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Homecoming in a sentence

for the Homecoming Dance.
Homecoming Dance with me.
What a glorious homecoming!.
This had been a good homecoming.
I had a good homecoming,.
The homecoming was a tearful and.

"The Homecoming!" she shouted gaily.
It’s like comfort and homecoming.
She was homecoming queen that year.
dress Heather had worn to Homecoming.
He asked her to the Homecoming Dance.
the coffin at Homecoming had backfired.
"It's like a homecoming," he admitted.
Homecoming Torture and The Lady in Red.
Orange had just asked her to homecoming.
to Thomas, especially the Homecoming game.
The homecoming fanfare is echoing still.
the best wine on hand for Tom’s homecoming.
She hated the day before the homecoming game.
they were freshmen, the day before Homecoming.
The homecoming was a joyous time and marked.
That messed with the homecoming results again.
Imagine if that guy dated the homecoming queen.
He served Davlos up to me as a homecoming meal.
Stinger was not sure how to handle this homecoming.

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homecoming return