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Return in a sentence

When I return.
on your return.
And I return to.
for us to return.
that I may return.
Return to hot pot.
Their return to.

A return may or.
return to the USA.
Thus, we return.
With the return.
return to his room.
Return to the tomb.
On his return he.
or return my calls.
Bringing a return.
When they return,.
return in the flesh.
I heard them return.
And she did return.
return of the money.
the dog will return.
prior to his return.
return to his island.
They can return to.
my return last night.
the waiter to return.
"Return to forever".
They return to hell.
As soon as I return.
waiting for my return.
Returning to our A.
Returning to the.
He is returning.
As such, returning.
Returning to Table 5.
returning to her soon.
and returning the bow.
Returning, Dale saw.
returning by the other.
She's returning next.
Then, returning, she.
returning to her voice.
Ill be returning to.
Returning to Vietnam,.
returning to the pampas.
The panic was returning.
returning to the hostel.
be returning by tonight.
Returning to the house.
Returning not the same.
Returning to the deep,.
was returning to normal.
Her fear was returning.
returning to the crèche.
returning from the south.
returning to their feast.
He won’t be returning.
returning to the basics!.
It is returned.
he had returned.
Not one returned.
He returned his.
returned is not 0.
He returned the.
We returned home.
He never returned.
I returned to my.
Then she returned.
They had returned.
Tony returned the.
returned to his cab.
returned to her van.
As he returned to.
They returned the.
His wife returned.
She returned that.
returned with a book.
returned in the fall.
We returned to the.
He returned to his.
I returned the grin.
He returned to the.
returned to his wife.
I returned to shore.
returned to the lift.
Ivar and Ma returned.
returned to the door.
He returned my gaze.
Returns of 34.
So it returns.
90, a 23% returns.
The year returns.
The returns and.
90, a 32% returns.
and returns to him.
HIM when HE returns.
that returns to God.
what returns to God.
He returns the hug.
Get better returns.
What about returns.
and when He returns.
returns us to unity.
Sean returns my gaze.
The person returns.
He returns her smile.
iron returns( GATES.
high returns and, 18.
Returns to the foyer.
when He returns will.
and returns the value.
returns to the dust?.
Strength returns to.
life, he returns home.
Not only are returns.
never returns the same.
Actual returns matter.