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  1. There are males for breeding.
  2. No reports of breeding in the.
  3. Humans began a process of breeding.
  4. Watch over Jasmine, she’s breeding.
  5. The breeding of sheep that are less.

  6. April is the cruelest month, breeding.
  7. They are breeding, anyone can see that.
  8. His jaw dropped along with his breeding.
  9. And our breeding programs have been so.
  10. Breeding faster than Neanderthals could.
  11. Later it was breeding rabbits, and magic.
  12. At the breeding grounds, they will again.
  13. Breeding can occur at any time of the year.
  14. Breeding sows that move less gain weight.
  15. Type Breeding in the Wild in the first row.

  16. This encouraged the breeding of power and.
  18. One looks after feeding; breeding, and so on.
  19. Most of their breeding stock had been killed.
  20. The problem came about because of a breeding.
  21. We govern because our breeding gives us the.
  22. But when you set up breeding limitations, it is.
  23. It is not with one of your cast of breeding and.
  24. And all men of breeding, you know, poets, men of.
  25. Most dogs of breeding age on the streets are the.

  26. The 20th century saw an increase in horse breeding.
  27. That’s not important unless you’re breeding.
  28. If you're really interested in breeding this fish.
  29. Bitches in puppy mills are really breeding machines.
  30. But he’s a queer fish, and quite without breeding.
  31. The anchor icon is now next to Breeding in the Wild.
  32. The dogs that are chosen for continued breeding have.
  33. Breeding bitches are almost always overworked, often.
  34. Over two thirds of the 6 million breeding sows in the.
  35. Breeding roosters live their lives in a state of hunger.
  36. Not much info on actual breeding attempts in the home.
  37. Will you be still? I thought you had better breeding.
  38. During breeding periods, hens tend to intake more water.
  39. To sneer at his imperfect attempt was very bad breeding.
  40. They are breeding ignorance by imparting half knowledge.
  41. And all men of breeding, you know, poets, men of property.
  42. That meant she’d have to scale down her breeding program.
  43. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Forms pairs, egg guarder.
  44. Puppy mill breeding bitches are often the dogs that suffer.
  45. Select the Breeding in the Wild text in the unordered list.
  46. After she was returned to the breeding shed, my mother did.
  47. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Open water egg scatterers.
  48. This breeding style can be quite difficult for breeders to.
  49. He has concerns over her breeding wolves and not being mated.
  50. Nice roomy cages, fattening food, careful breeding, no worry.
  51. That meant fertilization and breeding that would have to done.
  52. I have bedded women with far more grace and breeding than she.
  53. The feed for licensing a pure bread animal for breeding is more.
  54. Condy Anemone Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Asexual breeders.
  55. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : These are egg-guarders/nesters.
  56. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Difficult to breed in captivity.
  57. The valuable breeding stock was sold off to an operation in Arizona.
  58. All this wil serve is to create a breeding ground for.
  59. His weakened condition was a perfect breeding ground for infection.
  60. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Both asexual and sexual breeders.
  61. I was involved in breeding, training and showing donkeys until 2009.
  62. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Has not been bred in the aquarium.
  63. It is a Society to Promote the Breeding of Pure-Bred Russian Hounds.
  64. Valdeolivas with £915 for breeding Platanito for the Toro de la Vega.
  65. Registration Body for Breeding and Showing Cats in the United Kingdom.
  66. Because of the selective breeding thing? I ask, and Eugene nods.
  67. The French Andre would raise his escargot in snail breeding buildings.
  68. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Very difficult to breed in captivity.
  69. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Not very common in the home aquarium.
  70. After years when nobody had done anything to stop the breeding and the.
  71. Stavrogin, though it turns out to be nothing but your want of breeding.
  72. Still though, during the breeding process, they were controlled by the.
  73. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Sometimes bred in saltwater reef tanks.
