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Homecoming in a sentence

This had been a good homecoming.
The homecoming was a tearful and.
It’s like comfort and homecoming.
She was homecoming queen that year.
He asked her to the Homecoming Dance.
Homecoming Torture and The Lady in Red.
Orange had just asked her to homecoming.

The homecoming fanfare is echoing still.
She hated the day before the homecoming game.
The homecoming was a joyous time and marked.
That messed with the homecoming results again.
Imagine if that guy dated the homecoming queen.
He served Davlos up to me as a homecoming meal.
Stinger was not sure how to handle this homecoming.
Anyhow, I, of course, was elected homecoming queen.
I’ll have a whisky sour, it is your homecoming.
It reminded me of the homecoming dance all over again.
Hailey is still mad about not being homecoming princess.
She never came wearily home across the joy of homecoming.
But lock nor bar may hinder the homecoming spoken of old.
At homeroom we had to vote for the Homecoming king and queen.
Miss Block, we can't have another vote so close to homecoming.
The thrill is in the homecoming and in discovering who you are.
So, has he asked you about the Homecoming Dance? she asked.
My homecoming dress had the exact pattern as the dress in the dream.
All the things that led up to Homecoming were just dust in the wind.
I brought up the fact that Homecoming was coming up and Roman should.
Was Roman’s torture over? Was that all it took, for the Homecoming.
Homecoming Dance and not just any date but the girl he had a crush on.
It was a Homecoming to be remembered with greatest joy by all present.
I only wished my dear cousins were there to share this homecoming with me.
I was wearing another dress that had the pattern from my homecoming dress.
The day of the Homecoming Dance there was the little matter of a football.
Mutti came by bicycle the next morning and it was a very quiet homecoming.
This past weekend, when I was at my freshman alma mater for homecoming, a.
Heather had been in the Homecoming court every year; this year would be no.
Emma joined up with Hailey, the girl who thinks I stole her crown at homecoming, I said.
It is a similar logic to their homecoming expectati0on and later connection experienced at.
On the third night of his homecoming you could see him picking and choosing among the stars.
Would you like a glass of wine? We are celebrating the spring, and Alaric and Ryato’s homecoming.

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