
  24. I know nothing about being gay.
  25. Mixed straight and gay, it had.

  26. These with gay heart I also sing.
  27. I loved her gay and merry moods.
  28. Darryl was gay, lived with his.
  29. And that gay blatting of brass.
  30. He was fine with me being gay.
  31. But I'm gay and always have been.
  32. She’s always thought I was gay.
  33. He didn't care that you were gay.
  34. Could it really have been a gay.
  35. With faded ribbons, brave and gay.
  36. But Jem sprang up with a gay laugh.
  37. Or you’re gay and they’re not.
  38. He was a bluff, coarse gay person.
  39. No gay boy's life should be without.
  40. Not after finding out Paul was gay.
  41. And he hadn‘t admitted he was gay.
  42. It’s not gay if a girl does it.
  43. The other problem is, he’s gay.
  44. No gay couples and no happy endings.
  45. Gay as a lark, I went to dine at Mr.
  46. With gay flow'rets, where are heard.
  47. She was quite excited, and quite gay.
  48. Or the gay ones, replied Kylie.
  49. Why don't you tell him you're gay?
  50. Bossuet was a gay but unlucky fellow.
  51. Anatole left the box, serene and gay.
  52. With gay wreaths of flowers adorning.
  53. We started drinking in a cosy gay bar.
  54. He didn't turn gay and run out of here.
  55. No, I differently thought he was gay.
  56. They had a gay old time while it lasted.
  57. Armand Moncharmin, in the same gay tone.
  58. The gay, the straight, and the confused.
  59. She not only had high spirits and a gay.
  60. They were as gay and sportive as children.
  61. We were both in the Gay Liberation Front.
  62. This was not his idea of a gay nightspot.
  63. Alicia must have mentioned that I was gay.
  64. They were both particularly happy and gay.
  65. Lesbians and gay men yet to be born will.
  66. You must promise to be as gay as possible.
  67. Being gay doesn"t mean they"re interesting.
  68. Sebastian’s her neighbour and he’s gay.
  69. Gay boys had movie cameras just like the.
  70. God told me to think of gay behavior as ok.
  71. Vide Dalton's and Gay Lussac's experiments.
  72. In this manner did I depart for the Gay City.
  73. Oh, hes not gay, at least as far as I know.
  74. I support minority rights (eg gay marriage).
  75. Gay Marriage —An oxymoron, and a nonentity.
  76. One of them is gay and one of them isn't.
  77. I felt light and gay throughout the evening.
  78. There has been much condemnation of gay and.
  79. And washen stones, gay for an hour; the cold.
  80. He was gay, and caressing when he had a mind.
  81. I just always thought he was gay Nan said.
  82. Anne's own winter had been quite gay socially.
  83. And you're the first gay man I've met with a.
  84. Not that we were gay but rather that both of.
  85. Alexander the Great was gay, for God’s sake.
  86. Was Rodney a gay basher? They were everywhere.
  87. I found Miss Westenra in seemingly gay spirits.
  88. It had been purchased by a wealthy gay couple.
  89. I heard a long time ago that Rancid was gay.
  90. I still can't figure out if Ethan's gay or not.
  91. He was a gay dog, who didn't care what he spent.
  92. Ya, but Both references relate to gay sexual.
  93. We decided to visit a gay bar that was new to me.
  94. I wonder what happened to Gay, Eddie asked.
  95. So, you’re saying that I might be gay?
  96. Straight or gay, this guy is hard not to admire.
  97. I don’t think Isaac is gay, Rancid said.
  98. You know Dominic's a good player and he's a gay.
  99. This chap is laying the Rosabelle and she is gay.
  100. Fact is – I could have sworn that he was gay.

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