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Dressing in a sentence | dressing example sentences

  1. But that is window dressing.
  2. John was in his dressing room.
  3. She was always dressing too.
  4. Could be a dressing down, but.
  5. Much like a king dressing as a.

  6. Is she in the dressing room?
  7. Maybe a dressing with some gauze.
  8. He cared not for dressing of power.
  9. It would have been like dressing.
  10. Top dressing: 3 to 6 times a year.
  11. Toss with about half the dressing.
  12. She was wearing his dressing gown.
  13. What kind of dressing is this?
  14. Drizzle with the remaining dressing.
  15. Add the chicken strips and dressing.

  16. I have made the following dressing on.
  17. She was a natural at dressing a house.
  18. Natalie had a dressing room of her own.
  19. In the dressing room, Emily and I argue.
  20. The secret is in the dressing, a thin.
  21. Anything more would be window dressing.
  22. Limit your salad dressing and eat more.
  23. After dressing and heading out the door.
  24. Dressing quickly, she stood by the door.
  25. Apply without touching the dressing pad.

  26. All that changes is the window dressing.
  27. He had considered dressing as a tourist.
  28. Rory went to the dressing shed, washed.
  29. She changed the dressing on her shoulder.
  30. As I was finishing dressing, Roy woke up.
  31. Ah, there they are, on the dressing table.
  32. Casear dressing and garnish with croutons.
  33. He should leave dressing a lady to me.
  34. Dressing up for the occasion called life.
  35. Place a sterile dressing over the cut end.
  36. He ordered a salad, no dressing and water.
  37. Dressing Santa Claus this way may not work.
  38. Massie paused in front of the dressing room.
  39. Toss the salad with the dressing and serve.
  40. I had missed a leaf with the salad dressing.
  41. They assisted me in my bath and in dressing.
  42. Did he have a dressing room, possibly with.
  43. Cotton, use of, in dressing wounds, xxi, 159.
  45. I wasn’t dressing up! protested Ralph.
  46. Tammas stirred to the sounds of Selar dressing.
  47. But the dressing up like a prat is my idea.
  48. They pour in several quarts of salad dressing.
  49. He returns to see the children finish dressing.
  50. Mix with dressing and toasted sunflower seeds.
  51. And the dressing was one she made from scratch.
  52. Toss salad with dressing and chill for 2 hours.
  53. Top dressing with compost will help conditions.
  54. Mix dressing ingredients and toss with veggies.
  55. I got up and started dressing as fast as I could.
  56. There was nothing on the dressing table, either.
  57. It is the same as dressing and feeding a shadow.
  58. Spread half of the salad dressing over hot crust.
  59. I'm in the dressing room I'll be there in a sec.
  60. She lifted the dressing and saw only a new scar.
  61. A chicken breast salad with Ranch dressing was.
  62. Eloise stopped dressing as she thought of a reply.
  63. The Dressing Point Massacre of Karankawas in 1826.
  64. They both stood up and finished dressing as they.
  65. That dressing was really not part of the equation.
  66. There are many books about dressing professionally.
  67. It hit her as she was dressing to go to the party.
  68. The dressing table was leaning acutely, its once.
  69. Gwog finished dressing and followed Dar to the dock.
  70. He left the dressing room and stopped in his tracks.
  71. If this dressing is flavored with Bell's Seasoning.
  72. Many picked at the surgical dressing on their head.
  73. They also can be used as a side dressing as needed.
  74. The associate had mistakenly gotten French dressing.
  75. Instead of a traditional salad dressing, use salsa.
  76. She rang for her maid and went to her dressing room.
  77. Evan leapt out of bed and threw his dressing robe on.
  78. Why? He was dressing faster than I could blink.
  79. Morse peeked out the door of the small dressing room.
  80. She was dressing herself, when Rose walked into the.
  81. And they like dressing one another for the sacrifice.
  82. Cenni disinfects it and puts on a temporary dressing.
  83. The large mirror on the dressing table caught his eye.
  84. He was humming a lively tune while dressing the wound.
  85. Crated carrot and celery salad with dietetic dressing.
  86. As a result, dressing was a little difficult with all.
  87. A few wisps of gray hair hung loose from the dressing.
  88. That explained his dressing gown in the middle of the.
  89. Marinate the chicken breast in Italian dressing for 1.
