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Crop in a sentence

With the crop and the.
It is a pure death crop.
Crop of abt 1924 photo.
This is our true crop.
Good calf crop this year.
The crop stings this time.
Ate until my crop was full.

I put the crop tip in his.
I put the crop in his face.
And become one of the crop.
So as each veggie crop was.
Mandy, crop your ears, and.
Why was the crop a wild one?
The present crop was tiresome.
They would harvest their crop.
This year the crop was average.
Crop from a 1989 photo of the.
This is in effect a second crop.
I think it’s a crop circle.
The crop was a splendid one, and.
It could crop up in any operation.
Poor old man, it’s all his crop.
You guys are the cream of the crop.
A new crop of submariners had come.
Barley is a good crop to grow out.
I run the crop tip down to his cock.
The calf crop was near a 50-year low.
Luke is the best of the current crop.
But no! Up came the crop to fend, and.
An immense crop of grass on the ground.
Akin to a crop dusted stale wheat field.
Corn may be the number one crop in the U.
They had enough grain until the next crop.
Come spring we’ll have another good crop.
This is an unauthorized crop, he said.
The crop must be processed for distribution.
Crop of photo of a Lucus Cranach, the elder.
I shut the room out, him out… the crop out.
The crop is a derivative of what is planted.
Take your time and pick the best of the crop.
The main Cropping Villages.
She had lost no time in cropping up, he thought.
This performs the cropping operation on the image.
I don’t want any unfinished business cropping up later.
Be aware that ear cropping of dogs is illegal in numerous.
The horses were quietly cropping the rich grass by the stream.
I distinguished a moor sheep cropping the short turf on the graves.
I distinguished a moor-sheep cropping the short turf on the graves.
Cropping is easily achieved by selecting the crop tool within.
It was not long after when secrets and techniques starting cropping up.
Throughout history, virtually the same numbers keep cropping up again and again.
An accent known to the Cropping Villages of the south, traces of his words were.
Soaked through, by early evening of the next turn, the Cropping Village of Candal.
It kept cropping up, reminding me that it was still there and that I had a job to do.
Whereupon she remarked, with unexpected tranquillity, How that man keeps on cropping up.
The mule left off cropping at the devil grass and came along without an argument for once.
Snuffers: A device similar to a pair of scissors for cropping and holding the snuff of a candle.
Thoughts kept cropping up in her head that shook her confidence but she tried to stay positive.
But I wanted to ask the ladies about the rumors that have been cropping up, the reporter protested.
It’s… She drew a deep breath, trying to counter the fresh irritation cropping up in her once more.
He lived solely for his own amusement; cropping life’s greenness in a slow, easy, ruminant fashion, and on a modest income.
In the meadow beyond, flocks of sheep are cropping the grass, and an old negro is busily engaged in repairing a breach in the stone wall.
They are called standard simply because approximately the same number of days has kept cropping up, time after time, throughout market history.
For days, my eyes had longed to see the vision of my beautiful horse and now, there was Jasper, only a few feet away, contentedly cropping grass with Dublin.
The question that kept cropping up was how much of the aggressiveness was sports related and how much was a deliberate attempt to sideline future Federation officers.
Even the bison, to some extent, keeps pace with the seasons cropping the pastures of the Colorado only till a greener and sweeter grass awaits him by the Yellowstone.
Nothing had been stolen: money was found on both bodies, their costly weapons lay beside them, and two valuable horses were cropping the grass in the clearing outside.
In any case, the former sheriff’s mare, old-in-the-tooth and a little mangy in the coat, stood before Schmoozeglutton, half-heartedly cropping the sparse grass behind his house.
April, early spring, with birds in the air and bees buzzing amidst the cropping of freshly-sprouted flowers, something so dark and ominous came trotting through one woman’s life in a way that could be seen as ironic.
Though perhaps fanzine was the better word, as its formal debts were less to any national glossy than to the small-batch booklets that had started cropping up in head shops and record exchanges at the dawn of the 1970s.
It is because revolution cannot be really conquered, and that being providential and absolutely fatal, it is always cropping up afresh: before Waterloo, in Bonaparte overthrowing the old thrones; after Waterloo, in Louis XVIII.
They make scarce any manure for their corn fields, he says ; but when one piece of ground has been exhausted by continual cropping, they clear and cultivate another piece of fresh land; and when that is exhausted, proceed to a third.
But cropping out of the ground, right in the path of the stream which looped itself about it, was a great rock, almost a hill of stone, like a last outpost of the distant mountains, or a huge piece cast miles into the plain by some giant among giants.
Their cattle are allowed to wander through the woods and other uncultivated grounds, where they are half-starved; having long ago extirpated almost all the annual grasses, by cropping them too early in the spring, before they had time to form their flowers, or to shed their seeds.
As the mower propelled me along the shed floor at an ever-increasing speed, I was vaguely aware of strange, violet coloured lights flashing passed overhead, and when it mounted a line of grow-bags, the blades clattered into life, cropping neat strips from my hair, until I ended up looking like some seventies punk star.
