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Fine in a sentence | fine example sentences

  1. He is a fine boy.
  2. It was fine by me.
  3. You did a fine job.
  4. So far she is fine.
  5. It was a fine bear.

  6. He said he was fine.
  7. It will all be fine.
  8. A fine mess this is.
  9. He was a fine horse.
  10. But his leg is fine.
  11. I said, that was fine.
  12. It is a fine child.
  13. It was fine back in.
  14. Isn't it a fine room.
  15. You look fine to me.

  16. The cat will be fine.
  17. You have a fine cook.
  18. Belief in God is fine.
  19. His face was so fine.
  20. Oh, no, no, it's fine.
  21. It was a fine line I.
  22. That was fine with me.
  23. The hotel had a fine.
  24. She looked fine to me.
  25. That is fine to feel.

  26. Kind sir, I am fine.
  27. Which I was fine with.
  28. That was fine with her.
  29. She's going to be fine.
  30. I told Ben it was fine.
  31. No, no, Ill be fine.
  32. I decided that was fine.
  33. That was a fine shot.
  34. He held up a fine hen.
  35. Fine, thank you, Keith.
  36. You’re doing fine.
  37. It's fine with me, Mr.
  38. The elves will be fine.
  39. Oh, she did a fine job.
  40. You that all is fine,.
  1. The fining of corporations is just a strong.
  2. Hoffman, I’m fining you eight hundred dollars.
  3. Just fining the obese will not cut it for this guy.
  4. Then commenced the customary proceeding; calling of the jurymen, fining the absent ones, listening to the claims of exemption from jury duty and filling the panel from a number of reserves.
  1. You will be fined and jailed.
  2. He was found guilty and fined.
  3. Thus, the business was fined.
  4. Like a fined tuned watch, major.
  5. The electrician was blamed and fined.
  6. You were fined for it and jailed for it.
  7. Army Corps of Engineers fined a Minnesota farmer.
  8. The company was fined by our fearless regulators.
  9. Having fined him, the Corps made him dig the fill out.
  10. I got the truth out any way, and the SP was fined $15m.
  11. No matter how corrupt you are: you cannot be jailed or fined.
  12. And anyone who tries to own property will be jailed and fined.
  13. Not having repeated them, through negligence, I should be fined.
  14. A week later when Sebastian came up for trial he was fined ten pounds.
  15. If they did not, they were brought back, fined, imprisoned, and disgraced.
  16. The NYSE itself was even fined millions of dollars by the SEC for failing to.
  17. Fannie Mae was fined $134 million for their fraudulent activity but no one was.
  18. When she had to quit work to give berth to their first child she would not be fined.
  19. Of course Securitas company-cars wouldn't usually get fined - they were always in a hurry.
  20. Payments made after the said date will be credited, but will also be fined a lateness fee.
  21. Those engaged in negative behaviour will be singled out, pressurized, condemned, fined, jailed.
  22. Most vampires don’t wear the bracelet but if they are found without the card, they can be fined.
  23. For that, Deaver was sentenced to three years’ probation and fined one hundred thousand dollars.
  24. Let’s not forget that 78 defendants in this data set were scalded and then fined or sent to prison.
  25. Luckily while I was being fined one of the boys managed to snap a couple of pics to run with the blog.
  26. The Chief Of Police heavily fined him too, and returned him to his cruel and unforgiving prison cell.
  27. It won’t be long before Jeremiah and the Dixon clan fined a way to make good on their gold mine windfall.
  28. The Chief Of Police fined the family, and injunctions were issued forbidding the family to go onto Roger’s land.
  29. They fined her! Plus after the police questioned Diane D, her mom took her into another room and closed the door.
  30. Even if her cross was stricken, even if she was fined, she had turned a blowtorch on Candace Martin’s cool demeanor.
  31. It was another expense that neither of them could afford, but coughing up now, would be a lot cheaper than being fined.
  32. When the peasants went into court, and had each other fined and imprisoned, it did not soften their hearts in the least.