  90. I could see he would never reach the dressing station.
  91. Neither did performing for others by dressing up.
  92. Buy some pretty violets for your dressing table, miss.
  93. And so, she began dressing up, and also went downstairs.
  94. Before I had finished dressing Vassin came in hurriedly.
  95. During performances, it was the actors’ dressing room.
  96. It had three en-suite bedrooms, one with a dressing room.
  97. Was he dressing? Did he still weep? She reached the door.
  98. This dressing is different as it has an added ingredient.
  99. We’re around animals, dressing animals all the time.
  100. Edward, Chris, Sean, and Orlando run to the dressing room.
  1. I sat up and dressed.
  2. He was dressed in a.
  3. He was dressed as a.
  4. He had to get dressed.
  5. I got dressed in six.
  6. She was dressed in a.
  7. He too was dressed in.
  8. Each was dressed in a.
  9. She was dressed in an.
  10. She was dressed in the.
  11. All are dressed in the.
  12. You need to get dressed.
  14. I dressed in a pair of.
  15. He was still dressed in.
  16. He got dressed in a flash.
  17. He still was dressed in.
  18. That dressed up her new.
  19. She was dressed and ready.
  20. One man dressed in fine.
  21. He’s dressed in a robe.
  22. We also dressed in full.
  23. H unit, dressed for the O.
  24. He was well dressed, but.
  25. He dressed in his finery.
  26. He was dressed in a white.
  27. Tony was fully dressed now.
  28. As soon as he was dressed.
  29. Research dressed as a woman.
  30. Stil dressed in his black.
  31. Jessie was dressed in the.
  32. They were death dressed up.
  33. Sue and I then got dressed.
  34. He was so well dressed too.
  35. They were dressed like you.
  36. I dressed up like this to.
  37. He was dressed in my blue.
  38. Dressed much the same but.
  39. John wanders in, dressed now.
  40. His wounds had been dressed.
  41. And she all dressed in green.
  42. When I saw you, dressed in.
  43. I got dressed in my cositine.
  44. He was dressed all in black.
  45. He was dressed casually in.
  46. He was dressed for the part.
  47. Dressed in all my Sunday wear.
  48. He was even dressed the same.
  49. Yuki had dressed in red today.
  50. We dressed and then dragged.
  51. They were dressed and ready.
  52. He was dressed casually and.
  53. He was dressed in fitted tu x.
  54. Emily hurried and got dressed.
  55. She stood dressed in a white.
  56. They all dressed in black as.
  57. Dressed in jeans and T-shirts.
  58. Then she went to get dressed.
  59. They were dressed to keep warm.
  60. He was dressed in record time.
  61. Dressed in furs and reindeer.
  62. He got out of bed and dressed.
  63. He was dressed in just pants.
  64. Slowly she got up and dressed.
  65. She was dressed in layers of.
  66. He dressed and grabbed his gun.
  67. Or if available, fully dressed.
  68. They were all dressed in black.
  69. I dressed quickly and went to.
  70. He was dressed in the typical.
  71. And Cameron dressed as a Jack.
  72. The two men were both dressed.
  73. I had never fed or dressed him.
  74. He was fully dressed and armed.
  75. They were all dressed as Calras.
  76. How was she dressed then?
  77. She dressed carefully for dinner.
  78. I wished I was dressed at least.
  79. She was now dressed and coming.
  80. McPersons of Uiargh had dressed.
  81. She dressed quickly and headed.
  82. Carol slowly got herself dressed.
  83. I'll get dressed when I please.
  84. Robin was not dressed for action.
  85. He washed and dressed for dinner.
  86. The oddly dressed girl nudged him.
  87. Probably not, even field dressed.
  88. The three Cardinals, dressed in.
  89. She was dressed in surgical garb.
  90. She was dressed real nice though.
  91. I dressed according to the times.
  92. She was fully dressed and made-.
  93. She was dressed in male clothing.
  94. Because we’ll not be dressed.
  95. My, he is dressed to the nines.
  96. She dressed two of them in their.
  97. They dressed, packed and headed.
  98. All of them are dressed in white.
  99. She was dressed in men's clothes.
  100. They were lean, dressed in black.
  1. Well to do, dresses well.
  2. My wife dresses to kill.
  3. But at least she wore dresses.
  4. The box is filled with dresses.
  5. I say nothing about the dresses.
  6. I already have a lot of dresses.
  7. She dresses as her mother dressed.
  8. His face and dresses were all sand.
  9. They had tried on countless dresses.
  10. Shirts, pants, shoes, dresses and.
