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Race in a sentence | race example sentences

  1. Now it was a race.
  2. It was like a race.
  3. Life is a race, too.
  4. My place in the race.
  5. Race to be the winner.

  6. They were a race of.
  7. At the end of the race.
  8. Her mind began to race.
  9. My heart began to race.
  10. His heart began to race.
  11. The race is your growth.
  12. Go! thy race will not.
  13. Jeeps began to race by.
  14. The race of Brahma comes.
  15. The Winners of The Race.

  16. My blood started to race.
  17. Her heart began to race.
  18. It's all her race knows.
  19. He told them of the race.
  20. The race never ends the.
  21. We do not choose our race.
  22. His dream of a pure race.
  23. Last of his name and race.
  24. A new race about to begin.
  25. We never won another race.

  26. It is the Red Queen's race.
  27. They truly are a lost race.
  28. The race was about to begin.
  29. A race can’t free itself.
  30. That hides behind the race.
  31. Another of that proud race.
  32. And those who race swiftly.
  33. That wasn’t a real race.
  34. Four of them were mixed race.
  35. That race was quite a sight.
  36. That name made her heart race.
  37. To the race course, please.
  38. On the screen was a car race.
  39. Race of passion and the storm.
  40. Slow and steady wins the race.
  41. A town destroyed; a race won.
  42. The race takes place over 35.
  43. Once again the race was lost.
  44. This case is not about race.
  45. My pulse was starting to race.
  46. Your time as a human race is.
  47. God, how that woman could race.
  48. Here is how I entered the race.
  49. Another race created a moral.
  50. Dylan’s heart starts to race.
  51. It will be a very heated race.
  52. Does he race Formula One?
  53. The race started just before.
  54. I don’t care about the race.
  55. Our race can bear offspring.
  56. This is ingrained in the race.
  57. Here was a new race of miners.
  58. God has lifted the race so far.
  59. Please reconsider and not race.
  60. She did not race up the stairs.
  61. White race of Atlas, xxxii, 400.
  62. And your race is not from the.
  63. The race is not always to the.
  64. Avoid the hot tub after a race.
  65. We can play the race card, too.
  66. Atlas, white race of, xxxii, 400.
  67. Their race caught his attention.
  68. The heritage of the race is war.
  69. This race was going to be close.
  70. Our real race is the human race.
  71. It’s just a five-minute race.
  72. The old race who once lived here.
  73. So they came up with a race plan.
  74. It’s a rat race at a snail pace.
  75. I could race over and spear them.
  76. Greyhound race tracks have been.
  77. His heart began to race with an.
  78. Suppose you were running a race.
  79. Another branch of the human race.
  80. You will race through this section.
  81. And we do know of a race that is.
  82. The "Winners of the Race" refers.
  83. Travis felt his heart race as he.
  84. And who the rent-roll of his race.
  85. I’m just happy to be in the race.
  86. For this race he predicted a 4:23.
  87. This is a long race, not a sprint.
  88. Every member of his race can do it.
  89. As it never waits to begin the race.
  90. The race started at 5:15 exactly.
  91. You lose the race, you give up all.
  92. Therefore I disdain the human race.
  93. The race began, and she looked at.
  94. He wants to win the school ski race.
  95. What time was the first race?
  96. This is how the elven race was born.
  97. The Horse Race was once very popular.
  98. Immediately after the race, Frank G.
  99. In the beginning, your race was.
  100. The race is to be tested by results.
  1. The ebb was racing out.
  2. My heart was racing now.
  3. It was strong and racing.
  4. His heart was stil racing.
  5. Foot racing? No good either.
  6. Inside, his mind was racing.
  7. I could feel his heart racing.
  8. What was left was racing away.
  9. His smile had her pulse racing.
  10. They were racing side by side.
  11. We have been racing each other!.
  12. He heart was still racing, and.
  13. My mind was racing at that time.
  14. Jim racing over to the east wing.
  15. Kay looked down, her mind racing.
  16. What speed the plane was racing.
  17. Sweating palms and a racing heart.
  18. His mind was racing and suddenly.
  19. His mind was already racing with.
  20. His heart was racing in his chest.
  21. Lola smiled weakly, her mind racing.
