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Original in a sentence

1. I made the original one.
2. Not very original that is.
3. Original Sin and milked it.
4. You can buy original stuff.
5. He knew my original place.
6. That was the original plan.
7. I care about the original.

8. The original towns of Midgar.
9. But the original ToRs were.
10. One of the original four.
11. A is for the original energy.
12. Peel all the original papers.
13. There was an original set of.
14. It appears that the original.
15. In the original text, the.
16. And the thoughts of original.
17. The original owners have died.
18. I’ve looked at the original.
20. We stay with the original plan.
21. Compared with the original, a.
22. The italics are in the original.
23. This is how original wisdom is.
24. Come up with something original.
25. Using even more of the original.
26. Since the original Windows NT 3.
27. But that can't be the original.
28. Certainly, most of my original.
29. Still in the original packaging.
30. He worked on the original 1960s.
31. It was identical to the original.
32. The original is in a safe place.
33. Now there’s an original one.
34. But the original gold boxes are.
35. One of original six founders, Mr.
36. We are their parents and original.
37. Here’s the original for you.
38. The original interest rate was 12.
39. The original legend is as follows.
40. It might be refreshingly original.
41. That had been the original theory.
42. They were the original boogey man.
43. On an unusual and original system.
44. It was the original authority for.
45. Because that’s his original state.
46. Now in the original so called big.
47. The original notes made that plain.
48. The Koran contains nothing original.
49. I bring up my original complaint.
50. You hold his original geas?
51. My original hunch about the coast.
52. Not the original, said Teller.
53. Was he an original? Or just a copy?
54. It is the original original coke.
55. The original home is still standing.
56. That pipe was the original overflow.
57. Translated from the original by Mrs.
58. These were not the original twelve.
59. The original materials were wisdom.
60. He was a reflection of the original.
61. Following is the wonderful original.
62. You are the well—the original well.
63. Not very original, but we were young.
64. The Stormer- Original, enjoyable and.
65. The original Romans came from Greece.
66. I thought I was brillant and original.
67. Those four are the original elements.
68. Early on it expanded its original 13.
69. Whether or not this was the original.
70. From the original one, today the many.
71. Queen conceived without Original Sin.
72. The Hebrew alphabet, original wisdom.
73. It was the original month of the New.
74. Baptism entirely destroys original sin.
75. The original Greek, describes this sore.
76. In our original example, u and d were 1.
77. In this situation, it is the original.
78. The original comic was a school project.
79. The school’s original forty acres of.
80. This was the monster’s original lair.
81. Makkah was the original city where the.
82. It had reverted to it’s original form.
83. The original trilogy only, of course.
84. It still had most of its original parts.
85. Torah (The law): This means original law.
86. Present tense is the original verb form.
87. Then he turned back to his original task.
88. The original texts were symbolic wisdom.
89. The original intent of these acts was to.
90. He was the only original thinker in the.
91. The original battle group, he said.
92. I received the original order forms by fax.
93. When I traced the original occurrence of.
94. They are charmingly original to my ear.
95. I figured since he was the only original.
96. OVERdeliver with original, high-value info.
97. Read: Liberalism versus original thinking.

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