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    1. He could hop around the area on the crutch, but he couldn't get to his feet with the pack on

    2. Walk on your toes for a couple of steps to bring your knees nearer to your face and then, with your knees bent give a little hop off the ground with both legs

    3. Drink the water first thing in the morning, at least once or twice during the day, and just before you slip your hand into that stocking with the potato in it before you hop into bed at night

    4. He turned from the fire to see her toss her bag on the counter and hop onto the first stool

    5. Magpies chatter in the branches of short stubby trees, swivelling greedy eyes on fresh road kill, waiting for the two men to pass, waiting impatiently for the hop, skip and intermittent flutter of fresh meat served on cold tarmacadam

    6. The brief railway trip to Birmingham was uneventful, as was the even more brief hop down to Redditch

    7. “Then with a steady grasp of the wagon in your hands, hop with both feet into the same squatting position you began, with your knees deeply bent

    8. That meant how to drop step on a ball and crow hop correctly for outfielders, and

    9. to the car with a hip and a hop

    10. needed to hop to the Inter-IIT sports meet

    11. Hop into the car and check

    12. They were watching a large rabbit-like creature hop past

    13. The train pulls into the “station” and all the kids hop off and re-unite with their parents

    14. “I love it Billy Boy but does this mean that we are engaged?” She held it out to me showing which finger it was on and I waited for the smile to come that would show me she was joking but it never came instead I saw a look of hop and love on her beautiful face

    15. Our two young border collies tried to herd her, but she’d hop on a chair or climb a tree and ignore them

    16. The thought had also occurred to him to sell up and hop aboard the next space program

    17. Surely he didn’t expect her to hop on a plane and fly down there with him

    18. Whichever crow shall hereafter hop, fly, or flop into this field during

    19. Stelze ordered Pirate to hop off and sit down in front of her

    20. He was just about to stop, refusing to hop any further when he saw a huge paddock in front of him, stretching a long way to the horizon

    21. After walking through most of the carnival, William realized he would have to make a decision, and that was to either return to the bridge and see where his next hop in time would take him, or to stay in this time for awhile so that he could figure out how to control his travel to a time where he could be with his family again

    22. A few minutes of CNN, then it would be time to hop into bed

    23. I love hip hop, but I particularly love how the majority of hip hop stars spend the first part of their career trying to

    24. After a few years, these hip hop stars start losing their fame,

    25. Hop on,” he said as he led the way towards the blimp, while I kept pace by his side, having given up on my distrustful instincts and eagerly embraced the philosophy best summed up in the phrase ‘I got nothing to lose’

    26. She would hop from branch to branch, gliding effortlessly between the hanging limbs

    27. Chi girl had a complete package with her incorporation of gymnastics into her routine and that hip hop dancing she did

    28. ” He gave me a look of confusion, so I said, “The hip hop hallway - you know where I hang! We’ll battle in the morning before school

    29. A few sparrows dart around the Kapow bushes like sparrows do and a couple of very noisy ‘silly buggers’ hop across the freshly mown lawn like Jack Russells on two legs

    30. I stood up immediately after they had passed me because I had simultaneously noticed a couple of dudes walking with a bop- hop to their step that told me: they owned the floor that they were walking on

    31. “New Haven? Oh, that ain"t but a hop, skip, and a thump from here

    32. I strutted to the middle of the break circle and cockily hop danced to, “Electric kingdom” that was blasting through the tweeters and woofers while my crew was eagerly watching me strut

    33. So I confidently said to both of the cats from the Hip Hop Breakers crew, “We will be here, next week

    34. By the way, I hope you and your crew can trounce those Hip Hop Breakers next week

    35. I learned that the Hip Hop Breakers were a bona fide break crew that had battled before – and they hung out at Chicagoland rink every weekend

    36. I was getting all swaggered out and pumping my fist, when I noticed that one of the Hip Hop Breakers was behind us a bit and was within ear shot of us, which sparked him into our conversation

    37. I told the guys that I had heard through the grapevine (some of Kelly’s friends) that those Hip Hop Breakers had been trying to drum up some break battles for the past couple of weeks but everyone had been afraid of their “thuggery” as Marie had put it