  22. Then he was racing to the building.
  23. Sante’s pulse was racing rapidly.
  24. While the hare is racing around in.
  25. With his heart racing, panic set in.
  26. Then why? Her heart was racing.
  27. He realised his mind was racing and.
  28. We are still racing, she said.
  29. Kev swallowed hard, his pulse racing.
  30. Heart racing, he shifted in his seat.
  31. My heart was racing the longer he took.
  32. With a shock, he saw her racing away.
  33. I whipped out my gun, my heart racing.
  34. How is the racing going with Spenser?
  35. It was a racing mare, perfectly white.
  36. Now they were steadily racing on again.
  37. He even bred horses for harness racing.
  38. Carlisle was racing around the fountain.
  39. Verily racing makes strange companions.
  40. Chairman of the Horse Racing Association.
  41. Michael fell silent, his thoughts racing.
  42. Games with motor racing, and a twist of.
  43. Racing back to the bathroom, he heaved.
  44. The rebels were racing down on the fort.
  45. Racing toward the edge of the Milky Way.
  46. The sight sent panic racing through her.
  47. Now his heart was racing out of control.
  48. He heard the footsteps, racing the cement.
  49. It's lost in Moscow's heavy racing lights.
  50. Racing pigeons with this kind of a bite.
  51. Everything was racing through my mind now.
  52. All this crazy stuff was racing through.
  53. I stood in front of him, my heart racing.
  54. Again, I thought I heard his pulse racing.
  55. He could picture the wind racing across.
  56. Racing towards the edge of the Milky Way.
  57. He wore cufflinks with racing cars on them.
  58. She was sweating and her pulse was racing.
  59. He cannot breathe and his heart is racing.
  60. The boat was racing ahead on an even keel.
  61. My heart was racing yet my mind was blank.
  62. It sent the truth racing through my veins.
  63. Heart racing, blood pumping I opened it up.
  64. There was a 25 mile per hour wind racing.
  65. I’ve managed to get your heart racing.
  66. Leesa stared into his eyes, her mind racing.
  67. No, I could still feel the racing sensation.
  68. My heart is racing and my breathing hitches.
  69. She swallowed hard against her racing pulse.
  70. Racing cyclists were no match for his speed.
  71. Her mind was racing with thoughts of revenge.
  72. Were there fences or was it flat racing?
  73. He was a bit shaken and his pulse was racing.
  74. My mind was racing every minute of every day.
  75. I took a deep breath to calm my racing heart.
  76. I was relieved, but my pulse was still racing.
  77. She wandered about the place, her mind racing.
  78. Lewis's pulse is racing, as must be his heart.
  79. In some case he said the lot was racing apart.
  80. I stood there with my mind racing, speechless.
  81. On February 18, Haldeman came racing in: See H.
  82. The phone rang and James heartbeat went racing.
  83. It’s the greatest racing event of the year.
  84. His mind began racing as he went over his plans.
  85. Heart racing, Janelle thrashed against her grip.
  86. Racing up the stairs, he began calling her name.
  87. Steely-Dan the stereo, cycle racing on TV with.
  88. She suddenly realised that her heart was racing.
  89. He could feel my racing heart as the pain grew.
  90. He tried not to panic, but his mind was racing.
  91. His mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts.
  92. Zoe stayed calm even though her heart was racing.
  93. He is breathing heavily and his heart is racing.
  94. Racing back to the stern post on that side, he.
  95. Casey took a deep breath to calm her racing heart.
  96. He was covered in sweat and his heart was racing.
  97. Indeed, the owner of the racing bike had lost a.
  98. I nodded and paid close attention, my heart racing.
  99. These are used for racing and sport horses mostly.
  100. Legion! Caleb yelled racing out the bathroom.
  1. We all raced in, the.
  2. Pain raced up her neck.
  3. He raced down an alley.
  4. My mind raced to Lobo.
  5. The squad cars raced up.
  6. He then raced to follow.
  7. He raced over to Saffyre.
  8. I raced back in to the.
  9. The couple raced to the.
  10. They raced to her office.
  11. He raced to the bus-stop.
  12. As it raced along the road.
  13. I raced down to Stonehouse.
  14. It raced through my brain.
  15. Then it raced around the.
  16. Relieved she raced to him.
  17. We raced along the channel.
  18. I raced out the drive way.
