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Original in a sentence

I made the original one.
Not very original that is.
He knew my original place.
Original Sin and milked it.
You can buy original stuff.
I care about the original.
That was the original plan.

One of the original four.
The original towns of Midgar.
But the original ToRs were.
A is for the original energy.
Peel all the original papers.
And the thoughts of original.
It appears that the original.
There was an original set of.
In the original text, the.
The original owners have died.
Compared with the original, a.
We stay with the original plan.
I’ve looked at the original.
The italics are in the original.
Using even more of the original.
But that can't be the original.
Since the original Windows NT 3.
Still in the original packaging.
Come up with something original.
This is how original wisdom is.
Certainly, most of my original.
Now there’s an original one.
Here’s the original for you.
But the original gold boxes are.
We are their parents and original.
It was identical to the original.
One of original six founders, Mr.
He worked on the original 1960s.
The original is in a safe place.
They were the original boogey man.
It might be refreshingly original.
The original legend is as follows.

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