    38. ” Anyway that’s what my friends from the hip hop hallway at school had said about breakin’ to rock and roll, which really seemed to intrigue Dan too

    39. The MC beckoned one of the Hip Hop Breakers over to the DJ booth and it wasn’t Angelo or Sylvester but I knew nonetheless that it was one of them

    40. Bruiser, the MC, and the Hip Hop Breaker became engaged into a deep confab – most likely about our battle tonight

    41. Except mine, I was now feeling betrayed, freaked out, and pissed; not about Scott holding the money but about Kelly being the sister of Lenny of the Hip Hop Breakers

    42. “The Hip Hop Breakers are in that far corner

    43. Without pause, the Hip Hop Breakers made their debut in the battle

    44. All of the Hip Hop Breakers had their names inscribed in green cursive writing on their black sweatshirts

    45. The Hip Hop Breakers sent out their next boy who had to be practically pushed out into the middle of the break circle

    46. The Hip Hop Breakers started cheering their heads off as if they had just won the super bowl when in fact they didn’t even counter Mojo’s flares

    47. I can’t really even call it a top rock just yet, he was just dancing, but he was circling around the cypher, staring down all of the Hip Hop Breakers- meanwhile some random spectator chick tapped me on my shoulder, and in an annoyingly chipper tone said, “Hey can you do the wave? … Do the wave!” and if she wasn’t chipper enough, she picked up her chipperness and added, “… that’ll show them, do a wave, and then you guys will win,” she said with high eyebrows and an over bit-horse toothed smile while moving her arms like a cheerleader would have or maybe she was pop-wavin’

    48. You could see, one by one, the Hip Hop Breakers had started to deflate

    49. Blazin' started ranting and raving to us that hip hop was the music that defined us B-boys

    50. Drew sticks out his leg to trip me, but I hop over it at the last second

    1. She hopped into the boat, he wanted to be out of the inlet before the tide got low, as it was, he was in time for a nice early rip that he rode out, accelerating into the distance as Jorma watched

    2. When the whale was caught, Archimedes hopped off the dying whale and joined the crew of whaling humans

    3. " She hopped up on the bench with him

    4. The girls hopped and skipped with

    5. With their respective lawyers flexing their considerable egos and with the press pack baying like wolves, Burberry hopped onto the next transatlantic red-eye

    6. with the press pack baying like wolves, Burberry hopped onto the

    7. The beer was a fairly conventional hopped

    8. With that, he hopped over the tailboard and out of the lorry

    9. She looked at Kortrax’s shadows on the residential trees, then hopped over the rail next to the side of the table he sat on

    10. She didn’t waste any more time at the terminal but hopped on a public for the hour ride up to that clinic

    11. The two girls placed their shoulders, arms and feet into the indicated positions, and as one, they extended their legs and quickly hopped their feet back under themselves, ready for another push

    12. I hopped on top of my chair so I could see above the crowd and joined the

    13. She was reading a book titled, “Happy Horsies”, which had a big happy horse on the front, and a bright blue sky in the background, as the horse hopped along and through big green fields filled with whimsical flowers

    14. hopped up expecting to collect all three of their plates and the two trays for the

    15. cleanly; crow hopped, and threw a frozen rope for me at home

    16. Her eyes of white never leaving those of Solo Ki, she hopped, leaving the blade of the female guard to slice the air below her feet, while she fended off the attack of the other with a series of lightning quick parries, both her blades flashing out to redirect the powerful blow of his long sword

    17. To him he hopped and informed that Prof

    18. Still, she did not prevail upon the good-natured driver and hopped off the cart as the sun sunk below the horizon at last

    19. The hatch opened and a ramp slid out toward them, they hopped out of it's way and the Elf made to enter

    20. Mim and Yula hopped across the table at once

    21. It yipped and barked and hopped, appearing grateful for the music

    22. The mind-entity had hopped aboard trying to install a homing beacon for itself

    23. Occasionally, one hopped to the ground, picked up a seed and flew rapidly to a limb

    24. Silence would have enveloped us, but birds twittered in the tree branches, bees buzzed among the flower blossoms and insects hopped in and out of grass

    25. " Bradlee hopped around waggling his elbow in the air

    26. 'Even a job, man!' He hopped over to the stereo and turned the record

    27. She obviously didn't have the same agility as Majory who had hopped over the back of the seat, and her escape was blocked by Roleston's large frame

    28. before some horny couple hopped in the back?

