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Bulwark in a sentence

The Soggy Bulwark, she read.
The third man was a bulwark of shadow.
His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.
That it is proof and bulwark against sense.
And we love the slime in The Soggy Bulwark.
Protectress absolute, thou! bulwark of all!.
Hahlynd nodded and walked to Sword’s bulwark.

Yamamoto could only bang his fist in frustration against the bulwark.
It was almost as if this was some ancient bulwark to keep enemies out.
Something was needed that would serve as a bulwark against a recurrence.
He hoped to build a Shiite bulwark against the expansion of Sunni -militias.
Rude, illiterate, dirty, he was a bulwark between the ladies and the terrors of Reconstruction.
All that remained now was a pathway leading into the great bulwark of earth that dominated the scene.
As he approaches the dark bulwark of the ramparts, a man in uniform limps toward him out of the blackness.
Tallmadge,) stood foremost on the perilous edge of battle; making their breasts in the day of danger a bulwark for their country.
The man shouted in pain and, losing his balance, fell over the side bulwark of the bridge, crashing on the deck just in front of Dean.
Ignoring Sanjay’s proffered hand, the headmaster gestured vaguely towards the chairs before seating himself behind the bulwark of his desk.
The danger is upon us, and against it the old party of Freedom—still the party of the Churches and the School-houses—is the only bulwark.
The Indian village has thus for centuries remained a bulwark against political disorder and the home of the simple domestic and social virtues.
I won’t think of it now, she said again, aloud, trying to push her misery to the back of her mind, trying to find some bulwark against the rising tide of pain.
Farah carefully stayed hidden behind the bulwark of the open bridge wing as the jets sped overhead, then grabbed one of her SA-24 launchers and readied it for firing.
She thought feverishly that they must have money, lots of it to keep the world that was a certain bulwark against any calamity which fate could bring, and them safe against disaster.
By our valour the wild folk of the East are still restrained, and the terror of Morgul kept at bay; and thus alone are peace and freedom maintained in the lands behind us, bulwark of the West.
A dozen of them had tried climbing out gunports and scaling the ship’s side, as well, but the hovering SNARC had spotted them, and his merciless shotgun had been waiting when they topped the bulwark.
His eyes never flickered, never stopped their sweep of the body-choked ladder to the main hatch or the bulwark of bodies he’d piled around the fore hatch when they’d tried a pincer up both approaches.
All then proceeded to the poop, which was very handsomely decorated, and seated themselves on the bulwark benches; the boatswain passed along the gangway and piped all hands to strip, which they did in an instant.
Hence his impatience as Dahnyld Stahdmaiyr, his executive officer, stood on the breech of one of Dreadnought’s massive six-inch guns, braced his elbows on the top of the port bulwark, and peered through his double-glass.
But the long boathook lay at my feet along the bulwark, and, almost instinctively, I caught it up with one hand, whilst setting the lamp down with the other, ran to the stern and made a wild grab in the dark towards where I thought she would be.
Alighting at the small wayside station, we drove for some miles through the remains of widespread woods, which were once part of that great forest which for so long held the Saxon invaders at bay—the impenetrable "weald," for sixty years the bulwark of Britain.
I saw he was of the material from which nature hews her heroes—Christian and Pagan—her lawgivers, her statesmen, her conquerors: a steadfast bulwark for great interests to rest upon; but, at the fireside, too often a cold cumbrous column, gloomy and out of place.
Whatever may be the course of your deliberations on the subject of our military establishments, I should fail in my duty in not recommending to your serious attention the importance of giving to our militia, the great bulwark of our security and resource of our power, an organization the best adapted to eventual situations, for which the United States ought to be prepared.
Staying behind the bulwark in order to stay unnoticed until she was ready to fire, she activated the system’s thermal battery and put on her head the system’s headset, then rose from her kneeling position and pointed her launcher, putting her sight’s crosshairs squarely on the approaching helicopter, now about half a mile away and flying 200 yards above the surface of the sea.
