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    1. He doubted the gentility of

    2. The Hotel was Paddington passing itself off as Bayswater; a residence of faded gentility and chintz curtains

    3. His Five Great Relationships were: kindness in the father, filial piety in the son; gentility in the eldest brother, humility and respect in the younger; righteous behavior in the husband, obedience in the wife; humane consideration in elders, deference in juniors; and benevolence in rulers, loyalty in ministers and subjects

    4. gentility of a breeze of which the girl had never before known

    5. "Gentility is the sole barrier, I expect really, between me and excess

    6. Perhaps he had daughters growing up like that, "looking like ladies and refined" with pretensions to gentility and smartness

    7. whose tolerable gentility even, she could have no proof; for the assurances of her husband and mother on that subject went for nothing at all

    8. in his form, he had an air of neatness and gentility, certain smartness in

    9. For the customary attentions of your Marquis of Montcalm—I warrant me, Duncan, that he of Lothian would buy a dozen such marquisates—but if the news of the letter were bad, the gentility of this French monsieur would certainly compel him to let us know it

    10. Truly it was impossible to dissociate her presence from all those wretched hankerings after money and gentility that had disturbed my boyhood,—from all those ill-regulated aspirations that had first made me ashamed of home and Joe,—from all those visions that had raised her face in the glowing fire, struck it out of the iron on the anvil, extracted it from the darkness of night to look in at the wooden window of the forge, and flit away

    11. Between them, they taught her all that a gentlewoman should know, but she learned only the outward signs of gentility

    12. Harsh contact with the red earth of Tara had stripped gentility from her and she knew she would never feel like a lady again until her table was weighted with silver and crystal black hands and not white took the cotton from Tara

    13. All her life she had heard sneers hurled at the Yankees because their pretensions to gentility were based on wealth, not breeding

    14. bitter for the brave gentility with which they were borne, all the more pinching for the Behind the shabby doors of the old houses, poverty and hunger lived—all the more

    15. It suggested more gentility than the area deserved

    16. oppressive to his heart, or to his conscience, or to his gentility

    17. "And had he married the valiant matron's daughter, as he promised?" asked Angel Clare absently, as he turned over the newspaper he was reading at the little table to which he was always banished by Mrs Crick, in her sense of his gentility

    18. From that direction of gentility Black Care had come

    19. Tom looked at his legs, but left it uncertain whether he preferred his moral advantages to a more vicious length of limb and reprehensible gentility of trouser

    20. His being a clergyman would be only for gentility's sake, and I think there is nothing more contemptible than such imbecile gentility

    21. " He had, moreover, that sort of high-breeding which consists in being free from the petty solicitudes of middle-class gentility, and he was a great critic of feminine charms

    22. Gentility and manners, these were only illusions

    23. Their engagements at Exeter instantly gave way before such an invitation, and Lady Middleton was thrown into no little alarm on the return of Sir John, by hearing that she was very soon to receive a visit from two girls whom she had never seen in her life, and of whose elegance, whose tolerable gentility even, she could have no proof; for the assurances of her husband and mother on that subject went for nothing at all

    24. Next, having remarked that, though not a master of eloquence, he had always considered that obligations of gentility obliged him to have with me a clear and outspoken explanation, he went on to say that he sought my hand in marriage; that he looked upon it as a duty to restore to me my honour; that he could offer me riches; that, after marriage, he would take me to his country seat in the Steppes, where we would hunt hares; that he intended never to visit St

    25. In brief there was every appearance of gentility on straitened means

    26. Tolstoy will certainly treat that side of his reputation with the severity it deserves; and you will find that the English press will instantly announce that Tolstoy considers his own works greater than Shakespeare's (which in some respects they most certainly are, by the way), and that he has attempted to stigmatize our greatest poet as a liar, a thief, a forger, a murderer, an incendiary, a drunkard, a libertine, a fool, a madman, a coward, a vagabond, and even a man of questionable gentility

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    elegance by virtue of fineness of manner and expression