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Hie in a sentence | hie example sentences

  1. The family of children hie.
  2. Hie therefore, Robin, overcast the night;.
  3. HIE did not serve lunch or supper, so I went out each night and weekends.
  4. That's your own fault! Hie thee hence and stop bothering us! Ningla said.
  5. Then with a surge of power the Holy Spirit empowered Jesus as He opened Hie eyes.

  6. Bullock, then you best hie yourself up to your room and quick fetch that pistol.
  7. A timber switch, then? And he, John Meredith, must hie him to the woods and cut one.
  8. HIE had a nice breakfast bar and we took cabs to Parsons Brinckerhof’s office three miles away.
  9. His wife, who was a widow, could not deny that up to twelve before hie died he had behaved in the bedroom as other husbands did, there had been no problem in that department.

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