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    1. Ah, he was a bum

    2. He kicked me up the bum with his huge boot and it felt like my arse was breaking

    3. The scruffy engineer - no older than thirty but as dirty and smelly as any old street bum - worked seventeen hours a day and dreamed about work during the rest

    4. spiral galaxy of stars, and there He heard the very first bum note

    5. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    6. “It is not right for a woman to be stood up and accosted by every bum! No, this will not happen again!” he said pompously and I believed him

    7. Smith looked down upon one small star and upon one totally insignificant rocky ball at the outer edge of a tiny spiral galaxy of stars, and there He heard the very first bum note

    8. 'All Joanna told me was that he had a gorgeous bum and that’s hardly a description

    9. Ozzie’s hand caressed her bum, making her clench her buttocks – she hadn’t heard him come across the room

    10. ” He said not one more word, but let the lines of his face say that he hoped this committee had nothing to do with the hiring of that bum

    11. so-called bum off the street went the distance with the greatest fighter in the world

    12. Just before she disappeared behind the screen she smiled coyly, lifted the already short garment and flashed him a bare bum

    13. And there’s nothing fat about your bum

    14. It’s actually quite a gorgeous bum

    15. knees out, then lit a cigarette with his bum still on the seat but his head outside the car

    16. “What good are the bloody cavalry fucking set of bum boy’s the only things they are good for is chasing bloody foxes their useless for modern warfare

    17. “Listen Billy Boy some bum boy on the Staff has come up with the bright idea that they need a sample of the German wire don’t ask me why”, and he spat in disgust

    18. “This is no good lads those bum boys on the Staff will want another raid this time to grab prisoners and you can bet your life that the Hun will be waiting for us

    19. Is this a conspiracy to kill professional athletes? Was this a random act of a bum walking the road? Nobody has nothing

    20. Our bodies bopped and bumped along in unison with the truck and I was sure my bum would be bruised by the time we finally came to a stop

    21. At several intervals we flew up as we hit small but strong waves and in trying to keep my balance and my bum on the seat, I nearly lost my oar several times

    22. I was airborne for a second, my bum landed on the edge of the boat and then my feet went skyward

    23. I stood over the crib for a few seconds watching as she squirmed and wriggled, it was amusing how she brought her bum up as she tucked her legs in underneath her tummy

    24. ‘The joys of being a mother,’ I said to myself while I laid her down on the bed, got a diaper, wet wipes, bum cream and changed her

    25. His old man quit smoking after his third heart attack and seemed resolved to bum them from Bru for the rest of his life

    26. “Why, because he got in trouble for gang problems? That drunken bum is a forty-year-old juvenile

    27. It was before the bum grew his hair out to take on the appearance of a werewolf

    28. I can’t place it exactly; but for some reason I squeezed her bum through the silk of her dress

    29. And her bum, did it glow

    30. “He fell on his bum,” chimed in Zoe, the youngest, a bright-eyed child of maybe three and a half years

    31. “Ferguson’s buddy gave us a bum steer

    32. He could have sworn someone had pinched his bum as he

    33. “Looking at your bum wiggling around in front of me for the last half and hour

    34. “My bum is fine, thank you very much,” he replied, holding out his hand to help

    35. After deciding that he was probably going to be arrested when the police came, the drunken bum made his way to the rear of the bus and crawled out an open window

    36. She wiggled her bum at the passing motorist

    37. "Oi!" the bum yells

    38. "Nah, mate, this is me home," the bum says, before clearing his congested sinuses and spitting the gooey gunk in my direction

    39. But just as I am about to offer him some food and consumer goods for safe passage, the bum pulls out a dagger from the folds of his rags and lunges at me

    40. The next time you see a bum leaving drug needles in a park where

    41. I didn't know when it happened but I was now pushing her against the book shelf and had my hands on her bum

    42. That little noise was my un-doing, I still had my hand that was tight on her perfect bum and the other was moving under her dress and squeezing her mid-thigh

    43. I couldn't help but look at her legs in that dress and her bum, she was so hot! She turned round to say something but I court her off guide by pulling her by the waist into her room

    44. She was pretty slow if I have to be honest but I liked the chase watching her bum in that dress was far too much fun

    45. Not like me… I had the baby bump, the baby bum, the baby fingers and I just beyond jealous but I was so glad that our babies will be born near the same year, then he or she will have the same age cousin to play with

    46. ‘A curse on that little weasel,’ Barrad muttered rubbing his bruised bum as he entered the portal

    47. I've been in this house and they chained me up like a dog and I had to crap on the floor and like half a frat house raped me and I think he was a bum but he let me out and

    48. the bed, in a hotel in Caracas, giving myself shots in the bum with the intent of having another

    49. All the ruckus startled the bum though

    50. half was a stubby and much-less-agile hippo bum

    1. He had even more fun writing his second book, Drive, Ride, Repeat, but was bummed by non-fiction's need to stick to “the truth” (yucko)

    2. I was dissatisfied with my job as a mental health counselor, and I was bummed that we couldn’t develop original material