  19. We raced back to the cottage.
  20. He raced out onto the street.
  21. The horse raced down the path.
  22. He raced for the water with.
  23. I raced back into the hotel.
  24. In the town park they raced.
  25. As I dress’d, my Mind raced.
  26. My heart raced with excitement.
  27. I made a left turn and raced.
  28. Saarang raced to his classroom.
  29. The only thoughts that raced.
  30. The taxi raced down the street.
  31. Her mind raced for a solution.
  32. My heart raced at his comments.
  33. Panic raced through the parents.
  34. Her mind raced for explanations.
  35. I raced down to the river bank.
  36. The shark turned and raced away.
  37. I jumped to my feet and raced.
  38. Questions raced through my mind.
  39. I raced over to the chair that.
  40. We raced up the side of the hill.
  41. Big tears raced down her cheeks.
  42. I raced to the cliff summit over.
  43. Icy panic raced through her veins.
  44. Cool winds raced over the aliens.
  45. They raced with incredible speed.
  46. Frantically, he raced its length.
  47. For I raced against the millions.
  48. His hands ached, his heart raced.
  49. Tugging at Lyte he raced forward.
  50. We raced upstairs and woke up mom.
  51. I recall how I raced throughout.
  52. He raced off to the soccer fields.
  53. They shot at us as we raced down.
  54. His head spun and his heart raced.
  55. My mind raced with the guest list.
  56. My thoughts raced off ahead of me.
  57. I raced for the floating elevator.
  58. Icy terror raced through her veins.
  59. His mind raced and he cursed aloud.
  60. The four men raced to the building.
  61. My mind raced with the ramifications.
  62. His mind raced with the last details.
  63. Her eyes widened as her memory raced.
  64. Her eyes focused as her heart raced.
  65. They both raced off to do my bidding.
  66. Her heart raced as she contemplated.
  67. Tears raced down her bulbous cheeks.
  68. Elvis raced in to attack the intruder.
  69. My heart raced and my skin was afire.
  70. A thick light-brown river raced past.
  71. Her mind raced and the mist began to.
  72. Her heart raced with pain and terror.
  73. His mind raced to formulate a strategy.
  74. Stacey raced down I-15 toward Fillmore.
  75. Acting instinctively, the trio raced.
  76. My heart raced as I rushed to the door.
  77. No one stopped them as they raced in.
  78. A roar of panic raced through her ears.
  79. His hands trembled and his mind raced.
  80. My pulse raced and my knees grew week.
  81. Urgent questions raced across her mind.
  82. She then raced back into the toy area.
  83. Cassius raced up and turned me around.
  84. My heart raced and my face flushed red.
  85. Blue raced out into colder deeper water.
  86. Melissa said nothing as her mind raced.
  87. I saw her smirk as I raced out the door.
  88. Megan screamed and raced for the stairs.
  89. A prickle raced across Janelle’s skin.
  90. The displays raced further into the red.
  91. Her mind raced a million miles an hour.
  92. Her heart raced as she fought to hold on.
  93. With a shout Sam raced across the grass.
  94. Like a boy, Hathaway raced down the hill.
  95. A shudder raced over her for Gary's sake.
  96. He raced the few steps to the fallen man.
  97. The car raced up the hill past her house.
  98. I waved my thanks, and raced for the door.
  99. He quickly raced ahead to catch up to it.
  100. Brandor’s mind raced when looking again.
  1. Rent a box at the races.
  2. Those races are on today.
  3. We all went to the races.
  4. Have the elder races halted?
  5. She asked him about the races.
  6. And they were off to the races.
  7. The ancient races are extinct.
  8. Medicine is full of such races.
  9. People could bet on races that.
  10. These races were all on the up.
  11. Naturally, he won both his races.
  12. Crew races are not won by clones.
  13. I’m sure that there are races.
  14. There were close to six races a.
  15. Result of the rockinghorse races.
  16. Rio races to Ameana and the boys.
  17. They have mixed with other races.
  18. She smiles as he races to meet her.
  19. And different nations and races -.
  20. My heart races and my hands go cold.
  21. And off we went to the races.
  22. But you will come to the races?
  23. Why are the hidden races hidden?
  24. The learning of all races rests here.
  25. These races were all on the up and up.
  26. Peace and harmony throughout the races.