  11. Suits, dresses, shoes? Small change.
  12. Her dresses were simple, worn only.
  13. Naomi was cutting paper-doll dresses.
  14. Dresses shall not have metal buttons.
  15. He is overweight and dresses sloppily.
  16. The woman never wore skirts or dresses.
  17. R U coming 2 try on dresses tomorrow?
  18. Balldresses, by God, and court dresses.
  19. They wore noisy dresses and many wraps.
  20. The boys wore dresses and had long hair.
  21. He dresses himself in the French fashion.
  22. I don't think I want any of these dresses.
  23. She looked over at him, All dresses?
  24. Both Sue and Bev’s dresses and vales had.
  25. She’s tall and pretty and dresses trendily.
  26. Her dresses were always of the latest fashion.
  27. Emily was surprised because her dresses were.
  28. And she dresses as well as any woman in London.
  29. Most of them wear black dresses, as they would.
  30. Most of my dresses were from my old collections.
  31. Sofya Semyonovna trying them on mourning dresses.
  32. They all looked beautiful in their long dresses.
  33. Little black dolls in white dresses and red bows.
  34. Above, women's dresses flowered in a cold breeze.
  35. She tried different dresses with the same result.
  36. I see you have one of your favorite dresses on.
  37. They praised her taste and dresses, they settled.
  38. He patiently dresses me as if I’m a small child.
  39. It appeared that two dresses had not been done at.
  40. All this requires more dresses, hats, shoes, etc.
  41. She dresses conservatively and draws her hair back.
  42. And they’re afraid their new dresses won’t show.
  43. I have more dresses than I will ever be able to wear.
  44. Cass helps Becky choose two nice dresses for herself.
  45. Wasting our heritage money, buying dresses like that.
  46. Interesting dresses matched the body and odd lamppost.
  47. However, he lay in bed and watched her getting dresses.
  48. And yes, I have some dresses I could wear tomorrow.
  49. He once again avoided the influx of dresses and finely.
  50. Or did it? Some of her friends already had their dresses.
  51. Or dresses that fit perfectly at the top but are either.
  52. She moved into the room and started hanging the dresses.
  53. She wore one of the finest knit dresses he had ever seen.
  54. God, who wears ivory dresses anymore? That's so yesterday.
  55. He finds a nice pair of shoes that match both her dresses.
  56. Red Cross patches were sown on the front of their dresses.
  57. I saw petite white women dressed in nice dresses and heels.
  58. When an actor plays the part of a king, he dresses, speaks.
  59. Amy gets up quickly, dresses, and heads down to the kitchen.
  60. They were all wearing their very best dresses that they had.
  61. You remember, she wears three and four dresses at a time?
  62. Victorian afternoon dresses with flounces and knife-pleated.
  63. Will I have a chance to see you try on sexy dresses?
  64. The carpenter dresses his plank, the tongue of his foreplane.
  65. She dresses in a silk blouse with beads hanging to her waist.
  66. Dresses of this sort generally mean the wearing of high heels.
  67. Moving to the closet she sifted through the dresses, search-.
  68. Wear the dresses and the shoes; it will keep you in his favour.
  69. Deshavi leafed through the summer dresses in the store in town.
  70. I grab one of the summer dresses, a white jumper and some wedges.
  71. She probably had one of the most expensive dresses in that room.
  72. She forced her into one of her dresses much to Tani’s chagrin.
  73. Natasha and Sonya, holding up their dresses, jumped out quickly.
  74. She dresses as though her clothes are tossed on with a pitchfork.
  75. We’re looking for killer dresses for our dance tomorrow night.
  76. Natásha and Sónya, holding up their dresses, jumped out quickly.
  77. In that way he who would wear figure-hugging dresses designed to.
  78. Both were wearing long dresses and had a hard time getting around.
  79. She didn't like all of the dresses that Margaret kept bringing her.
  80. He had you in frilly dresses, yelling at the staff, he even tried.
  81. They were bare‐headed and wore cotton dresses and goatskin shoes.
  82. She’s feared you mout not dresses an’ Ah’d ’splain ter you.
  83. While Rob showers and dresses, I get a few minutes with Simon alone.
  84. I was thinking, I’d go where they bought their wedding dresses.
  85. There were several dresses and tops and a couple of shorts and jeans.
  86. Too young to vote but not to love, dresses that fit just like a glove.