  74. Supports its members in the breeding and conservation of aviary held birds.
  75. Mules are sterile, no point in keeping him for breeding, she shrugged.
  76. Licences for breeding hounds and mandatory castration of dogs that are not.
  77. She is a human being, not a breeding sow; it’s about time she act as such.
  78. Clown Tang Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Has not been bred in captivity.
  79. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : They have reproduced in the home aquarium.
  80. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Not sure if it's been bred in the aquarium.
  81. The society is devoted exclusively to the breeding, care and conservation of.
  82. But this was how the Kelvans were doing it, and they would keep breeding and.
  83. Breeding them for the domestic virtues of stupidity, conformity and cowardice.
  84. The males are smaller than the females and seem to exist only for breeding.
  85. In the selection of specimens for breeding, care should be taken to avoid the.
  86. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : This fish has been bred in the home aquarium.
  87. There are a few stressful periods in a bird’s life, like breeding and showing.
  88. These larger populations became breeding grounds for even more tool innovation.
  89. Apparently they have a hatching ground in the area and they are breeding again.
  90. They are breeding grounds of explosive rot and rage and unhappiness and misery.
  91. Breeding Kelvans in human form that could access and use the technology without.
  92. Their Healer can cast pregnancy controls if breeding is not desired at that time.
  93. Surely you are not crying, too? You should show less feeling and better breeding.
  94. Those breeding pairs must be given back to the communal herd as soon as possible.
  95. I mean, sometimes after breeding the livestock it was more than a little messy.
  96. Breeders are breeding this fish in captivity which should (hopefully) lower this.
  97. It is a delicious cycle of profitable trading breeding further profitable trading.
  98. Here there were hundreds of incubators breeding real test tube babies to full term.
  99. Sees Through Night then said, The breeding herds of cows are a different matter.
  100. I have no intention of being reduced to breeding stock in a human husbandry program.
  1. He was bred among the people.
  2. It has been bred in captivity.
  3. This knowledge bred more anxiety.
  4. They were born and bred to fight.
  5. They have been bred in aquariums.
  6. These dogs were originally bred.
  7. They’d been earnestly bred to.
  8. I am a Newlander born and bred.
  9. I guess that bred some bitterness.
  10. If bred and raised properly they.
  11. Upon the Don's broad pastures bred.
  12. The Shih-Tzu was purposely bred to.
  13. In addition, they’ve been bred to.
  14. He even bred horses for harness racing.
  15. Born and bred in a briar patch, Brer Fox.
  16. He stood alone, adoring the new one bred.
  17. This dog has been bred to have a special.
  18. It is what they are born and bred to do.
  19. She is born and bred to serve royal blood.
  20. This dog was bred to restrain and/or knock.
  21. Born and bred in the county, he replied.
  22. In addition, the Romans ate and bred pigeons.
  23. This mutation can be bred into any body color.
  24. The contempt bred by censorship, secrecy and.
  25. The ancestors of this dog were first bred by.
  26. The PWC was bred from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
  27. Nowadays, tens of thousands of galgos are bred.
  28. These creatures were born and bred to obedience.
  29. They spread once again and their ancestors bred.
  30. Most pure bred Leftists are not well coordinated.
  31. Things went wrong when cousins bred with cousins.
  32. Soon after, Kikawada, ironically born and bred in.
  33. Fox hounds are bred to have incredible stamina and.
  34. A rotten cheese reviling the maggots it has bred!.
  35. The Maltese was bred to be a companion but may be.
  36. Could be Idaho born and bred, but probably wasn’t.
  37. The BBD was originally bred for bull baiting; it was.
  38. It was bred and used for speed, chasing and hunting.