  27. That is why we have all the races in.
  28. My breathing alters as my heart races.
  29. Due to the mixture of races, some can.
  30. A box pops up that says Off to the Races.
  31. New Age and its amalgamation of the races.
  32. The SUV races at full speed towards the.
  33. Myra demanded she do this for both races.
  34. I never won any races but I loved running.
  35. And how many of the races are magical?
  36. Both races have unlimited natural lifespans.
  37. We are the combined power of the three races.
  38. His driver has won a couple of major races.
  39. But the real tragedy was for all other races.
  40. There were still four races to go this season.
  41. He created all the races of the world on the.
  42. Whenever there are classes, there are races.
  43. This is serious business flying in these races.
  44. Where there are races, there will be winners.
  45. Jump over the mounds of snow or have relay races.
  46. Acentus! cried the mages of different races.
  47. I missed going to the races with all our friends.
  48. And the races would be for the highest of stakes.
  49. The senior sprints were the last races of the day.
  50. Used to have races, and contests; surprised!.
  51. He oughtn't to have run those races with the boys.
  52. You have been invited to the races on Saturday.
  53. They started out with two races a day, except on.
  54. Our two races must have a common ancestor, surely.
  55. Pigeon races of over 800 miles have been recorded.
  56. Time races, or does it stand still? Neither knows.
  57. She was flabbergasted to learn that all four races.
  58. Asia, we have no long history of races and nations.
  59. I enjoy horse races, Wickland said with a nod.
  60. Some of the races at the New York tracks are fixed.
  61. They had always failed the races, and always would.
  62. Too German in his views about sex between the races.
  63. He is one of three races of rapturans, a dracoid.
  64. The warriors of various races traveled for some time.
  65. As her heart races she thinks, I can't believe it.
  66. The army of races sensed the potential failure as well.
  67. The races were so computable that a male from either.
  68. It is the common pretension of all races and countries.
  69. The adjutant-general expressed his disapproval of races.
  70. She was a mixture of the four races since that far back.
  71. The races are always run in 200 m or in multiple of 200.
  72. And still the races stood, watching the black heart beat.
  73. So she races back into my arms and stares me in the eyes.
  74. He's like one of those men one sees about after the races.
  75. The warriors of various races surged into a valiant charge.
  76. There's way too many races and differences in women that.
  77. He won a couple of races early in the season very handily.
  78. The ones that always win the races at the summer festival.
  79. On the day of the races we arrived at the beach a bit late.
  80. Each of the races has developed their own calendar systems.
  81. Our races have warred with one another for many generations.
  82. She saw more fully now his unlikeness to the Hyborian races.
  83. In some contexts, electoral races for instance, this means.
  84. This does not mean that there are numerous races amongst the.
  85. The barbarians fared a little better than the civilized races.
  86. The races are just coming, his horses are running, he will go.
  87. Eric's mind races as his eyes show a bland stare into the wall.
  88. Nobody denies that the races of the two continents are related.
  89. I regret the years that our races have warred with one another.
  90. My heart races as I realize that I can’t answer his question.
  91. His mind races for all possible solutions to fix these problems.
  92. Had it not been for their ability to master other races, they.
  93. The track not only featured wagers on the races that were held.
  94. Yeah, they’re one of the most common races of the old times.
  95. Game has tamed us from war to races, from weapons to rackets.
  96. His mind races, trying to catalog all the times she touched him.
  97. There were five thousand of us, from a score of races and tribes.
  98. After their victory over the races, they focused their power on.
  99. Nations and races may be destroyed by violence—it has been done.
  100. He immediately drops his book and races to her side on the steps.

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