Of this I am certain, however, that when the dissension of this day is passed away, when party spirit shall no longer prevent the people of the United States from looking at the principle assumed in it, independent of gross and deceptive attachments and antipathies, that the ground here defended will be acknowledged as a high constitutional bulwark, and that the principles here advanced will be appreciated.
It is obvious that, if the authority of the United States to call into service and command the militia for the public defence, can be thus frustrated, even in a state of declared war, and of course, under apprehensions of invasion preceding war, they are not one nation for the purpose most of all requiring it; and that the public safety may have no other resource, than in those large and permanent military establishments which are forbidden by the principles of our free Government, and against the necessity of which the militia were meant to be a constitutional bulwark.
As soon as the tired chanters, who were singing the service for the twentieth time that day, began lazily and mechanically to sing: ‘Save from calamity Thy servants, O Mother of God,’ and the priest and deacon chimed in: ‘For to Thee under God we all flee as to an inviolable bulwark and protection,’ there again kindled in all those faces the same expression of consciousness of the solemnity of the impending moment that Pierre had seen on the faces at the foot of the hill at Mozhaysk and momentarily on many and many faces he had met that morning; and heads were bowed more frequently and hair tossed back, and sighs and the sound men made as they crossed themselves were heard.
As soon as the tired chanters, who were singing the service for the twentieth time that day, began lazily and mechanically to sing: “Save from calamity Thy servants, O Mother of God,” and the priest and deacon chimed in: “For to Thee under God we all flee as to an inviolable bulwark and protection,” there again kindled in all those faces the same expression of consciousness of the solemnity of the impending moment that Pierre had seen on the faces at the foot of the hill at Mozháysk and momentarily on many and many faces he had met that morning; and heads were bowed more frequently and hair tossed back, and sighs and the sound men made as they crossed themselves were heard.
To cherish peace and friendly intercourse with all nations having correspondent dispositions; to maintain sincere neutrality towards belligerent nations; to prefer, in all cases, amicable discussion and reasonable accommodation of differences, to a decision of them by an appeal to arms; to exclude foreign intrigues and foreign partialities, so degrading to all countries, and so baneful to free ones; to foster a spirit of independence, too just to invade the rights of others, too proud to surrender our own, too liberal to indulge unworthy prejudices ourselves, and too elevated not to look down upon them in others; to hold the union of the States as the basis of their peace and happiness; to support the constitution, which is the cement of the Union, as well in its limitations as in its authorities; to respect the rights and authorities reserved to the States and to the people, as equally incorporated with, and essential to the success of, the general system; to avoid the slightest interference with the rights of conscience or the functions of religion, so wisely exempted from civil jurisdiction; to preserve, in their full energy, the other salutary provisions in behalf of private and personal rights, and of the freedom of the press; to observe economy in public expenditures; to liberate the public resources by an honorable discharge of the public debts; to keep within the requisite limits a standing military force, always remembering that an armed and trained militia is the firmest bulwark of Republics; that without standing armies their liberty can never be in danger, nor with large ones safe; to promote, by authorized means, improvements friendly to agriculture, to manufactures, and to external as well as internal commerce; to favor, in like manner, the advancement of science and the diffusion of information, as the best aliment to true liberty; to carry on the benevolent plans which have been so meritoriously applied to the conversion of our aboriginal neighbors from the degradation and wretchedness of savage life, to a participation of the improvements of which the human mind and manners are susceptible in a civilized state;—as far as sentiments and intentions such as these can aid the fulfilment of my duty, they will be a resource which cannot fail me.
The tops of the walls bristled with a forest’s worth of wood in the forms of siege equipment and extra bulwarking.

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The Spanish crew was massed against the bulwarks to repel the attack.
There seems to be a perpetual battering going on at the bulwarks of my character.
But at that moment he is sprung upon by a panther billow leaping over the bulwarks.