  39. He was born and bred into this lifestyle, I wasn’t.
  40. Roman education bred an unheard-of and stolid loyalty.
  41. After the Civil War the Red Foxhounds were bred with.
  42. MFTs have been bred in Australia since the 19th century.
  43. Her mother was a Schwabb lady whose family bred horses.
  44. Because they were bred as indoor watchdogs in Buddhist.
  45. In ancient China, the Pekingese was bred to resemble a.
  46. The Shih-Tzu is an old breed of dog from China bred by.
  47. I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
  48. And then, there are the ones who’ve been bred as pets.
  49. This dog was bred to hunt bear, boar, and other wild game.
  50. The Newfoundland (Newfies or News), originally bred as a.
  51. How well bred! it eats the top of the slice of bread and.
  52. In fact, I’m ill bred enough They are your children’s.
  53. Jindos were initially bred to hunt badgers, rabbits, wild.
  54. The Yorkie was bred in England during the 19th century by.
  55. They have been bred in captivity although it is extremely.
  56. The AFH was bred to move about and run; hence it is a very.
  57. A healthy, properly bred and raised Tosa Inu can be a good.
  58. Sandwich? Ham and his descendants musterred and bred there.
  59. The forefathers of the modern day Tosa Inu were first bred.
  60. They were bred by our sisters, the sisters who gave us life.
  61. The Weimeraner was bred by Noblemen of the Weimer court who.
  62. Turkeys for consumption have been bred to have large breast.
  63. A bred and born Southie, he was blue collar and he was Irish.
  64. They’ve shown longevity can be bred in and out of a species.
  65. Some of them had cross bred with those mighty Saxon Nephilim.
  66. Count of Monte Cristo was by no means a highly bred gentleman.
  67. Born and bred there, but when I got interested in survival.
  68. It's not the animal's fault; we've bred them to be that way.
  69. A most unnatural attraction bred in a time of misery and loss.
  70. Bru preferred the Vonder Bred Bunz from a local variety store.
  71. With new people It was ill bred and Yankeefied to hurry.
  72. Like the Mastiff breeds, this dog was bred to hold big game at.
  73. She was really too a gentlewoman born and bred, but through a.
  74. This sight-hound was bred to hunt rabbits in the rocky terrain.
  75. I truly felt as if I had been bred for this moment, for their kill.
  76. Chinese and Japanese are one race born and bred in spirit of dragon.
  77. A born and bred warrior was hard to come by and Xavier fit the mold.
  78. Five score bodyguards, ten Turkish bred guard dogs, he paused.
  79. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Has not been bred in the aquarium.
  80. This bred a pause of action, a pleasure stop, whilst that delicate.
  81. Utopian principality in which they bore and bred and buried their own.
  82. The joy of having an intelligent son without the guilt of having bred.
  83. As a secondary business, they bred and trained horses for sulky racing.
  84. The organizations that bred this esoteric jargon--the bureaus themselves.
  85. The wonder of it had bred many conversations among the anxious multitude.
  86. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Sometimes bred in saltwater reef tanks.
  87. Since then we have bred to the capacity of our rainfall and water supply.
  88. The earlier Reptilians, and Norse breed of aliens bred with one another.
  89. Huddled under sheds, lying in wet hay, the hunger and the fear bred anger.
  90. Born and bred in the city, he preferred the rumble of traffic to wake him.
  91. He was tall and good looking, yes, but he was also well bred and well read.
  92. I'm an Englishman born and bred, but this is my first time on the Atlantic.
  93. I know not; but briskly throwing off his clothes, the prodigious heat bred.
  94. He viewed it as a heartless, desperate massacre bred of malicious cowardice.
  95. Clown Tang Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Has not been bred in captivity.
  96. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Not sure if it's been bred in the aquarium.
  97. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : This fish has been bred in the home aquarium.
