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Gently in a sentence

Tom gently put it back.
He smiled at her gently.
He gently lifted her up.
As her tears gently flow.
A sign gently hung from.
He touched her arm gently.
I prised her gently away.

He kissed her gently on.
As he nuzzled him gently.
She patted his leg gently.
Greg took her hands gently.
Gently, but with an iron.
He gently strokes her hair.
Gently, he took her chin.
My lips found hers gently.
And gently trace her neck.
She mopped his brow gently.
Mick gently nodded his head.
Nancy smiled gently at that.
But please treat me gently.
And the door closed gently.
Each one faded away gently.
He placed his hand gently.
He stroked her hair gently.
He paused and said gently:.
Ish moved over and gently.
Gently they beckoned me in.
I removed his hand gently.
Hitting me none too gently.
He stroked her cheek gently.
I squeezed his hand gently.
He gently touches her face.
He gently moved the fabric.
He stroked my cheek gently.
Danny shook his hand gently.
He touched the plates gently.
She gently stroked his hair.
While he had gently tended.
I gently approached the bed.
He gently laid her down in.

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