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    1. His axe spun up and sliced through the wooden haft

    2. His body tensed and the Pilgrim seemed to be on the edge as well, the fingers of his hand opening and closing in rapid succession around the knife’s haft in nervous anticipation

    3. 22 And the haft also went in after the blade; and the fat closed on the blade, so that he could not draw the dagger out of his belly; and the dirt came out

    4. Balthus felt the haft of an ax shoved into his hand

    5. Jodas approached the priest, slow and deliberately, the priest was rooted to the spot, mesmerised by shock, snapping out of his trance he turned to run but his two guards pushed him to the ground and held him fast, Jodas straddled his chest, forced open his mouth and one of the guards kept the mouth open by inserting the haft of his spear into Yaotl’s mouth, Jodas sawed away at the tongue, then stood and held the severed tongue above his head for all the people to see, applause, cheers, whistles and laughter rippled like thunder through the crowd, they began to chant

    6. He still gripped its haft tightly

    7. It was heavy for him, and the haft was a little long, but Lov could appreciate the brutal efficiency of the ax "I think this is the one I'll ask Jaxon about

    8. " He said, setting the haft on the ground and leaning on the pole

    9. Lov slammed the haft of his ax into the ground

    10. The Ashura wrapped his arms tightly around himself, gripping haft in one hand

    11. Haft: The handle of a dagger

    12. My sister comes in, wearing a pink top with a white haft sweater over it and a white skirt and ballet flats

    13. on the table and rested his hands on the haft

    14. The broken off haft of a javelin still protruded from the man’s left side

    15. He saw him as high as the red sash on his waist, with a gleam of a white-handled revolver and the wooden haft of a long knife protruding on his left side

    16. The axe was long and lethal, with a banded haft, a heavy head, and a wicked spike on its back, but it was a two-handed weapon

    17. scalps of Men,' said Gimli, patting the haft of his axe

    18. In its other hand it held a broad-headed spear with a short broken haft

    19. With a grunt of effort, he swung the spear haft to plant its brass-shod butt against the bole of a stout bloodwood tree

    20. Felipe stood smiling in quiet satisfaction, half-surreptitiously massaging his right elbow where the spear haft had given it a good crack as it was torn free

    21. Rob clacked his hardwood axe haft up between the tree limbs the two recruits were whacking each other with

    22. He was using an infantryman’s axe, both head and haft longer and heavier than the battle-axe he carried when mounted

    1. But Raju returned home within a minute running and hafting; he was out of his breathe

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    haft helve shank crop grip butt knob

    "haft" definitions

    the handle of a weapon or tool