Soon he was carefully swung inside the high bulwarks, and gently landed upon the capstan head.
The wooden reel and angular log attached hung, long untouched, just beneath the railing of the after bulwarks.
Hands go diligently along the bulwarks, and with buckets of water and rags restore them to their full tidiness.
Many of the ivory inlayings of her bulwarks and cabins were started from their places, by the unnatural dislocation.
And he made in Jerusalem engines, invented by cunning men, to be on the towers and on the bulwarks, to shoot arrows and great.
Outside of the bulwarks their eager crews with one hand clung to the rail, while one foot was expectantly poised on the gunwale.
Appoint salvation to us for walls and bulwarks, and in order to that let the gates be opened, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.
Suddenly he came to a halt by the bulwarks, and inserting his bone leg into the auger-hole there, and with one hand grasping a shroud, he ordered Starbuck to send everybody aft.
Like its crude oil counterpart, the United States Natural Gas ETF (NYSE: UNG) aims to give investors the ability to track the performance of natural gas, one of the bulwarks in the energy complex.
All round, her unpanelled, open bulwarks were garnished like one continuous jaw, with the long sharp teeth of the sperm whale, inserted there for pins, to fasten her old hempen thews and tendons to.
But Fedallah, putting a finger on his lip, slid over the bulwarks to take the boat's steering oar, and Ahab, swinging the cutting-tackle towards him, commanded the ship's sailors to stand by to lower.
During the night, Radney had an unseamanlike way of sitting on the bulwarks of the quarter-deck, and leaning his arm upon the gunwale of the boat which was hoisted up there, a little above the ship's side.
Every soul aboard stood at the bulwarks or on the seats of the steamer and stared at that distant shape, higher than the trees or church towers inland, and advancing with a leisurely parody of a human stride.
When Stubb had departed, Ahab stood for a while leaning over the bulwarks; and then, as had been usual with him of late, calling a sailor of the watch, he sent him below for his ivory stool, and also his pipe.
How can a house stand if its members are divided? In the same way how can my soul stand divvied up between my demons? It is as if a pirate worm has taken over me, climbed over the bulwarks of my soul and commandeered me.
The next morning going on deck, as he always did at an early hour, the patron found Dantes leaning against the bulwarks gazing with intense earnestness at a pile of granite rocks, which the rising sun tinged with rosy light.
To the big guns against Lose It or Hoof It, this was something that could swell and spill over the state’s bulwarks flooding the country with anti-junk food poison severely damaging too many top and bottom corporate lines.
The exterior gate the girl was talking about was one of those that had been closed, locked and reinforced with steam-powered bulwarks; a gate that Oxford must have once hoped to use to launch their own attack when it had been built.
But as the strange captain, leaning over the pallid bulwarks, was in the act of putting his trumpet to his mouth, it somehow fell from his hand into the sea; and the wind now rising amain, he in vain strove to make himself heard without it.
Without saying a word, Queequeg, in his wild sort of way, jumped upon the bulwarks, from thence into the bows of one of the whale-boats hanging to the side; and then bracing his left knee, and poising his harpoon, cried out in some such way as this:—.
A radiant Thursday was breaking over the golden domes of the city of the Viceroys, but Fermina Daza, standing at the railing, could not bear the pestilential stink of its glories, the arrogance of its bulwarks profaned by iguanas: the horror of real life.
Some Men were equipp’d with Boarding Pikes to cut thro’ the Enemy’s Rigging (as well as their Nets and Bulwarks), others hurl’d Stinkpotts at the Prey—homemade Crocks of Sulphur with a horrible Smell—or homemade Grenades of Pistol Shot and old Iron.
Even those who are seen as being the bulwarks of this culture can scarcely be trusted, for all flesh is grass; how much esteem should it be given? There’s not a more fertile branch of science to view the banality of man’s brainpan than the field of astronomy.
