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Groin in a sentence | groin example sentences

  1. The mildew and yeasty groin.
  2. Starret kicked him in the groin.
  3. A pain in his groin stirred up.
  4. His groin was on fire with pain.
  5. She shot a knee toward his groin.

  6. By the way, she shaves her groin.
  7. The other was kneed in the groin.
  8. He gave the man a kick in his groin.
  10. There was extensive bruising in the groin.
  11. His groin tightened and he scolded himself.
  12. Another effect was the tingling in my groin.
  13. I could feel a throbbing in my groin as I.
  14. His groin throbbed but he didn’t complain.
  15. She smiled at him and kneed him in the groin.

  16. Her hand switched from his groin to his pouch.
  17. His groin stirred with desire, not so much for.
  18. A body is on the cross, his groin covered by a.
  19. Ish's captor had recovered from the groin attack.
  20. He had always thought getting hot in the groin.
  21. She kicked him in the groin and spat in his face.
  22. She got a towel and placed it gently on his groin.
  23. Afterwards, the dogs may be stabbed in the groin.
  24. I leaped onto his groin and bit as hard as I could.
  25. She lifted up her knee and kneed him in the groin.

  26. Heat exploded through him and centred in his groin.
  27. June nodded, a twinge of panic stirring in her groin.
  28. Samara kicked the guard in the groin and pushed him.
  29. His groin tightened at the direction of his thoughts.
  30. She began to sway her hips and then gyrate her groin.
  31. His elbow did not connect with the Patriarch’s groin.
  32. Then she opened her eyes and looked down at his groin.
  33. John stood awkwardly in an attempt to cover his groin.
  34. Oh yes, and broke my nose, and kicked me in the groin.
  35. Her fingers found their way to his groin in a matter of.
  36. Mmm hmm, she moaned as his fingers probed her groin.
  37. One of the boys kicked the one on the ground in the groin.
  38. A powerful kick to the knee or groin is equally disabling.
  39. Alex can feel the weight of the hand gun against his groin.
  40. Seizing the moment Lezura shot her knee into Morg’s groin.
  41. Or so as moving to the side, you can also strike the groin.
  42. He scrubbed his body first, and lastly, he washed his groin.
  43. She leaned forward, still holding his hand against her groin.
  44. The thought alone sent shivers of lust and heat to his groin.
  45. The sight of her instantly sent a rush of blood to his groin.
  46. He felt a deep throb and ache of lustful desire in his groin.
  47. Ill say, Misty whispered taking his groin in her other.
  48. She was aiming after his groin but his huge gut got in the way.
  49. That is how I came to open up Gary, from his groin to his chest.
  50. She tried to deliver a knee into his groin but couldn't find it.
  51. That, and gutting the Warlock from neck to groin with her knife.
  52. You should be lucky I did not step in your groin, she said.
  53. Kyrin kicked out at him again, catching him squarely in the groin.
  54. Normally he would have asked before shaving his armpits and groin.
  55. Ingrid only smiled more widely when he started fondling her groin.
  56. She stood in front of him and pressed her backside into his groin.
  57. Nathalia looked at the wad of sheets covering his groin and grinned.
  58. As she moved, she moaned and grinded her hips into Doran’s groin.
  59. Louis licked his lips on seeing that her groin was carefully shaved.
  60. He stood very close to her, letting his groin rub next to her thigh.
  61. She immediately raised her knee and caught him squarely in the groin.
  62. Joey’s groin block was superb, stopping Halirit’s foot dead cold.
  63. Nancy then put one hand on Sarah’s groin and the other on her face.
  64. Jack could feel his legs and groin turning to jelly just watching her.
  65. She stood back, raised her foot and aimed the spike heel at his groin.
  66. Before he could stop, the second Guildsman ran his groin right onto it.
  67. The local anesthesia was wearing off quickly and his whole groin sec-.
  68. Alex practically smashed the tall guy’s groin followed by a hard punch.
  69. Also, she kept trying to keep her breasts and groin covered with her hands.
  70. We had lifted the cases into the pit, when Ricketts fell, shot in the groin.
  71. Press your right hand against the inner right groin, where the thigh joins.
  72. Shoulder to groin he fell apart in a shower of hot sticky blood and insides.
  73. She then playfully pulled up the bottom of his tunic and looked at his groin.
  74. Macxermillio solemnly spoke, his hands clenched together in front of his groin.
  75. He leaned over and checked the wires growing out of Martinez’s neck and groin.
  76. He yelled in pain, and with a second fluid motion, Bree kneed him in the groin.
  77. Adam was lying on his side, thanks to a groin kick, and was beginning to vomit.
  78. Chris’ eyes followed her and he felt a stirring from the region of his groin.
  79. His groin tightened As tempting as that sounds I’m going to have to decline.
  80. Hernia especially in the inguinal (groin) area is very frequent in older patients.
  81. Richard reached to his groin and cursed under his breath as he withdrew from her.
  82. Ever since his groin had suddenly started to share its tightenings with his heart.
  83. He ignored the heat that flared back to life in his groin and signaled the waiter.
  84. My body jolts with nervous energy and as his eyes squint, I kick him in the groin.
  85. And the man was down, an arrow in his groin, his torch in the grass, extinguished.
  86. She hammered a palm strike into his solar plexus and drove her knee into his groin.
  87. And then, with his right leg, he kicked up at the beast's groin as hard as he could.
  88. His arms and back became weld yellow, and woad blue was used on his groin and legs.
  89. Like Nancy ‘A’, she had taken the habit to closely shave her groin and armpits.
  90. I was just about to sit down and ease the pain in my leg and groin when Mabel said.
  91. Speaking of which … I looked more closely, but the guy’s leg obscured his groin.
  92. There is generally a bulge on one side of the groin and even swelling of the testis.
  93. The secateurs left Humphrey’s nose and moved slowly down his chest towards his groin.
  94. He slowly lowered the assault rifle dragging the moment out, pointing it at his groin.
  95. When you hit a smaller area like the nose, eyes or groin, it's better to use your fist.
  96. I slam my foot into his groin and then punch him in the jaw so hard he falls to the floor.
  97. Ingrid immediately punched him in the groin, making him collapse on his knees from the pain.
  98. By the time he regained his feet she was upon him again, kneeing him viciously in the groin.
  99. Dropping to the ground he was aware of fullness in his groin as if his pants were too tight.
  100. Before he could get off of me completely I kneed him in the groin and threw him off the bed.