  98. They have been bred in an aquarium and they are considered nesters/egg guarders.
  99. Hounds are bred and sold for a lot of money in Cyprus, and the readiness to pay.
  100. But other representations became too human and bred the contempt of familiarity.
  1. It just breeds more violence.
  2. As he said, Business breeds.
  3. And among dogs, you have breeds;.
  4. Or lesser breeds without the Law—.
  5. It breeds confidence and dispels fears.
  6. Some cat breeds, at least Siamese, will.
  7. There is a phrase that ‘behavior breeds.
  8. This is one of the oldest of terrier breeds.
  9. This kind of enterprise breeds a criminal.
  10. Do not use a tone that breeds more conflict.
  11. It only breeds resentment and creates problems.
  12. All breeds of cats, whether they are lions and.
  13. Dog breeds and dog types are not the same thing.
  14. Comprehensive Information about Breeds and More.
  15. As with many other breeds the Vizsla came close to.
  16. The Poodle is one of the most elegant of dog breeds.
  17. With bad students familiarity breeds contempt and.
  18. This is one of the most beautiful dog breeds; with.
  19. More breeds are constantly being discovered and added.
  20. The Curly is one of the oldest of the retriever breeds.
  21. Sort of breeds a type of camaraderie among the diners.
  22. And by the way, different breeds often have different.
  23. There are over 100 recognized pure breeds in the United.
  24. According to this Site there are Over 50 Cat Breeds in.
  25. I guess we both fit under that category—mixed breeds.
  26. An extreme perception usually breeds an opposite extreme.
  27. Newf puppies are calmer than those of other breeds adults.
  28. We have all heard the saying, familiarity breeds contempt.
  29. There are countless tough dog breeds but the most notable.
  30. Broadly speaking, though, there are compact breeds, crested.
  31. There are certain breeds that can withstand the cold weather.
  32. New breeds of wireless users have started to take advantage.
  33. Such a vocation breeds courage, quickness, keenness, coolness.
  34. The conformity of massed herds breeds stupidity and cowardice.
  35. What Breeds of Chicken Would Do Well In Extreme Cold Climates.
  36. Like the Mastiff breeds, this dog was bred to hold big game at.
  37. Aristotle wrote about the 5 pigeon breeds of pigeons in his book.
  39. Conflict breeds conflict and if chewing out subordinates is not a.
  40. Conflict breeds conflict and tempers can speed up the interactions.
  41. Emily pointed out things to him like the different breeds they had.
  42. To commit murder and believe they won’t be caught breeds arrogance.
  43. As for the breeds in captivity: all of the domesticated slave breeds:.
  44. Check with local breeders in your area to find out what breeds they use.
  45. What is worse, it breeds tendencies that are inimical to the social good.
  46. Among the smaller breeds, budgerigars and cockatiels are very talented and.
  47. But in the words of a recent history lesson, ‘familiarity breeds contempt.
  48. Familiarity breeds contempt, but the Prince was taking a real shine to Dawley.
  49. Norwegian Jareghorn is the Scandinavian representative of cold weather breeds.
  50. There are also other breeds of chickens that can only survive in hot weather.
  51. Absence of worry, breeds absence of fear, breeds absence of conflict, breeds.
  52. However some breeds, like the longhaired varieties, do require regular baths.
  53. Remember that violence breeds disease and destroys the human emotional system.
  54. Studying the chicken breeds can also be a very enriching and enjoyable pastime.
  55. Innocence breeds Tolerance, or perhaps it‘s Ignorance I‘m confusing it with.
  56. Rigid castes are formed, and, as usual, mutual ignorance breeds mutual distrust.
  57. Variations exist in terms of the sizes and colors of the different chicken breeds.
  58. A puppy mill is a place that breeds dogs with no thought given to their bloodlines.
  59. Our children would be half breeds, who were considered even lower than a Dirtwalker.
  60. The stray cats and dogs come in all sizes, ages, and breeds, with varying levels of.
  61. Male beauty in association with female beauty breeds in the onlooker a sense of fear.
  62. It breeds mold and blight, he paused, realizing she might not know what that meant.
  63. The last of the three breeds were the Geckoids; small, about four feet, ten inches tall.
  64. The canopy was white with various breeds of dogs jumping in circles around the ferrule.
  65. Even the arguments for the function of commercial breeders maintaining pure breeds are.
  66. Slow to mature, these birds will surpass Rocks, Reds and other more common heavy breeds.
  67. Cheap bronze castings of various breeds of dogs displayed on end tables and windowsills.
  68. False senses lacking security or light on the reality path breeds chaos and destruction.
  69. It was an unfortunate truth then, as it is now, that success breeds envy and invites attack.