  33. People who did not vote, were to be fined one ducit to go towards council expenses, namely for the councilors themselves.
  34. The judge fined him, and Broward responded by threatening to kill the judge, rape his wife, and suffocate their children.
  35. Scooter Libby was fined and sent to jail, but the real higher-ups behind the fiasco managed to escape any fines or prison time.
  36. These men are fined, and false reasons are ascribed for their refusal, the true ones meanwhile remaining hidden from the public.
  37. These men are fined, without being allowed publicly to express the motives of their refusal, and others are put in their places.
  38. Of course I knew very well that no superior would ever receive the money we were fined, it was destined just for the two of them.
  39. Mulcaster had kept silent about his grievance; he and I were admonished and fined five shillings each and fifteen shillings costs.
  40. Before Napoleon’s Civil Code: they were free to do one thousand things without being subject to arrest, fined, jailed and executed.
  41. As far as the corporations, they have no taxes to pay, but if they fail to follow a regulation, they will be fined – quite heavily.
  42. On too many occasions, companies and individuals have been at fault and fined for their transgressions, and yet few if any one did jail time.
  43. Some fifty years ago, in my country, male homosexuals were prosecuted, and after having been declared guilty of crime, were fined and sentenced to jail.
  44. Squirrels chattering in cages! A trouble unit arrived, triangulated on me instantly, had me reprimanded, fined, and home, minus my diathermy machine, in jig time.
  45. Prescott was a persistent Nazi supporter who came back time and time again after being shut down and fined to continue this crime 9 times after having his wrist slapped.
  46. Why is a rat more important that preventing fires? A Taiwanese immigrant farmer was arrested for running over a kangaroo rat while tilling his own land and fined $200,000.
  47. These are jobs that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place and I firmly believe that those who are responsible for the polluting should do the cleanup, besides being fined.
  48. Some of these men are sent to the lunatic asylum, some are enrolled as clerks and transferred to Siberia, some are sent to work in the forests, some are sent to prison, some are fined.
  49. Vice pounded his gavel, a hammer, on the table and said that Captain Bannister was fined one glass of wine in that he had not asked permission of the President of the Mess to be seated.
  50. Some of these men are confined in the insane hospitals, some are appointed military clerks and sent to serve in Siberia, some are made foresters, others are thrown into prison, others are fined.
  51. What I saw was what I had seen for years around Hollywood, a man lean as whipcord and leather; hard riding, tennis every day, swimming, yachting, and mountain climbing had fined him down to this.
  52. Some of these men are sent to insane asylums, others are enlisted as scribes and are transferred to service in Siberia, others are made to serve in the forestry department, others are locked up in prisons, and others are fined.
  53. For a split second, I thought about making an issue about the fact that I was selling rather too few records and that was the point of the publicity stunt, but I decided that it was probably prudent to let it pass, and he fined me £5.
  54. Thus an officer of reserve, who did not report his change of residence, and justified this on the ground that he would not serve in the army any longer, was fined thirty rubles for non-compliance with the orders of the superior authority.
  55. I had to respond in an instant; either I stayed and took my chances hoping for a merciful and understanding officer; stayed and got bitched out and then was handed a hefty fine, fined and taken to jail, or I could run away and hope to lose the officer.
  56. It was, however, made manifest, that Mrs Fenton had offended the law, in so much, as her flags had not been swept that morning; and therefore, to appease the offended delicacy of Miss Peggy, who was a most respectable lady in single life, I fined the delinquent five shillings.
  57. For instance, an officer of the reserve recently failed to give information of the place of his residence, and declined to serve further in the army; he was fined thirty roubles for disobeying the orders of the authorities,—and this he declined to pay, except under compulsion.
  58. The wily priest always has a pre-selected victim named in the silent revelation; one who is either rich or unpopular, and though the dead man has probably died of colic and stomach-ache, the culprit may be put to death for witchcraft, or heavily fined, whichever is deemed expedient.
  59. Thus an officer of the reserve, who did not keep the authorities informed of his residence and who declared that he would not again serve as a military man, was lately, for not fulfilling the commands of the authorities, fined thirty roubles, which, too, he refused to pay voluntarily.
