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    1. ’ He said simply without hesitation

    2. After a short hesitation, I opened the main portal of the Zephyrus, stepped out with slow, cautious steps and looked around carefully

    3. ’ Joris said without hesitation

    4. Once she lifted it, there was a moment of hesitation, then a spreading smile on her face and she too was engulfed by that joy of knowing she had found her dragon

    5. With only a moment’s hesitation, Berndt selects our route and we set off; Berndt leading, me in the middle and Joris bringing up the rear

    6. ’ I said without hesitation

    7. ’ He replied without hesitation

    8. My face burns with embarrassment, but there is no hesitation in my mind

    9. “Yes, my Queen, I have,” he answered without hesitation

    10. 'How many of these men are yours?' 'Ten,' he said, after some hesitation

    11. When Jo, without any hesitation, starts on the fourth example, by which time we are all helpless with laughter, he has to concede her point

    12. without a moment’s hesitation the fisherman dragged the man to

    13. great! Brent replied without the slightest hesitation

    14. All of a sudden, Dave pulls into a layby and, after a second’s hesitation, turns the engine off and turns to look at me

    15. “Yes,” she said with no hesitation

    16. Mandy moved with unabashed curiosity to the piece of porcelain furniture and without a moment's hesitation, pulled the little chain dangling from the tank

    17. those who had just stood down swung into action without hesitation

    18. desk was done he went directly to the next without hesitation

    19. “This way,” Alistair said without hesitation, indicating to their

    20. Without hesitation I said, “Sorry, I don’t know the answer

    21. the chalk and went through the equation without hesitation, circled the answer at

    22. Without hesitation, Bram strode over to the nearest Guardian,

    23. Without hesitation Roman jabbed it in the side of

    24. didn’t look back; any hesitation could cost him his freedom

    25. In the dream, Tom had no hesitation in embracing both mother

    26. Roman tried it without hesitation

    27. Without further hesitation, I flung the pool ball across the room

    28. 'Yes,' said the Cardinal after a slight hesitation

    29. Without hesitation Pick flipped the card

    30. For the first time Heather could hear hesitation in his voice, a lack of

    31. ' There was another hesitation,

    32. brief hesitation, invited him to be seated and share their

    33. ‘Yes I am,’ said Jean – without hesitation

    34. through the broken doorway without hesitation

    35. I have seen a Man kill his own brother without hesitation, solely for breeding rights with a human female

    36. Harry knew, in some depth, what Chloe's response would be to that suggestion, and without hesitation he offered to arrange their stay at the Livingson Bungalow Lodges

    37. Without further hesitation she bit down as hard as she could and twisted her

    38. The hesitation did not last long

    39. hesitation he held it to the pink silk

    40. After a brief hesitation, he

    41. ‘How angry?’ Another brief hesitation

    42. hesitation of movement towards the vein as he spoke

    43. The proffered food was taken without hesitation, and was

    44. embarrassed, and believed her without hesitation

    45. There was a second of hesitation from Johnson and Roman seized it, kicking the

    46. a moment’s hesitation and a rueful sidelong glance at the

    47. Without hesitation, the young man summoned the full might of his power, covering himself from head to toe in azure flames

    48. And when there was none, without hesitation,

    49. how to go where He wanted to go without hesitation, for they

    50. unambiguous, and he had no hesitation in obeying them

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    Synonyms for "hesitation"

    falter faltering hesitation waver disinclination hesitancy indisposition reluctance vacillation wavering procrastination dawdling stammering halting indecision uncertainty irresolution scepticism equivocation

    "hesitation" definitions

    indecision in speech or action

    a certain degree of unwillingness

    the act of pausing uncertainly