  70. Success breeds imitators while failures encourage others to share their stories of distress.
  71. Type in Cat Breeds in their Search Engine; You Will then Double Click on ‘Cat Breed Guide’.
  72. This can cause your pet to have pancreatitis and, in some breeds, could ultimately result in bloat.
  73. Those playing favorites are courting dangers because it breeds resentment to those who were not chosen.
  74. This technique is most suitable for bigger, strong willed breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s.
  75. There are several breeds that are able to lay eggs every day for around 300 days, after they reach maturity.
  76. Differing breeds of hollyhocks overhung the doorways and decorated the staircase and fireplace mantle-piece.
  77. The Wyandotte is one of the most famous cold weather breeds that are able to survive the bad winters safely.
  78. I count it an honor to watch over your pups and the bitch who breeds them, Jayden said in a humble tone.
  79. Secondly, he should space out his visits because there is an English saying that familiarity breeds contempt.
  80. The system, paid for by advertisers, breeds the feeling that maybe we are missing out! If only we had a hot tip.
  81. I’ve selected the best of breeds, and I evaluate their investment suitability in the following sections.
  82. Furthermore, the mind breeds knowledge — churning out this or that concept or theory which in itself has no end.
  83. It looks like they have a deal, in which case that’s good for the market as this breeds more certainty for investors.
  84. In all societies based upon greed and accumulation: Proximity to the elite; breeds contempt of them by the lower class.
  85. Ultimately after the lapse of centuries, these sub-breeds would become converted into two well-established and distinct breeds.
  86. This unconscious process of selection has been the great agency in the formation of the most distinct and useful domestic breeds.
  87. Do you know that I hate mixed breeds like you? Maureen hates mixed breeds too and that is another reason she cannot stand Anthony.
  88. In the mean time, choosing the right breeds of chickens that withstand cold weather will help the birds pass the hard winters safely.
  89. There is acute shortage of water and minimum air movement, and only certain breeds succeed in coping with these stringent conditions.
  90. If you are after the hobby, then you may want to visit the pet store to find out more about the breeds that are more playful and friendly.
  91. As her eyes travel from face to face, she thinks, On my cop-watch outings, I've discovered there are two distinct breeds of policeman.
  92. Danger breeds caution, and only a wary man lives long in that wild country where the hot Vendhyan plains meet the crags of the Himelians.
  93. This ability, while in theory might be seen to enhance their viability and survivability, for obvious reasons breeds authoritarian opposition.
  94. Furthermore, prejudice breeds prejudice, and the heathen Chinese are beginning even to hate the language thus abused to curse and slander them.
  95. I was going to ask if they were her favorites, but she began pointing out other holly breeds; sky pencil, dark purple halla, and September gem.
  96. These chickens are relatively smaller than other breeds, but they have passed lots of hard Scandinavian winters successfully and with no losses.
  97. If this mission of love is successful the fumans will be the dominant species on Earth with a few pure breeds through bolaris, human and phasees.
  98. More especially we might have inferred this from the blue colour and the several marks so often appearing when differently coloured breeds are crossed.
  99. Five males, shepherd mongrels, collie mongrels, dogs whose breeds had been blurred by a freedom of social life, were engaged in complimenting the bitch.
  100. It will be admitted that the production of races so different as short-horn and Hereford cattle, race and cart horses, the several breeds of pigeons, etc.

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1. I always said that breed.
2. They were a strange breed.
3. Dog breed with most toes.
4. Now within that breed each.
5. Dog breed with most teeth.
6. They breed them to look young.
7. It makes sense that we breed.
8. Can’t say the breed but it.
9. The ECS is an old Spaniel breed.
10. What breed of cat will I get?
11. This dog breed is good-natured.
12. We are creating a special breed.
13. Lets look at what a breed means.
14. This dog breed is a good swimmer.
15. Thankfully, the breed was saved.
16. This breed liked their sacrifice.
17. But how does one breed a chine?
18. They breed them tough in the bush.
19. Politicians were a different breed.
20. Each generation could breed only.
21. We have engineered each breed to.
22. They could breed with both species.
23. This breed of females is extremely.
24. This dog breed is too friendly and.
25. Border collies are a different breed.
26. In other words, he was a mixed breed.
27. I’ve never met such a dry breed of.
28. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed.
