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    1. He was busy grooming Starlight – something they had argued about, until he had pointed out that if he couldn’t do something practical, he would go crazy and she had conceded the point – and she was perched on a hay bale watching him

    2. When he rides into the yard I’m out in the stable block ostensibly grooming Sefir, though the effectiveness of my so-called grooming would be called into doubt by any half-capable stablehand but Sefir doesn’t seem to mind

    3. No driving ambitions, no slave to whim or fashion, no war making, why he even grew his own clothes then just lay around grooming himself, living in the moment

    4. He still thought of it as grooming, and he could think while he did it

    5. With his wardrobe for the evening prepared, he combed his hair, checked his reflection for any necessary grooming, then he crossed the hall to the lavatory to complete his activities

    6. The suite was such that both travelers were able to attend to their own grooming and hygienic concerns separately, and at the same time

    7. He studied the faces and dress of the two men, their grooming and their jewelry

    8. My father and mother were making last minute repairs and the final grooming of the bungalows' buildings and grounds, when the eastern winds came stampeding across the lake

    9. Thinking like an anthropologist once again, and how long this population of humans had been separated from those on Earth, he wondered if it could have evolved from grooming behavior

    10. such as a grooming service or special vitamins for dogs

    11. Her taste in clothes was superb and the women always followed her style of dress and grooming

    12. he Human obsession with health and cleanliness inevitably leads to Canines being subjected to pill-popping, grooming, and the dreaded bath

    13. Never fear; attempts at grooming can be thwarted in a number of ways:

    14. She had always enjoyed the closeness that grooming had brought between her and her mother; the idle chatter, the intimate touching, the lingering caresses

    15. Upon entering, she was astonished to encounter an equally surprised Caroline Steepleton, the fiancée of the owner of Club Hollywood where Herminia had worked as a child whore, grooming a magnificent, snow-white Andalusian stallion, with its mane and tail brushed to resemble fine, flowing silk

    16. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to do your own grooming,” she said while cross-tying the stallion in the center isle and presenting her with a brush and pick

    17. While the other grooming procedures involve cutting and deliberately

    18. “That’s nonsense! Even ministers would find that assumption idiotic! At best! Master Olom would have you scrubbing the horses for a week for even pondering such a connection! I do mean, scrubbing! Flayed brush and murky water for a week! Grooming a horse is no occupation for an aspiring Curator, mind you! And especially the horses’ parts where

    19. The creature’s shocked surprise was countered by the injured male’s glare of disapproval, quickly followed by a growl as the leader slowly approached, while making grooming sounds

    20. Grooming its spiked mane with a heavy paw, brushing against the

    21. His sons were running Nanjing and Zheng He, and he was grooming his nephew to run Longjiang, which was named after the shipyard in Nanjing

    22. He learned the importance of succession planning and grooming the next generation of managers

    23. grooming his beard for a few seconds, he continued, “And to be

    24. midday meal, constantly grooming his beard, standing in front of

    25. with the grooming of his ears for so long that I grabbed him by the

    26. This is also how you manage feeding and grooming them as well

    27. -In a minute I'm with you -said the Genie getting lost behind the bathroom door to reappear properly grooming and bathed some minutes later

    28. ongoing grooming and behaviourism

    29. Case studies in which improvement for women only is inferred from changes in grooming and the application of

    30. Grooming your dog would ensure that he always feel comfortable, which would have positive results in your training sessions

    31. Make sure to do the grooming yourself, since it is also an activity, which would bring you closer to each other

    32. And who knew how many more? She could take care of her meals and grooming, and she could listen to the radio

    33. Most cats learn to enjoy the grooming process, and this can be a rewarding interaction between you and your pet as well

    34. Bathing is not necessary for all cats as they are excellent at grooming themselves

    35. Trimming is a grooming chore you'll want to be able to do yourself

    36. He grooms her repeatedly and accepts grooming in return

    37. He ran his hand through his hair, attempting some last minute grooming

    38. coated cats will need more grooming

    39. The coat usually comes in black, needs much grooming and

    40. and canines are long and thin, used for grooming, hence it is

    41. Grooming is a regular

    42. marking and grooming are normal behaviours for this Lemur

    43. grooming is an important part of the courting process

    44. the hands), vocalization and grooming are important behaviours

    45. Her worn tunic and headscarf had not been washed in a long time and the few strands of black curly hair showing from under the scarf were in need of serious grooming

    46. are related to the topic such as pet grooming, pet food, pet supplies and so on

    47. The car is fifty years old, but in pristine condition with rego USAIMP registered to the company Cheval Grooming

    48. Pets could stay overnight while their families were away, or come for an afternoon of combing and grooming, replete with hair-ribbons and fingernail painting

    49. ” Aahla sat comfortably on the couch, grooming

    50. fascinated by his grooming rituals, as her father had died when she was young and she

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    dressing grooming preparation training

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    activity leading to skilled behavior

    the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes