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Hookup in a sentence

1. Go hookup with Olivia now.
2. They can plug us in by remote hookup.
3. I want something more than a drunken hookup.
4. Two hours later the hookup to the tanker was complete.
5. With a simple hookup to a computer of today’s speed.
6. I know, it means a direct hookup without tying up a phone.
7. Probably from one of the hotels, or maybe a police hookup.
8. Maybe we should think of him as a potential hookup, at least.
9. Bill Slater, NBC’s commentator, opened his hookup to New York.
10. Oh sure, the occasional hookup, but nothing I care to remember.
11. We spent almost an hour talking about my hookup and she about hers.
12. They couldn’t get a hookup, after paying for miles of poles and wires.
13. Base Communications was supposed to give us a ship to shore hookup; where is it?
14. There is something else here I’m sure you have experienced waiting for a hookup of cable or phone service.
15. Court spent the next two hours at the Mars station trying to get a ham radio hookup to Nancy Lewis in Los Angeles.
16. As she fumbled for her keys, her hookup nuzzled her ear, causing her to giggle and say, Give me a chance, Richie.
17. This tower is the place, I'm afraid I don't have a second eye or even a fiber hookup to bring the helmet anywhere else.
18. He was extremely gratified to hear the boomer, who had nothing else to do except monitor the situation, say Nice hookup, Pintail.
19. You have just the basic television antenna reception (and no big, flat-screen plasma device) with no cable or satellite hookup or other options.
20. The young magician gave a creditable encore, performing most of Fearson's Hookup without mishap, although he did miss his mouth with the cigarette at the end.
21. That may not be a bad thing, but the problem doesn’t exist with a direct hookup, so you can converse with tech support in Pakistan – I’m not suggesting you’ll.
22. Intranet with an external hookup to the Empire-Wide-Network, he knew roughly how it was served, the capabilities of the mainframe, and what kind of software kept it all together.
23. While the final hookup was being made, Ken and Master Sergeant Ender followed the course that the water would take and made sure that all the gates and plug valves were properly set.
24. Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands, telling strangers who insisted they’d had a drunken hookup with me that they should get tested for a particularly virulent strain of herpes.
25. She gave up on the television, which seemed to need either a better antenna or a cable hookup to rid itself of the jitters, but she was happy enough just lying and listening to the music on public radio.
26. You can argue all you want about not having two people tie the knot if they don’t have common interests, but examples of just that hookup have worked quite well while other engagements between people with more similar backgrounds have failed miserably.
27. I was freezing and couldn’t bear to have them on anymore, but knew from personal experience that a lot of men, even those looking for a hookup, were uncomfortable with the idea that a cop might pull up alongside them and see a naked guy (who could very easily be underage, as he was only nineteen and could be mistaken as being younger to some) sitting in their vehicle.
28. Do I really need to move the gold from the Neon to the Focus tonight? If Susan hasn’t opened the trunk yet – which it certainly appeared that she hadn’t by the way she acted with her male hookup – then why would she open the trunk before returning to Charlotte? Couldn’t I just go back to Charlotte and wait for her to return with the gold in the Neon’s trunk? Then I could remove those gold fillets on our own property at a time of my choosing.

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