29. The breed is a cross of sight hounds;.
30. Are you going to breed the dog?
31. He had a cold and could not breed well.
32. Each breed had their own separate pond.
33. We can start out by finding a breed that.
34. We in France know something of the breed.
35. Wealth and accumulation breed more greed.
36. You should have studied up on the breed.
37. She has invented a new breed of computer.
38. Well, it don't, because it's in the breed.
39. It was too unlikely for one of their breed.
40. That’s a special hairless breed is all.
41. He is looking for a certain breed of animal.
42. This dog breed is beautiful, has a look of.
43. Their demeanor said, We are a special breed.
44. Although this is an athletic breed, it may.
45. Instead it has breed hatred among our nations.
46. Donkey breed with the longest hair.
47. They are the only ones that we can breed with.
48. Native North Carolinians are an exclusive breed.
49. This is a rare breed, known for its incredible.
50. Owners should beware that this dog breed is large.
51. Often, but not always refers to a Mixed Breed Cat.
52. This is an intelligent breed that is lively and.
53. They support development of a breed register to.
54. This greedy breed knows no biological boundaries.
55. We could always breed the fish in enclosed ponds.
56. It is not only the hard lands that breed hard men.
57. In addition, there are Nice Pictures of the Breed.
58. That’s Oogik, he’s a half breed Temprician.
59. I see a new breed of warrior arising in the Church.
60. I am told you had a remarkable breed of tumblers.
61. Maybe she is really here to breed a new super race.
62. This breed is sensitive to heat and should not be.
63. Another woman he breed with out even a glance back.
64. In Japan the Tosa Inu was a champion fighting breed.
65. Chihuahuas identify with their own breed but may be.
66. Some say it is the most beautiful breed in the world.
67. This dog breed will risk its life to please its owner.
68. William knew that this breed of dog was very friendly.
69. Humans want to mate, to breed with the correct specimen.
70. What about the data you have should breed skepticism?
71. The Shih-Tzu is an old breed of dog from China bred by.
72. There is a similar breed, although this time, one with.
73. The Poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breed yet.
74. I'm prejudiced, of course, because I'm one of the breed.
75. The modern Redbone Coonhound is an American breed; more.
76. Feed Em Don’t Breed Em sticker on his bumper as a joke.
77. Owners must be aware that this breed is prone to obesity.
78. She knew the breed of coriax that provided his bed furs.
79. The Xolo is a rare breed with considerable variation in.
80. This dog breed was incredibly ferocious, dangerous, and.
81. The forefather of this breed was a dog named Hooper’s.
82. The Italian Greyhound (IG) is a small breed of gazehound.
83. Commissioner, is that he is of the same breed as yourself.
84. They were a breed who spoke straight and acted within a.
85. Chow Chows are an ancient breed dating to 206 BC Ancient.
86. It is a large breed of scent hound with a ‘partially’.
87. The SCWT is an old Irish breed used since the 19th century.
88. I’d hate to say the farmer was the last of a dying breed.
89. They breed slowly; have small litters, maturation occurs.
90. The standardization of the German shepherd breed began in.
91. Chihuahuas are an ancient breed of the Americas that were.
92. Only through the human vampires could the ancestors breed.
93. The Shiba Inu (Sheba) is the smallest native dog breed in.
94. The SFT is an old English breed of dog originating in the.
95. The Border collie is one of the most intelligent dog breed.
96. He knew he must not only breed hatred but loyalty as well.
97. A culture of violence has been allowed to breed, and often.
98. The Bullmastiff, in full or mixed breed form has been used.
99. The Norwegian elkhound is an ancient breed dating at least.
100. Not sure of any further attempts to breed them in aquariums.