    3. I was bummed out when we prepared to leave the site Sunday afternoon

    4. I nodded, though I was bummed out, Tess normally went with us

    5. I’m still pretty bummed from all of this shit with my mom

    6. One of the reasons I am so bummed about my mom is that I am

    7. I am a bit bummed that it turned out that way

    8. kind of bummed out now, thinking about it

    9. The fellow shrugged and pointed out three bare bummed women in thongs, sunbathing while their toddlers played

    10. medical pension, so he had just bummed around with

    11. sustained than just being bummed out)

    12. I think we were also really bummed out

    13. I walked away from Chip bummed out but certain that I’d

    14. me was also bummed out

    15. She was bummed

    16. Cynthia, if you’re ever bummed out, even in the restroom

    17. I was too bummed out to fake it

    18. think he knew that I was bummed out

    19. I was so bummed out by the

    20. usual, but bummed out

    21. have a feeling you’re going to be bummed out when you leave

    22. I left the kitchen a bummed out terrified cat

    23. bummed out then later slept on the bench until noon

    24. In truth, we were so bummed out when 11:00 P

    25. bummed out and lonely

    26. I was so bummed out and

    27. I arrived home and Mark was already there, sitting on the couch, bummed beyond belief

    28. looked pretty bummed about losing it this afternoon

    29. “I’m bummed too

    30. “I majorly bummed when I seen it was her,” he says

    31. When the bell rang and he didn’t even show up for class, I seriously bummed out

    32. He bummed a ride to San Francisco on a navy plane, hitched his way to Letterman, and walked in

    33. He bummed five hundred kronor off a young woman in the bar to pay for a taxi to Saltsjöbaden in the middle of the night

    1. I’ve got used to bumming around in jeans and a t-shirt

    2. loitering and bumming around nearby

    3. anything but bumming out on a nearby bench

    4. ‘He was probably bumming his way home

    1. the ones wearing leggings over wide arched bums,

    2. doctors, brick layers, bums, babes, you name it

    3. Bums and winos filled the rooms

    4. Clyde stood up and gave a few final words of instruction before we forced our stiff bums and legs to stand up and move toward the front of the truck

    5. “It’s too nice a name for the likes of these bums

    6. “Yeah, but where are those surfie bums?”

    7. ” Bullhead bums a cigarette from Devlin

    8. at their bums and punch their arms as hard as a little girl ever could

    9. of bums and winos who had squatted in the big Plasti-board hovels

    10. That left plenty of room to let some bums and thieves slip in

    11. Tried to make friends, and they rebuffed him—a bunch of bums

    12. This one he used for a handful of low-level informants and contacts, mostly drug dealers and bums

    13. We looked as if our naked bums and legs had been sprayed with slightly luminous paint

    14. I enrolled my defense; I was not going to let a group of equine bums to intimidate me that way

    15. The extra actors were in their twenties and thirties, lean and pale, not handsome, but healthy with fine legs and good bums

    16. They’re all old with fat guts and sagging tits and bums

    17. Goddamn asshole grocery store managers always sabotage the old food they throw out so the bums and scumbags can’t salvage the food, get sick from it, and sue the store

    18. And speaking of bums, at least you can get all the free bread you need at Brunch for Buddies (a

    19. Crumbs For Bums), the homeless shelter soup kitchen—ten loaves per person

    20. Birds soared, butterflies fluttered on shrubs, skinks scuttled and they warmed their bums in silence

    21. Five enormous black cockatoos flapped mournfully overhead, a heron announced its arrival with raucous honking, fairy-wrens inspected seed-heads on the tall grasses, a pair of indigo and yellow parrots displayed red bums as they shredded matching calliandros flowers, a whip-bird’s rising whine and crack was followed by his spouse’s chiu-choo reply, a large russet butterfly dropped to the path and lay on its side like a dead leaf, and the sun heaved itself over the edge of the mountain

    22. and a bunch of invisible bums than I ever did in our house

    23. sleeping on the grass like a bunch of bums and when I was on the

    24. He turns around to see a massive and muscular Native American man with guns in both hands blazing numerous bums in the head with precise accuracy while running towards him

    25. "Well, what do we have here? Two lazy bums: that missed out on some of the action this morning

    26. He thought that they were just afraid of his predilection for the cane which he used on the hands of girls and bums of boys with gay abandon

    27. “Why those lazy bums,” he said out loud

    28. where bare bums are real and not so elegantly lit as on plastic breasted celluloid

    29. father dock tails from woolly bums and castrate rams

    30. When they bent over their tunics rode up and you could see their bare bums

    31. It bums me out

    32. The Jeep had, as usual, stopped with a jerk, and the four toads were hobbling out of their high seats, rubbing their bums and twisting their thick, short necks as they came out into the sun-light