  60. There is a narrow archway between the bed sitting room and the kitchenette, evidence that there used to be two rooms, the front one of which, the bigger room with the large sash window, looks out over parked cars and signs warning dog owners that they can be fined if their animals soil the pavement.
  61. There was a bit of a river there, and one of the chaps got so drunk that he went orf his onion and jumped into the water, and when they got him out the village policeman locked him up, and the next day he was took before the beak and fined two pounds or a month's hard labour for trying to commit suicide.
  62. Out of curiosity I asked the driver: Why is it that in such a disciplined and fined society as this, people sell stolen items openly and with impunity? His answer that they do it for benevolent purposes did not really convince me, but I had no other choice than to accept it with reserved doubts.
  63. But think about this—if one can get fined for public nudity and indecent exposure by urinating in public, what harm would it do to allow localities to issue misdemeanor fines for a range of behaviors considered by a reasonable person to be indecent? That is probably the best we can do here, but it does mean that communities who strongly believe in sex and sexuality as a private matter can fine those who go outside the line.
  64. The Speaker presented a memorial of Matthew Lyon, of Kentucky, stating that, whilst a member of the House of Representatives of the United States, from the State of Vermont, he was illegally tried and found guilty, under a charge of sedition, and fined the sum of one thousand dollars, and imprisoned twelve months, and praying that the said fine may be repaid, with interest, together with his pay as a member of Congress, which was withheld during his confinement.
  65. Dana's family is outrage! They try to file harassment charges back against Kathy for harassing Missy in the past, which caused Dana's assaults in the first place! The courts say that they had already charged Kathy before when Dana was sent to prison! The courts say that they had charged Kathy with harassment and had fined her! Dana's family is all still outraged! Dana continues to lose her cool as her family and her friends grab on to her, trying to calm her down! Kathy, Raymond and Julie look on nervously as Dana's family and friends all hold on to Dana very tightly, trying to comfort her and control her temper! Dana's family calms her down for a while.
  66. Sir, should we refuse an inquiry into this case, when we know that the fine of James Thompson Callender, for one of the most atrocious libels ever written in the United States, was remitted? When we know that it was remitted by the President of the United States, after the money had been received by the proper receiving officer of the United States, when it had passed out of the hands of James Thompson Callender into the hands of the officer of Government, and was, to all intents and purposes, in the Treasury of the United States, because there is no such thing as a treasury in which money is actually deposited—for a libel, too, in which the great Father of his Country was treated with a shameless indignity, which could not but have gone to the heart of every man? When the President of the United States was in that libel called a hoary-headed incendiary, should that fine be returned, and shall a gentleman in this House be fined and imprisoned for that which was not even improper? Shall we not restore to him that which others have been suffered to retain, and for which we have not brought to question him who restored it after it was in possession of the receiving officer of the United States—in fact, after it was in the Treasury? Let us not be guilty of this inconsistency.
