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Homecoming in a sentence

1. This had been a good homecoming.
2. The homecoming was a tearful and.
3. It’s like comfort and homecoming.
4. She was homecoming queen that year.
5. He asked her to the Homecoming Dance.
6. Homecoming Torture and The Lady in Red.
7. Orange had just asked her to homecoming.
8. The homecoming fanfare is echoing still.
9. The homecoming was a joyous time and marked.
10. She hated the day before the homecoming game.
11. That messed with the homecoming results again.
12. Imagine if that guy dated the homecoming queen.
13. He served Davlos up to me as a homecoming meal.
14. Stinger was not sure how to handle this homecoming.
15. Anyhow, I, of course, was elected homecoming queen.
16. I’ll have a whisky sour, it is your homecoming.
17. It reminded me of the homecoming dance all over again.
18. Hailey is still mad about not being homecoming princess.
19. She never came wearily home across the joy of homecoming.
20. But lock nor bar may hinder the homecoming spoken of old.
21. At homeroom we had to vote for the Homecoming king and queen.
22. Miss Block, we can't have another vote so close to homecoming.
23. The thrill is in the homecoming and in discovering who you are.
24. So, has he asked you about the Homecoming Dance? she asked.
25. My homecoming dress had the exact pattern as the dress in the dream.
26. All the things that led up to Homecoming were just dust in the wind.
27. Homecoming Dance and not just any date but the girl he had a crush on.
28. I brought up the fact that Homecoming was coming up and Roman should.
29. Was Roman’s torture over? Was that all it took, for the Homecoming.
30. It was a Homecoming to be remembered with greatest joy by all present.
31. The day of the Homecoming Dance there was the little matter of a football.
32. Mutti came by bicycle the next morning and it was a very quiet homecoming.
33. I only wished my dear cousins were there to share this homecoming with me.
34. This past weekend, when I was at my freshman alma mater for homecoming, a.
35. I was wearing another dress that had the pattern from my homecoming dress.
36. Heather had been in the Homecoming court every year; this year would be no.
37. Emma joined up with Hailey, the girl who thinks I stole her crown at homecoming, I said.
38. On the third night of his homecoming you could see him picking and choosing among the stars.
39. It is a similar logic to their homecoming expectati0on and later connection experienced at.
40. That doesn't change the fact that what we tried to do at homecoming was wrong, not to mention evil.
41. Would you like a glass of wine? We are celebrating the spring, and Alaric and Ryato’s homecoming.
42. Dress fancy, the theme of the party is homecoming so wear your highest heals and your shortest dress.
43. Privately Aesa wondered what had happened to the distraught girl that had delayed Jasper's homecoming.
44. So what's your cousin like? Brooke has set us up for my homecoming dance, but I know nothing about him.
45. It will be but you should at least try and have some fun, it's your last high school homecoming after all.
46. The main purpose of this homecoming seemed to be fighting over politics, but in between I visited old places.
47. His lips on hers felt like the best thing that had happened this day-cycle, both a promise and a homecoming.
48. The next thing he knew, she was gone and he was left alone staring out the window—and his homecoming was over.
49. She had been too busy with winning homecoming court that she hadn't even thought about finding someone together.
50. Sarah and I would hug each other tightly, not letting go until other members of the family interrupted our homecoming.
51. She remembered being psyched that she was on homecoming court, even after everything that had happened to her that year.
52. Why, did you and freak-girl have something goin on? Need a new date for Homecoming now that NIACs locked her up?
53. Amaia, would you like to come on the Homecoming Shopping Trip with me? I asked, almost as formally as Alex had asked me.
54. The waters were a homecoming for him; they reminded him of earlier days, and of all that he'd come to appreciate in his life.
55. To be honest, I had not had time to think about Homecoming, or anything else related to school, with everything that was going on.
56. The only words she had muttered on the field were to tell him congratulations after he was announced as the winner for homecoming king.
57. But now Massie was back for the warmth of the spotlight, and once she's announced for homecoming court tomorrow, she'll never give it up.
58. The following day his mother brought him the polished bronze sphere that bore messages summoned to it, a homecoming gift from Uncle Roran.
59. The shiny black sash with the glossy red letters spelling out Homecoming 2012: Sophomores was without a doubt going to make her standout.
