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Hobo in a sentence

No, the hobo, he said.
He looked like a hobo, really.
That night I went to Hobo Creek.
But what could I expect from a hobo.
I’m not a hobo, I said, amused.
I was a princess and my brother was a hobo.
Imagining all the hobo bitches he’s fucking.

It was just a fucking hobo! he heard Thabo.
Chip, I have a handgun and a knife in my hobo bag.
I flashed back to the alleyway and that pervert hobo.
It was just an old hobo! Thabo insisted, trying.
Hobo Creek was the closest thing to paradise that I knew.
My hobo pantry consisted of a bottle of water, tobacco,.
waters of Hobo Creek threatening her with a handful of muck and.
Children who’d been fathered by hobo men who’d hit the road.
After spending the night on the damp, hard shores of Hobo Creek.
He said he was a reporter for a publication called the Hobo Times.
forehead to Cinder’s, as she had when she found him as a drunken hobo.
The hobo lady, Myrt, where is she? Mac inquired of the receptionist.
Or rather, I really want to be in Harper’s, but not because I’m a hobo.
He drove around the country interviewing folks who lived the hobo life.
What appeared to be a hobo was lying on the floor with his head resting on his sack.
A couple of days later, she brought it to me, and I took it to Myrt at the hobo camp.
I thought you weren’t a hobo, he said, and turned to open the trunk of his car.
They'll say things like Oh i remember that guy ! He was dressing like a hobo in the.
In the car he was mumbling something about a hobo with a flame thrower or a flare-gun.
I raised my back, glared at the hobo and then bared my teeth, extended my claws and hissed at him.
The hobo wiped his crusty bloodshot eyes with the sleeve of his shirt, squinted at me and then smiled.
He told me to look for his piece on me in the fall issue of the Hobo Times, as if I were a regular reader.

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Synonyms for hobo

hobo bum tramp