  87. It will also give you a clue as to how he normally dresses and so on.
  88. He could only see them dancing with their dresses and robes fluttering.
  89. She said not a word about parties and drives and dresses and fellows.
  90. She changed her boyfriends like her dresses every two or three months.
  91. She had brought, for an eight-days' stay, five dresses and six blouses.
  92. There were dresses and skirts in it but they were much too big for Emma.
  93. Natalya stood and took a jar of white powder from out among the dresses.
  94. Soldiers, and the rabble in general, attired themselves in court dresses.
  95. Only the roasted edges of dresses on some poor souls pointed to a gender.
  96. Her body was discovered in Lisa’s room holding one of her baby dresses.
  97. Cherish smiled as she walked towards him taking the dresses from his hands.
  98. Nicky tried the other dresses and selected another two that fitted her well.
  99. She imagined herself walking through Saks with dresses folded over her arm.
  100. England’s most fashionable suits and dresses hung so temptingly in stores.

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1. It was time to dress.
2. Her dress was very old.
3. If her dress was any.
4. So he lifts her dress.
5. He hurried to dress it.
6. It is a pretty dress.
7. Amy stares at the dress.
8. The dress was too long.
9. The dress was sea blue.
10. The posse began to dress.
11. I was in my night dress.
12. Wear this dress, and I.
13. Her dress was in tatters.
14. Their dress too had the.
15. The dress is so becoming.
16. It goes with your dress.
17. Can I zip up your dress?
18. She was changing her dress.
19. The dress is safe with me.
20. She had removed her dress.
21. Diaper and dress the baby.
22. The second dress is better.
23. Put on your white dress.
24. They dress in a way that.
25. I would dress in business.
26. Thomas wore a dress shirt.
27. To the shoulder of my dress.
28. I hold the dress to my nose.
29. But dress yourself; see, M.
30. In the dress is a pocket.
31. And you can burn that dress.
32. He held a dress in his hands.
33. Now lie still while I dress.
34. You can't have Josie's dress.
35. She felt a tug at her dress.
36. Reall formal dress suits also.
37. He bought her a dress and a.
38. Inez give you the dress?
39. The dress was business suits.
40. The dress was still the same.
41. She was wearing a blue dress.
42. Why, dress her with an orchid.
43. Chapman helped her to dress.
44. They dress up the table and.
45. But it was an afternoon dress.
46. They dress and leave the room.
47. Pirates don't dress like that.
48. Who is going to put a dress on.
49. My hands smoothed out my dress.
50. She retrieved her dress from.
51. A girl arrived in a pale dress.
52. Her dress is very old and poor.
53. Peel me out of Kate’s dress.
54. It will cover up my old dress.
55. It doesn‘t fit the dress.
56. She was wearing her best dress.
57. You've found you're dress Holly.
58. Only then did he dress himself.
59. Or kiss the border of her dress.
60. Just help me put this dress on.
61. The eye is the dress of thought.
62. Words are the dress of thoughts.
63. Dress up on the sphere of heat.
64. He had her preparing the dress.
65. It really was a beautiful dress.
66. Gone was the woolen over dress.
67. I get up, wash, shave and dress.
68. Usually I dress more like this.
69. Marie liked me to dress this way.
70. Then come to dress and shave me.
71. She was dress and now in his car.
72. Mud stuck to her new, red dress.
73. It was different with the dress.
74. The red dress made her look so.
75. It was not suitable for a dress.
76. She was wearing a dress and an.
77. I went and got her dress for her.
78. It’s my dress uniform, Papa.
79. Dress was seldom tacky or dirty.
80. She was a vision, in that dress.
81. The dress still revealed ample.
82. I came to buy a dress, as a gift.
83. She hugged the dress to her body.
84. He had not even started to dress.
85. The gander wanted that pink dress.
86. I just want to dress appropriate.
87. Try not to ruin that dress, Mass.
88. I'll dress at once and come down.
89. Her face was as red as her dress.
90. Granted, I do not dress up as a.
91. There’s a girl in this dress.
92. She gathered up her dress in her.
93. But these ones matched my dress.
94. I stopped, still holding the dress.
95. Would have, save my lover's dress.
96. He saw the pink dress through the.
97. I dress a lot like him, with the.
98. He is wearing pants/a skirt/a dress.
99. My dress was ripped in the process.
100. The dress was snug, but manageable.