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    1. "Yes!" with excitement, "A real one! At least he found a rich friend who took it!" She wasn't a good enough judge of expressions to be sure that her excitement was genuine

    2. A genuine spiritual practice isn't about beliefs, nor is it about fitting in with others, nor is it anything to do with being 'saved' by anything other than your own effort and basic goodness and honesty

    3. Their loathing of each other was not merely mutual, it was severe and genuine

    4. ” Moses’ meekness came from a genuine concern for the salvation of the

    5. "We’ve got a genuine tug on the line

    6. Neither was at all snobbish, both were very interested in looking at the boat that looked like a space ship and they had a fine skin of a tasty green with them that went well with a few shots from one of the last bottles of genuine cachaca at 61 Cygni

    7. I find that it is the most authentic and genuine form of Christianity available

    8. How much would they care? Desa seemed to be a genuine friend, though he couldn't really understand why, but she hardly owed him her life

    9. It is imperative that you sound genuine otherwise

    10. On each shin pad the letter 'T' had been embroidered in genuine, full carat diamonds

    11. Two men were singing with genuine passion

    12. an agnostic, there was something amazing about his face - it had genuine feeling

    13. His eyes, too, were transfixed in genuine admiration

    14. In that one building was the largest collection of genuine, and therefore priceless, artefacts and pure works of art, reproductions and quality artifice imaginable

    15. "What is this? Is this genuine stuff?' Ish asked

    16. Rayne has indicated a feeling of genuine openness by these people; apparently my action was

    17. It was drunk affection, but genuine enough

    18. genuine love in his eyes

    19. She smiled at him with genuine emotion and Alexei suddenly felt himself drawn to her

    20. When he introduced Lady Rayne, she immediately threw open her arms and embraced her in a genuine hug

    21. His suggestion carries the full weight of genuine parental concern, which hits Bex like a feather duster

    22. So whether it was from new-born genuine respect, or 'the Tiger behind the Fox,' villagers who once avoided Belle's eyes when she strolled the boardwalks on her errands for 'Home and Lodge,' now greeted her and the girls genially, warmly even respectfully

    23. ” The older man looked at him with genuine and most sincere sorrow in his eyes that might easily be taken for pity

    24. For a moment only there was silence then all but the twins broke into genuine laughter both at the girls' expressions and at the image of them performing such a task

    25. “What would you suggest? Would a dollar, or two dollars a week be too much?” offered Mandy, trying to placate his father's genuine concern

    26. genuine concern to be found in his paranoia

    27. “I applaud your genuine sincerity with yourself and your endeavors

    28. In a moment's pause, during which they might hope for the performance to continue, it was finally recognized for the end it was, and a wave of applause and genuine pleasure sounded through the room like a clap of thunder as it washed back upon Kaitlyn and her father

    29. “My love and admiration was a hundred percent genuine

    30. In fact, in its place there was a genuine regard for their accomplishments

    31. was genuine – it had the fleur-de-lys seal on the bottom

    32. ” She smiled, momentarily revealing her youth and genuine enthusiasm

    33. He listened to the mortal relate the answer with genuine interest

    34. “Compelling enough! I have dedicated myself to those disciplines since that first hearing; and I can say, in proper modesty, with some genuine success

    35. “Don’t listen to that,” Kaha said, “She’s the only genuine big-city yandrille player in these hills

    36. my dead soul that this is a person that cares and that it was genuine

    37. Knowing how genuine was her regard for him, I listened carefully when she came to my apartment in the second year of my married life and told me of how sick Holmes was

    38. Maybe not, for he turned to me an instant later with genuine concern upon his face

    39. " Her fear and aversion were obviously genuine

    40. That’s sad,’ said Keeva, her feelings genuine but shallow as only a child’s can be

    41. was deeply touched by this genuine concern the family

    42. wondering myself what was the genuine message of the

    43. This was the genuine message of Christianity

    44. Mrs Dion is a genuine, generous, friendly and nice person

    45. This creates a casual and genuine atmosphere

    46. It was one of the last carnivals with a genuine

    47. It was a decidedly fine line they initially walked, the line between business partners and genuine friends

    48. Her good humor was genuine, but audibly taxed

    49. She thought maybe she had caught a half hour’s worth of genuine unconscious rest a few times

    50. “These old bones of mine tell me that you’re genuine

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    Synonyms for "genuine"

    echt genuine true unfeigned actual literal real sincere unaffected bona fide authentic trustworthy authenticated original certified unquestionable

    "genuine" definitions

    not fake or counterfeit

    not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed

    being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something