60. First at a distance, its dancing light could be seen across the valley, then grow closer and closer; like the big band in the homecoming parade.
61. It began small but soon the collection went beyond Dining Services to the Turtle Mountain Cafe and at Homecoming, picnics and other major events.
62. And they went down and crossed the bridge and came to the doors, and all the house was filled with light and song for joy at Elrond's homecoming.
63. He wore bell-bottom jeans and a red T-shirt with black piping, and his hair was permed and gelled like a New Jersey girl’s on homecoming night.
64. She knew she shouldn't care what Massie thought of her and she doesn't, but she didn't want Massie to hate her just because Claire won homecoming (a.
65. Although she knew it would be incredibly hard to cheer her up, Claire swore that she was going to try to help Monica have fun with her last homecoming.
66. Ashley and Ryder practically danced their way to the middle of the court, making fools of themselves, but it was homecoming, it was completely acceptable.
67. That was the gamble and the price they all paid for their duties, all of the unknowns that congealed in their minds and would manifest upon their homecoming.
68. Claire sighed in relief that Layne and Massie would shut up to listen to the announcement, This is Alicia Rivera with the results for the Homecoming Court finalists.
69. Homecoming queen, cheerleader—Rachel’s popularity had been assured while Nick’s natural charm had set girlish hearts aflutter up and down the locker-lined halls.
70. Mr Bloom could easily picture his advent on this scene, the homecoming to the mariner's roadside shieling after having diddled Davy Jones, a rainy night with a blind moon.
71. Silent Hill: Homecoming will allow players to unlock a younger version of Alex in the game (this is the same character model that appears in the game’s flashback sequences).
72. Claire, Annie, Courtney, and Monica helped everyone put on the team's homecoming traditional war paint: glittery red under the left eye and glittery black under the right eye.
73. Everyone in the school hated her, thinking she had wrote the note saying that the votes for homecoming court had been counted wrong, that Massie was the real winner and not Claire.
74. She was a ray of sunshine to the regal coolness of the princess, but as we three stared at one another, I had the notion it was like a homecoming, as if three were a magical number.
75. Two, news was going to drop about her signing onto Rupert's show Thursday and once everyone found out about her really being Brielle Sova, they would completely go crazy if she also won homecoming.
76. She wondered why he was even here until she realized that since he won Homecoming King last year, he has to crown this year's winner along with Rosa Woodward, the Homecoming Queen from the year before.
77. The three SS Officers were reunited in the heart of the Fatherland their orders were to prepare for the homecoming of their leader and to recruit as many former Nazi Party faithful into the new regime.
78. When I went through the door, I was shocked to see Brooke, Steve, their parents Rachel and Charles, Amanda, several people that we had gone to homecoming with, some members of my CSI club, and even Cliff.
79. Last year Monica, Claire, and Monica's friends looked better than everyone but Massie was determined to look better than them this year, especially today since everyone was supposed to vote for homecoming court next period.
80. After what happened at homecoming last year, he tried staying away from Monica and Annie, but after about a month, they showed up at his doorstep, both saying that even after all of the drama, they wanted to be friends with him again.
81. This year, she wasn't after Homecoming Court because it would mean she was the alpha of the sophomore class… well maybe she did want it because of that, but also because she desperately wanted to win with Derrington, meaning they were the It couple.
82. Although it smacks of a Frank Capra movie (and me a bewildered Gary Cooper), two new poems (Naming Things and Homecoming), and all of Eldred's history came to me in a rush one day while I was driving to pick up some potting soil at the Green Fountain Garden shop in Sarasota.
83. While Frankie amused himself playing with the kitten, which had been provided with another saucer of bread and milk, Owen went into the bedroom to put on the dry clothes, and then, those that he had taken off having been placed with his boots near the fire to dry, he explained as they were taking tea the reason of his late homecoming.
84. That evening Lord Marchmain was in good spirits; the room had a Hogarthian aspect, with the dinner-table set for the four of us by the grotesque, chinoiserie chimney-piece, and the old man propped among his pillows, sipping champagne, tasting, praising, and failing to eat, the succession of dishes which had been prepared for his homecoming.
85. I had a good homecoming,.
86. Are these the homecoming tears, of being again the most beautiful glances,.

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