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Girth in a sentence

I just had the girth.
I had the length and girth.
He had the same wide girth and ageless face.
Aquana had never seen a girth that big before.
There would be no need for the girth procedure.
The troll did, however, have an impressive girth.
Due to the priest‘s girth, this robe was very large.

Rohan blinked as he lowered his girth onto a headstone.
Max wrapped the towel around his huge girth and took a.
Many were beautiful old trees, some of impressive size and girth.
A second, much longer, girth strap came from the back of the saddle.
Younger than me in years, but in gravity and girth, certainly my elder.
The creature reached his full height and girth, his hands stuffed into deep.
Garnak was a legend amongst the men, a giant of a man with a girth to match.
Dry jelqing is one of the most important and essential exercises for girth gains.
Mitchell stared in astonishment at the girth, of the sizable joint Chance revealed.
Pierre stopped abruptly, swinging his girth to face the harbinger who confronted him.
Their great grey trunks were of mighty girth, but their height could not be guessed.
The daemon flapped his leathery wings and lofted his massive girth above the goblins.
Once, she wore a glamour that met him size for girth, wing for wing, crown for crown.
The fat man‘s ample girth shook with laughter as these thoughts ran through his head.
She wore a flower-printed paper cap and an apron, the ties straining across her girth.
Their diameter was that of a man’s height, and their girth could hold the weight of an.
The fat woman laughed, but in spite of her girth, her bosom was small and well constrained.
I will tell you about it in the air, Hiss answered, buckling the seatbelt around his girth.
Why was there no girth control pill? I’d have taken it in a heartbeat, side effects be damned.
Yet Hinckley rarely smiles; nor does he have any inclination to shed some of his expanding girth.
At first I think there’s no way she can handle their girth, but then as I click, I see that she can.
He shifted his massive girth toward the Rift, swinging the glowing block of crystal downward as he did so.
With such a massive girth he floats over the water like leviathan moving the smaller bodies out of his way.
She grinned as she imagined feeling Ahndray’s tremendous girth up inside her for more than a few seconds.
As Jozef remembered, the mess hall was erected on wood supports, the girth of telegraph poles and a yard high.
Using Edging whenever you masturbate or after your workout could really help you gaining both flaccid and erect girth.
The creature reached his full height and girth, his hands stuffed into deep jacket pockets, the hood low over his forehead.
Every passing day, Drau’d seemed to be gaining on him in height, yet was still a long way from filling out to match his girth.
Its girth was more difficult to judge, but all in all, the animal seemed to be wonderfully proportioned in all three dimensions.
The Wazuli chief was as tall as Conan, and of greater girth, but he looked fat and slow beside the hard compactness of the Cimmerian.
Gunt only remained standing because his hairy skin was tough, thick as leather, and his massive girth absorbed the majority of his wounds.
She grunted and screamed into his neck, rose slightly, then dropped onto him again, forcing his unbelievable girth up inside her farther still.
CLAIRE WAS WEARING a surgical gown with a butterfly pin at the neckline, apron stretched across her girth, flowered shower cap covering her hair.

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Don Quixote, who was not used to dismount without having the stirrup held, fancying that Sancho had by this time come to hold it for him, threw himself off with a lurch and brought Rocinante's saddle after him, which was no doubt badly girthed, and saddle and he both came to the ground; not without discomfiture to him and abundant curses muttered between his teeth against the unlucky Sancho, who had his foot still in the shackles.
The Cossacks were untying their horses and tightening their saddle girths.
He estimated the three huge timber poles to be at as thick as the girths of the two giant.
The men rapidly picked out their horses in the semidarkness, tightened their saddle girths, and formed companies.
He saw the village; he was seen coming bending forward upon his horse, belabouring it with great blows, the girths dripping with blood.
But presently the traveller's horse sank in up to the girths, and he observed to the boy, I thought you said that this bog had a hard bottom.
On receiving the order to dismount and loosen girths, one of our number remained mounted and was busy flashing a small torch on the water when the sergeant, not too gently, inquired, "Why the dickens are you still mounted, and what the deuce are you looking for anyway?" To which a Cockney voice replied, "Blimey, sergeant, where's the landing stage?"—"Jimmy" (late Essex Yeomanry).
Sancho perceiving it his master's final resolve, and how little his tears, counsels, and entreaties prevailed with him, determined to have recourse to his own ingenuity and compel him, if he could, to wait till daylight; and so, while tightening the girths of the horse, he quietly and without being felt, with his ass' halter tied both Rocinante's legs, so that when Don Quixote strove to go he was unable as the horse could only move by jumps.
In the end they, as officers of justice, settled the question by arbitration in such a manner that both sides were, if not perfectly contented, at least to some extent satisfied; for they changed the pack-saddles, but not the girths or head-stalls; and as to Mambrino's helmet, the curate, under the rose and without Don Quixote's knowing it, paid eight reals for the basin, and the barber executed a full receipt and engagement to make no further demand then or thenceforth for.
Well, then, all this that I put before thee is but an incentive and stimulant to my spirit, making my heart burst in my bosom through eagerness to engage in this adventure, arduous as it promises to be; therefore tighten Rocinante's girths a little, and God be with thee; wait for me here three days and no more, and if in that time I come not back, thou canst return to our village, and thence, to do me a favour and a service, thou wilt go to El Toboso, where thou shalt say to my incomparable lady Dulcinea that her captive knight hath died in attempting things that might make him worthy of being called hers.

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