    33. heck, more than half of them see themselves as bums

    34. instructors are there to help you reach you full potential; the bums

    35. with him! at least for the Powers-That-Ski and the Ski Bums they

    36. The ski bums were nestled

    37. comfortable, but bums were soon complaining

    38. and screamed in a way that the local bums thought that someone

    39. by a group of bums warming themselves by a barrel of fire came

    40. A bunch of bums were standing before a can

    41. The rich would become incensed at the homeless poor flouting their sacred Laws: they would scream at their legislators to rip those lazy bums out of jail and make them work

    42. America is fast developing a bum-culture… literally showing-off their bums and navels in public… showing their navels and buttocks in public: just as three year-olds do… completely unconscious of how ridiculous they look

    43. Now: even homeless bums buy lottery tickets

    44. Paved with the bums of bottles, a road runs passed hotels and brothels, stores and pubs, roars and hubbubs (Letchard enters, seating himself in front of a bar-counter) TEA-COSY:

    45. She rushed out from there and cried at her subjects, “Find Zetor, you lazy bums

    46. “We’re a bunch of bums, what can we say?” Gage grinned and pulled the deck of cars out of its box

    47. was some funny story about the jealous old husband what was it at all and an oyster knife he went no he made her wear a kind of a tin thing round her and the prince of Wales yes he had the oyster knife cant be true a thing like that like some of those books he brings me the works of Master Francois Somebody supposed to be a priest about a child born out of her ear because her bumgut fell out a nice word for any priest to write and her a—e as if any fool wouldnt know what that meant I hate that pretending of all things with that old blackguards face on him anybody can see its not true and that Ruby and Fair Tyrants he brought me that twice I remember when I came to page 5 o the part about where she hangs him up out of a hook with a cord flagellate sure theres nothing for a woman in that all invention made up about he drinking the champagne out of her slipper after the ball was over like the infant Jesus in the crib at Inchicore in the Blessed Virgins arms sure no woman could have a child that big taken out of her and I thought first it came out of her side because how could she go to the chamber when she wanted to and she a rich lady of course she felt honoured H R H he was in Gibraltar the year I was born I bet he found lilies there too where he planted the tree he planted more than that in his time he might have planted me too if hed come a bit sooner then I wouldnt be here as I am he ought to chuck that Freeman with the paltry few shillings he knocks out of it and go into an office or something where hed get regular pay or a bank where they could put him up on a throne to count the money all the day of course he prefers plottering about the house so you cant stir with him any side whats your programme today I wish hed even smoke a pipe like father to get the smell of a man or pretending to be mooching about for advertisements when he could have been in Mr Cuffes still only for what he did then sending me to try and patch it up I could have got him promoted there to be the manager he gave me a great mirada once or twice first he was as stiff as the mischief really and truly Mrs Bloom only I felt rotten simply with the old rubbishy dress that I lost the leads out of the tails with no cut in it but theyre coming into fashion again I bought it simply to please him I knew it was no good by the finish pity I changed my mind of going to Todd and Bums as I said and not Lees it was just like the shop itself rummage sale a lot of trash I hate those rich shops get on your nerves nothing kills me altogether only he thinks he knows a great lot about a womans dress and cooking mathering everything he can scour off the shelves into it if I went by his advices every blessed hat I put on does that suit me yes take that thats alright the one like a weddingcake standing up miles off my head he said suited me or the dishcover one coming down on my backside on pins and needles about the shopgirl in that place in Grafton street I had the misfortune to bring him into and she as insolent as ever she could be with her smirk saying Im afraid were giving you too much trouble what shes there for but I stared it out of her yes he was awfully stiff and no wonder but he changed the second time he looked Poldy pigheaded as usual like the soup but I could see him looking very hard at my chest when he stood up to open the door for me it was nice of him to show me out in any case Im extremely sorry Mrs Bloom believe me without making it too marked the first time after him being insulted and me being supposed to be his wife I just half smiled I know my chest was out that way at the door when he said Im extremely sorry and Im sure you were

    48. Instead, Laura and I drove into the bush and looked for real, wild kangaroos so I could peer up their bums when they leaned over

    49. He profiled freak show performers on Coney Island; a man who played cello on a Long Island City subway platform; a woman in Mount Morris Park who fed both pigeons and bums

    50. The Sight of our bare Bums in the Air excited him beyond Measure, for he drew his Supplejack ere he drew his Cock and “burnish’d”—so he call’d it—our Bums with the stinging Leather Thongs, creating that Redness and Heat without which his Privy Member would not stand at attention

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    Synonyms for "bum"

    arse ass backside behind bottom bum buns butt buttocks can derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear rear end rump seat stern tail tail end tooshie tush do-nothing idler layabout loafer crumb dirty dog git lowlife puke rat rotter scum bag skunk so-and-so stinker stinkpot hobo tramp cadge grub mooch sponge arse about arse around bum about bum around frig around fuck off loaf loll loll around lounge about lounge around waste one's time cheap cheesy chintzy crummy punk sleazy tinny derelict pariah renegade vagrant

    "bum" definitions

    a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

    a vagrant

    person who does no work

    the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

    ask for and get free; be a parasite

    be lazy or idle

    of very poor quality; flimsy