The ruined walls of this old mansion, with lichen cropping out from every crevice; the unhinged doors and broken windows; the ladder rotting as it leans against the moss-grown roof, the broken well-sweep and deserted barn, offer an aspect of desolation and decay which should prove sufficient bait to tempt any ghost of moderate demands.
A glance capable of piercing all that mist deeply would have perceived at some distance a sort of little sutler's wagon with a fluted wicker hood, harnessed to a famished nag which was cropping the grass across its bit as it halted, hidden, as it were, behind the hovel which adjoins the highway to Nivelles, at the angle of the road from Mont-Saint-Jean to Braine l'Alleud; and in the wagon, a sort of woman seated on coffers and packages.
This answer was written with the object of delay until Burton's return; and, as before, the Doctor took the paper to the salt spring, while Tom went to a position where he could watch the goat carry away the message to the boy; and he had not long to wait, for within a couple of hours the boy and his goats appeared and slowly passed the place, and, as they quietly went along from bush to bush cropping the leaves, one took the letter, and in a few minutes the boy had taken it from the goat.
Years afterwards she could bring the whole scene back again, as if it had been only yesterday—the mild blue eyes and kindly smile of the Knight—the setting sun gleaming through his hair, and shining on his armour in a blaze of light that quite dazzled her—the horse quietly moving about, with the reins hanging loose on his neck, cropping the grass at her feet—and the black shadows of the forest behind—all this she took in like a picture, as, with one hand shading her eyes, she leant against a tree, watching the strange pair, and listening, in a half dream, to the melancholy music of the song.
I cropped up my ears.
My ears were cropped up.
And look, her ears are cropped.
Furthermore, I cropped up my ears.
Once or twice, this year cropped up.
Tom told him an emergency had cropped up.
Her straight, dark hair was cropped short.
He has cropped brown hair and hunches over.
That’s why I cropped up my ears whenever.
Your cat’s ears should be cropped up and a.
I cropped up my ears and then tuned into what the.
Corey’s ears cropped up, and then he pointed east.
He’s tall, black, with closely cropped brown hair.
His brownish-red hair was army style, short cropped.
My mother cropped her ears in order to tune into the.
He sighed, and rubbed his thick, cropped hair roughly.
Why little by little, his effectiveness was cropped!.
I scanned the area with my eyes and cropped up my ears.
Blomkvist had cropped up on every site, and that hurt.
I cropped up my ears and tuned into what was happening.
His brother was a thick set man with cropped hair who.
She said nothing, and shook her cropped head in dissent.
He had hooked nose, a close cropped beard, shaved to a.
Her face was drawn, her hair was cropped above her ears.
Information was cropped off when the book used as a scan.
His hair was newly cropped, but just as unevenly as before.
I raised my head, took several sniffs and then cropped up.
I cropped up my ears, pressed the side of my head against.
I cropped up my ears and continued my trek, but after two.
Without notice, the Rottweiler stood up, with cropped ears.
My ears instinctively cropped high and forward towards the.
Midnight black hair that was short cropped and super curly.
Brian nudged my shoulder with his head then he cropped his.
I did what I had to, I stayed low and still, cropped up my.
I cropped up my incredible feline ears and tuned in to what.
It was late afternoon when the opportunity first cropped up.
After a while another outfit cropped up in the conversations.
His hair was shiny grey and cropped very closely to his scalp.
These scrubbers have to be cropped periodically for nutrient.
Have any issues cropped up that I’m ignoring subconsciously?
Crops were ripening in the.
The cereal crops had started.
Around our crops area we wil.
But Jed said it wasn’t crops.
We can grow crops and food-beasts.
A few crops of rain began to fall.
It’s not crops, said Stubby.
Gardens—where we grow the crops.
Wanton destruction of crops was a sin.
Fruits, vegetables, and staple crops.
Corn and soybean crops were affected.
He was the god of fertility and crops.
They saved all the seeds, crops, and.
It lasts longer than other staple crops.
Empty of crops but there was still the.
It wrecks buildings, machinery and crops.
Some crops need more heat than other plants.
They had cattle, goats and grew some crops.
They burned crops, food stores, barns, etc.
Some of the fields still won’t bear crops.
To water crops and nurse them back to plenty.
The cool ones provide less moisture to crops.
Crops are struggling a bit with the drought.
Our smallfolk need that water for their crops.
Survivors that saved many crops and animal.
We couldn’t have crops out in the desert.
The crops are better and the process is easier.
Some of the crops were in pop-tents off the Hab.
It had to be done, somehow, for the later crops.
Did she accuse you of raiding the crops?
We are lambing and have to get crops planted.
And where there weren't trees, there were crops.
Whenever fear crops up (and it always does - the.
Even when the crops could be found, the area was.
Starving wildlife will raid crops owned by farmers.
Roads, crops and entire villages were washed away.
The Nian would eat their livestock, fish and crops.
Notice its role in the growth of plants and crops!.
The crops are ruined, everything is soaked in blood.
It reduces damage to the crops from pests and weeds.

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