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Assemblage in a sentence

The liver is the place of assemblage.
Would you care to address the assemblage?
A murmur started up from the rear of the assemblage.
The assemblage looked at the general with some interest.
Trade stories almost overcrowd this brilliant assemblage.
The word womb in this Verse is the place of assemblage.
He got to his feet and glowered angrily at the assemblage before him.

An assemblage of not less than a hundred thousand people was waiting.
He cannot possibly refuse again before so distinguished an assemblage, and in.
This assemblage of armed men, submitting to one will, forms what is called an army.
What the Hebrews considered sacred literature was an immense assemblage of diverse.
This was what eventually lulled the entire assemblage into an altered state of consciousness.
My pulse was racing as the bailiff finally stood before the assemblage and called the room to order.
From the roof of the large room hang a large metal assemblage, angular and bulky, almost orthogonal in shape.
Patio furniture along with tables and chairs can be placed on larger assemblage of bricks, for that amazing look!.
As I halted before the officer, he addressed me in a voice audible to the entire assemblage of troops and spectators.
As for the verse which indicates their assemblage in Palestine, it is: Then We said to the Israelites: dwell in this land.
When it was ended, a general bustle announced that it was to be immediately succeeded by a solemn and formal assemblage of the nation.
Peter dismissed the assemblage, while many prayed and glorified God, confessing that they had never before seen such strange happenings.
The figures are as large as the life; and it may safely be said, that the world never beheld, on a similar occasion, a more noble assemblage.
You remember, of course, that a kuriltai is the Mongol word for the assemblage that met to choose the successor to the Khan in the old land.
Well, since the only time there was such an assemblage in the new land was on the site of that town, they have come to call themselves that.
Spelman at the well organized assemblage before him, But I don't recognize this item as a usual award for either athletic or daring deeds.
Jmia should not have mentioned the word before such a vast assemblage, for our Wards are good, but not of the quality of the ones about Xervia.
Agatha has the long horse bones of a small English girl who will grow to hunt foxes: Father’s equine stare, snort, stomp, and assemblage of skeleton.
To steer the assemblage they mounted motors on the trailing edge of the cargo ramp to push to one side or the other and change the direction of travel.
He paused for almost a minute, and slowly turned all the way around, inspecting and observing the vast assemblage, seeming to meet every eye for a moment.
Becoming aware of it is a function of repositioning the Assemblage Point, by stopping what you call the internal dialogue that maintains your physical focus.
Some theorize if you can isolate the linchpin of a social, economic, or political assemblage, you can destroy it in one fell swoop with a minute nudge or adjustment.
Behold, the great army, the astonishing company, the assemblage of nations who have come together to fight against The Holy One of Israel, shall be broken in pieces without hand!.
The old man looked down upon her from his elevated stand, with a benignant smile on his wasted countenance, and then casting his eyes slowly over the whole assemblage, he answered:.
Britta turned pale as her Assemblage Point centered her awareness amid decades of nightmarish dreams, vividly playing them back in micro-bursts that confirmed the reality behind them.
The huge umbrellas began to bob and twist, and drums were beaten as the whole of that vast assemblage got into motion, and came slowly across the square toward the Commander-in-chief.
The General seemed to survey the assemblage of men, horses and machine laid out around the City of Pyr, but in truth his vision was blurry and out of focus; his mind was engrossed in thought.
He seemed to lack the capacity, as he sat there slumped over to one side cradling his head on one hand; his glazed eyes looked right through the assemblage before him as though they did not exist.
The approach of sunset was so very beautiful, so grand in its masses of splendidly coloured clouds, that there was quite an assemblage on the walk along the cliff in the old churchyard to enjoy the beauty.
Big strong men, officers of the peace and genial giants of the royal Irish constabulary, were making frank use of their handkerchiefs and it is safe to say that there was not a dry eye in that record assemblage.
When the apostles went out to view this assemblage of mothers with their children, they endeavored to send them away, but these women refused to depart until the Master laid his hands on their children and blessed them.
That cold, critical, money’s-worth-hungry assemblage known as the “general public” has intervened, after a rousing “first-night” that has seemed like a riot of enthusiasm, and has stamped its disapproval upon the proceedings.
Did life emerge from man or woman or both? Did it begin with a thought or desire? Did it come from the ovule or the spermatozoid? Everything that exists is made out of an assemblage of infinitesimal particles, some of them called quarks.

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