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  1. The paints gave us the idea of decorating the office; this was a small room opening on the colonnade; it had once been used for estate business, but was now derelict, holding only some garden games and a tub of dead aloes; it had plainly been designed for a softer use, perhaps as a tea-room or study, for the plaster walls were decorated with delicate Rococo panels and the roof was prettily groined.
  1. Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees.
  2. As your groins drop toward the floor, so will your knees.
  3. Stretches the groins and inner thighs, chest and shoulders.
  4. They stared at each other‘s groins in delighted astonishment.
  5. But especially if your groins are tight, pushing the knees down will have.
  6. Stretches the hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves; shoulders, chest, and.
  7. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled.
  8. Release both legs, softening the groins, and see that the legs are angled evenly.
  9. Ingrid emptied her water bottle over their groins, while the nurses frantically wiped away the semen in and on them.
  10. He put a boot in each of their groins, shoved his chair over backwards, rolled away and came up standing, assuming a fighting stance.
  11. By the two of them coming to him, he could hit first, and, because of the fact that he was seated, he was in prime position to target their groins.
  12. As for the men sitting around the table, the blast and shrapnel mangled their legs, groins and bellies, on top of projecting them violently backward.
  13. Despite the occasionally heated arguments over whether a ball was in or out Miss Eggar found it a lot less worrisome than the dodge ball games that used to have the red rubber ball bouncing off of faces and groins and seemingly requiring her constant medical opinions on everything from scrapes to contusions.
  14. They’re not much protection! You really think I’m suppose to be protected and safe around THEM?! You saw what Diane did downstairs! Listen, if that She-Hulk can kung fu kick a door that has heavy office furniture stuck behind it wide open, the exact same door us two men couldn’t get open, if she can put three male security guards in the hospital with permanent injuries after she kung fu kicked them in the groins almost busting out their testicles, and is not effect by a Taser, and can literally drag several people all at once, and can beat the crap out of a little kid by kung fu kicking him a couple of feet in the air, and can come right off a stage and almost knock out a reporter who heckled her, then what makes you think, that I would be safe around those three female receptionists?! After witnessing what we witnessed downstairs, I don’t want to take any chances! I don’t even want to be in the same room with Diane! I still got the shivers from witnessing what we saw her do down there in that clinic hallway! And I still got the shivers from being practically close to it and I hope I never witness or be close to anything like that ever again! I’ll tell you what.

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