  1. In addition to fines and.
  2. Master Baret had paid the fines.
  3. It will come from fines collected.
  4. That slave works to pay off the fines.
  5. That way if you didn’t collect fines.
  6. Part of those fines can go to the victims.
  7. They paid a few small fines, and that assuaged.
  8. In the case of the former, fines are levied 153.
  9. Proceeds of justice – fees and fines from courts.
  10. There are plenty of people who remember the fines.
  11. Not to mention losing what we have to enormous fines.
  12. My client owes the county about $200 in fines and fees.
  13. Imposing fines for violation of these defaults without exception.
  14. His total fines and court costs were $175, money he did not have.
  15. If they are caught a second time, the fines are vastly increased.
  16. Anyone breaking the law forfeited their ship and also faced huge fines.
  17. As could be expected, a fundraising drive was launched to pay the fines.
  18. Why? They could pay off his fines in one month and he’s out of jail.
  19. I was paying thousands of dollars in fines for a weapon of mass destruction.
  20. Drivers who failed the sobriety tests were subjected to hearings and fines.
  21. You imposed fines upon them if they didn’t help return your runaway slaves.
  22. When Stocky was dragged before the judge again, more fines and fees were added.
  23. Most Klansmen were not convicted, and those that were got small sentences or fines.
  24. For the second offense, the same is required with higher fines – appreciably higher.
  25. Alric watched her, It’s a barbaric practice where fines are paid by giving a slave.
  26. The problem with it (aside from the governmental restrictions and associated fines) is.
  27. What if I will never be one of the “greats”? What if I’m only one of the “fines”?
  28. Gordon tens of millions of dollars to fix the building in addition to civil and criminal fines.
  29. Fines aren’t out of the question and there’s room in the jail for CEOs who don’t cooperate.
  30. Here you won’t have problems with copyright infringement and the fol owing penalties and fines.
  31. Confiscation of property, higher taxes, fines for suspected women-I’ve heard them all suggested.
  32. They’ll be warned and if it happens again, they still have to do remediation along with even stiffer fines.
  33. Large fines would be imposed on anyone camping in the forest, or lighting fires except in the places provided.
  34. The third offense results in outrageously higher fines, a shut down of the business and jail time for the offenders.
  35. Duplicates of all the unique and rare volumes, limitless duplicates! And no risking fines or prison for owning them.
  36. Any business that dumps poisons into rivers or lakes has to pay for the cleanup and come up with the cash for fines.
  37. First time offenders may often avoid jail time, and receive fines, community service, or other alternative sentences.
  38. All state obligations, payment of taxes, fulfillment of state duties, and submission to punishments, exile, fines, etc.
  39. Marion, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill for the remission of certain fines and penalties.
  40. The Russian government was later reported to have levied heavy fines upon the violators (Reuters News Service, 7 August 1999).
  41. Scooter Libby was fined and sent to jail, but the real higher-ups behind the fiasco managed to escape any fines or prison time.
  42. This is not America when banks and Wall Street cause economic collapses and no one pays any fines or suffers any time in jail.
  43. I got fines of $12m and $15m, respectively, imposed on them for blocking grade level crossings parallel to Grand Avenue (the U.
  44. My seneschal often has to slap fines on owners of cook shops who serve bad food or defraud their customers by overcharging them.
  45. I must levy the fines in this timeline, of course, but I'm quite sure the alternate Camerons will do the same in their timelines.
  46. The hugging of hoodies and cash point fines are signs of a soft underbelly, of the yellow streak running through the modern world.
  47. The jails are almost empty as minor offenses are repaid as fines or community service and serious offenses are dealt with severely.
  48. The Coast Guard developed shipboard firefighting and prevention strategies, enforced legal sanctions and imposed fines on polluters.
  49. EPA imposed $600,000 in fines and legal fees on another subsidiary of the Marmon Group for failing to fill out a federal form, even.
  50. The jails were almost empty as minor offenses were repaid as fines or community service and serious offenses were dealt with severely.
  51. Although most of these cases involve cease and desist orders, some states have assessed fines and are contemplating stiffer penalties.
  52. You see, there were no charges ever filed against Terence Underwood; he was never punished, and there were no fines levied against him.
  53. Those who were found to overcharge visiting pilgrims, especially the old and feeble ones, where then subjected to heavy fines and back taxes.
  54. If you violate the building codes, the local authorities can force you to replace the offending cable and possibly make you pay fines as well.
  55. Then they patrolled Alexandria Bay and slapped fines and convictions on nude males—not females of course; and that was the end of innocence.
  56. The post was lucrative, the salary usefully supplemented by gifts, bribes, and percentages skimmed off the top of fines and forfeited bail money.
  57. Assuming you could avoid running afoul of the law, or assuming at least that the fines didn’t cut too deeply into profits; you could do anything.
  58. If any corporation pollutes the air, land, rivers, lakes and oceans, they have to pay for cleanup, make sure that it’s accomplished and pay fines.
  59. While vandalism may be considered "art" by some, it is nonetheless a crime against property that is punishable by jail time, monetary fines, or both.