Keeping his footing on the heaving deck by clutching the bulwarks, my brother looked past this charging leviathan at the Martians again, and he saw the three of them now close together, and standing so far out to sea that their tripod supports were almost entirely submerged.
He only asked for water—fresh water—something to wipe the brine off; that done, he put on dry clothes, lighted his pipe, and leaning against the bulwarks, and mildly eyeing those around him, seemed to be saying to himself—It's a mutual, joint-stock world, in all meridians.
Their most recent spy reports indicated that he had several score of the Dohlarans’ new spar torpedoes, and he’d placed batteries on every rock and islet—and on floating batteries with massive bulwarks reinforced with anchor chains and sandbags—to cover the bay’s entrances.
Now, it is no very easy matter for anybody—except those who are almost hourly used to it, like whalemen—to clamber up a ship's side from a boat on the open sea; for the great swells now lift the boat high up towards the bulwarks, and then instantaneously drop it half way down to the kelson.
Meantime, the crew driven from the forward part of the ship by the perilous seas that burstingly broke over its bows, stood in a line along the bulwarks in the waist; and the better to guard against the leaping waves, each man had slipped himself into a sort of bowline secured to the rail, in which he swung as in a loosened belt.
In the midst of this consternation, Queequeg dropped deftly to his knees, and crawling under the path of the boom, whipped hold of a rope, secured one end to the bulwarks, and then flinging the other like a lasso, caught it round the boom as it swept over his head, and at the next jerk, the spar was that way trapped, and all was safe.
Above us, huddled among the brown weeds, there floated objects originating from all over: tree trunks ripped from the Rocky Mountains or the Andes and sent floating down the Amazon or the Mississippi, numerous pieces of wreckage, remnants of keels or undersides, bulwarks staved in and so weighed down with seashells and barnacles, they couldn't rise to the surface of the ocean.
Sullenly taking the offered lantern, old Fleece limped across the deck to the bulwarks; and then, with one hand dropping his light low over the sea, so as to get a good view of his congregation, with the other hand he solemnly flourished his tongs, and leaning far over the side in a mumbling voice began addressing the sharks, while Stubb, softly crawling behind, overheard all that was said.
The Honourable John appeared, resplendent in all the glory of a silk hat and frock coat, with a flower in his buttonhole, his hands gloved in lemon-coloured kids, and his feet shiny with patent leather; the people parted to let him pass, and stared at him as if he were a marquis at the very least, but the porter flung his portmanteau over the bulwarks like that of any other common tourist; John himself, with more agility than I gave him credit for, sprang aboard only just in time, as the men shouted All clear aft, sir.
Almost in the same instant, with a thunder-boom, the enormous mass dropped into the sea, like Niagara's Table-Rock into the whirlpool; the suddenly relieved hull rolled away from it, to far down her glittering copper; and all caught their breath, as half swinging—now over the sailors' heads, and now over the water—Daggoo, through a thick mist of spray, was dimly beheld clinging to the pendulous tackles, while poor, buried-alive Tashtego was sinking utterly down to the bottom of the sea! But hardly had the blinding vapour cleared away, when a naked figure with a boarding-sword in his hand, was for one swift moment seen hovering over the bulwarks.
Again among the tiers of shipping, in and out, avoiding rusty chain-cables frayed hempen hawsers and bobbing buoys, sinking for the moment floating broken baskets, scattering floating chips of wood and shaving, cleaving floating scum of coal, in and out, under the figure-head of the John of Sunderland making a speech to the winds (as is done by many Johns), and the Betsy of Yarmouth with a firm formality of bosom and her knobby eyes starting two inches out of her head; in and out, hammers going in ship-builders' yards, saws going at timber, clashing engines going at things unknown, pumps going in leaky ships, capstans going, ships going out to sea, and unintelligible sea-creatures roaring curses over the bulwarks at respondent lightermen, in and out,—out at last upon the clearer river, where the ships' boys might take their fenders in, no longer fishing in troubled waters with them over the side, and where the festooned sails might fly out to the wind.

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