  60. It was totally banned throughout all jurisdictions in Australia and anyone caught possessing one was subject to heavy fines and possible imprisonment.
  61. Make fines for not meeting safety standards too large to be treated by the parent company as cost of doing business, so they’ll fix the safety problems.
  62. All the requisitions of the State, such as the payment of taxes and the fulfilment of public duties, the submission to penalties in the form of exile, fines, etc.
  63. He tries to remember; speeding tickets, unpaid fines, tax fraud, anything that might shut out the possibility of a name other than his daughter’s being mentioned.
  64. Considering they had served their time, paid their fines, completed parole and paid taxes, didn’t they deserve the right to full citizenship like the rest of us?
  65. Alleged pollution violators, ships officers, and associated corporations can be subjected to Coast Guard hearings, fines, and clean-up costs (Search On…, 1980).
  66. I didn’t know then that Poland didn’t have very strict advertising laws and the kind of practices that would have attracted big fines in the UK were perfectly legal there.
  67. That act mandated that anyone in any state that encountered a runaway slave was obligated to take action to return the slave to his owner or face heavy fines and imprisonment.
  68. As an forensic law expert I can tell you that legally any bank caught with money laundering will face severe (hundreds of millions) in fines and (we hope) a few banksters in jail.
  69. A court will take the factors listed above into consideration - but the penalties may include fines, termination of parental rights, supervised access to the child, and jail time.
  70. As far as where to get the money for the watchdogs, it comes from the fines that companies will have to pay, which may be sufficient to hire even more of these environmental police.
  71. I had not witnessed one, but I understand most of the accused are reconciled, admit their sins, and are variously punished with fines, imprisonment, wearing distinctive clothing, and such.
  72. He ranted on about us living in a police state where everyone had to be punished like little children and that speeding fines was all about the government grabbing money off poor buggers like himself.
  73. Somewhere between 500,000 and 800,000 people were killed in these purges, though the rich capitalists usually had to pay crippling fines: Their money was much more useful to the regime than their deaths.
  74. You do want your ten thousand dollars back, dont you Mum? David asked, trying his best to make me feel better when most of my family was now facing the prospect of lengthy jail sentences and stiff fines.
  75. Sir, if I understand that amendment, it went to suspend the whole restrictive system, except the third section of the law of May last, which saves fines and forfeitures incurred under our various restrictions.
  76. Colling was hoping that the conversation would not go on, but the NKVD man was encouraged by the girls’ response, and after responding to their question with, “I am fines, too,” asked, “What is names, please?”.
  77. In Julie’s set, as in many other circles in Moscow, it had been agreed that they would speak nothing but Russian and that those who made a slip and spoke French should pay fines to the Committee of Voluntary Contributions.
  78. When spills occur, the Coast Guard, in cooperation with other government agencies and private companies, is involved in clean-up operations, investigates the source of the pollution, holds hearings, and levies fines on violators.
  79. This bill only goes so far as to remit all fines and penalties incurred by the captains of vessels, and release the property which would otherwise be condemned, and relieve the perfectly innocent merchants who would otherwise suffer.
  80. But it is revealed that the other fellow was worth a million dollars, he laughs at the fine, reaches into his pocket and brings forth a roll of bills that would pay a thousand such fines, pays his penalty and goes on his way rejoicing.
  81. Bardi McLennan, my secretary, scoured the libraries for books, paid overdue fines when I was ashamed to show my face, practically memorized the Oxford English Dictionary checking archaic word usage, and typed the manuscript more times than I can say.
  82. But the directors of a regulated company, having the management of no common capital, have no other fund to employ in this way, but the casual revenue arising from the admission fines, and from the corporation duties imposed upon the trade of the company.
  83. The Department of Health and Human Services, in coordination with state insurance commissioners, should develop a model state law for implementing the MHPAEA that should include guidance on disclosure, what constitutes MHPAEA compliance, and fines for noncompliance.
  84. It was such a change from the constant stress of her life in LA, running back and forth from one place to another, dodging parking fines, struggling to pay her rent, trying to stay one step ahead of constant jetlag, all while keeping her horny passengers’ hands off her.
  85. By rendering the tax upon such fines a good deal heavier than upon the ordinary rent, this hurtful practice might be discouraged, to the no small advantage of all the different parties concerned, of the landlord, of the tenant, of the sovereign, and of the whole community.
  86. Raymond understood at once what Arntern meant by his polite use of the word ‘irregularities’: it was common around the kingdom for men-at-arms in charge of watch patrols to abuse their powers by levying so-called fines under flimsy pretexts, in order to fatten their purses.
  87. To some who remained after the aspect of the affairs of the country was changed, mercy was extended by the United States; but to those whose prosecutions and convictions were of an earlier date, lenity was not extended; they were compelled to pay their fines before they could be relieved from imprisonment.
  88. Attorney Anderson’s press conference announcing that all of those arrested would be charged only with harboring fugitives and, in return for guilty pleas, his office would request fines and suspended jail sentences, went a long way toward defusing what had the potential to be an explosive situation in Massachusetts.
  89. But think about this—if one can get fined for public nudity and indecent exposure by urinating in public, what harm would it do to allow localities to issue misdemeanor fines for a range of behaviors considered by a reasonable person to be indecent? That is probably the best we can do here, but it does mean that communities who strongly believe in sex and sexuality as a private matter can fine those who go outside the line.
  90. But new occasions call for new laws; the side pavement, concentrating the people, required to be kept cleaner, and in better order, than when the whole width of the street was in use; so that the magistrates were constrained to make regulations concerning the same, and to enact fines and penalties against those who neglected to scrape and wash the plainstones forenent their houses, and to denounce, in the strictest terms, the emptying of improper utensils on the same; and this, until the people had grown into the habitude of attending to the rules, gave rise to many pleas, and contentious appeals and bickerings, before the magistrates.
  91. A man of the present day, whether he believes in the divinity of Christ or not, cannot fail to see that to assist in the capacity of tzar, minister, governor, or commissioner in taking from a poor family its last cow for taxes to be spent on cannons, or on the pay and pensions of idle officials, who live in luxury and are worse than useless; or in putting into prison some man we have ourselves corrupted, and throwing his family on the streets; or in plundering and butchering in war; or in inculcating savage and idolatrous superstitions in the place of the law of Christ; or in impounding the cow found on one's land, though it belongs to a man who has no land; or to cheat the workman in a factory, by imposing fines for accidentally spoiled articles; or making a poor man pay double the value for anything simply because he is in the direst poverty;—not a man of the present day can fail to know that all these actions are base and disgraceful, and that they need not do them.
  92. The Israelis occupy land taken by force of arms in the face of UN resolutions; North Korea sells nuclear weapons to rogue states; Iran and Syria arm the Hezbollah in defiance of world opinion; the Russians are planting flags at the North Pole contrary to international treaties; the Faroese are catching 10 times the agreed sustainable fishing quota; the Pakistanis are cheating at cricket to allow betting fraud; the Zimbabweans are seizing farms and giving them to government cronies; the US imprisons “foreign combatants” in Guantanamo Bay without any rights under US law or the Geneva convention; Greek workers riot on the streets until they get what they want; the French Government refuses to pay EU fines for breaking the rules they themselves set; terrorists blow up innocent civilians and end up in the government of Northern Ireland; the Australians criticise the Japanese for killing whales “for scientific research”, because they are “sentient beings”, but shoot kangaroos as pests.
  93. Imposing fines for violation of the animal protection act not only on foreigners,.
  94. The issuance of violation notices by Coast Guard boarding officers to vessel owners involved the levy of proportional fines, pending the option of boater-requested hearings (Coast Guard…Ticketing…,.
  95. Was the push an all-out effort to get the carbon fines and sanctions going by the time the sun-earth cycle began its cooling phase in order to be in a position to take credit for the drop in temperature? Said another way, without a global taxing body in operation, when the cooling started, this political movement would suffer and possibly die, bringing about some other income redistribution scheme,.

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