    29. “Ow! Hey! Ow!” He hopped off the rug

    30. The cat ensured his good fortune when he hopped over to my husband using only his back legs, looking like a mutant kangaroo

    31. He hopped out of the truck, raced to the door, and tried the door with his remaining hand

    32. After lunch where Jean ate fruits and drank orange juice and Hayley hopped into a goblet full of goat’s blood, the two of them sat on the edge of the bed in Jean’s tent and shared stories while Terese sat watching them from a chair at the far end of the pavilion

    33. Lifting the kid into her arms again, she hopped and limped a few steps, rested and moved again

    34. Without looking back, he hopped into his truck and drove away

    35. With agility that would have embarrassed a cat, he hopped from one slick perch to the next

    36. I hopped to it, suddenly rejuvenated, and we spent an hour splashing and playing in the tub, then dried off and spent the rest of the evening in bed, watching MTV and finally

    37. She ducked and twisted past gesticulating people and hopped off the bleachers

    38. He hopped along the branch and called again:

    39. He hopped further to the very end of the branch

    40. He let go of Stelze�s collar and hopped to the very end of her back

    41. He hopped to the other side and saw a mouse rushing into the high grass

    42. Lancelot cringed, jumped between their legs and hopped away as fast as he could

    43. As soon as the car stopped, Aunt Martha hopped out to inspect the flowerbeds bordering the police station car park

    44. Then he hopped into his grey sedan

    45. Clarissa hopped out lightly as soon as the Escalade rolled to a stop

    46. pily hopped up and headed for the stairs

    47. After slapping a second coat of waterproofing liquid on the tent fly, we hopped on our bikes to ride up to the visitor's center

    48. rabbit hopped onto the trail ahead and I looked up, startled to

    49. After school, we hopped a streetcar to the waterfront and,

    50. He hopped up three steps, and was ready to light the sock that would act as a fuse

    1. So perform this hopping off the ground three or four times and then straighten up for a rest

    2. There were so many streetcars you had to dodge them; and the many passengers hopping on and off at this busy circle

    3. Brunno started hopping around in

    4. Any other night Carl would be hopping out of the car in a beeline for the

    5. If the rabbit is hopping in your dream, then it indicates fertility

    6. He was like a kid waiting for Santa, hopping up and down and talking at a mile a minute

    7. There was the sound of someone hopping a ball on the wall in the room on the right

    8. And, like a greased pig chase, there is no catching a cat that’s side hopping and bounding worse than a drunken bunny in headlights once it gets out into the grass

    9. hopping because of the demands you’re placing on the

    10. Nathan was hopping because he was laughing so hard, not only at the astounded Jewish Chronicle crew, but also at Mrs

    11. Technology wise we used frequency hopping radios in the 1970s already and our locally adapted Kfirs (Cheetah) outflew the much vaunted F15 Strike Eagle on exercises

    12. Felicity came racing out of the building, pulling a shoe on as she came, sort of hopping and running at the same time

    13. could, sometimes hopping, sometimes limping with his sock wet by the

    14. They would teach him a lot of tricks, like jumping high up in the sky or hopping like a rubber ball

    15. Hell, he was hopping up and down and roaring to have a go

    16. Hopping from foot to foot, Brokin pulled at his ear in agitation

    17. I couldn’t help asking more odd little things that struck me as weird while we kept hopping from balcony to balcony, in a downward spiral ever deeper into the Nest’s innards

    18. He could still hear the walls reverberating from the Beatles songs they sang together at full volume, while hopping from bar to bar

    19. Junya contemplated about getting to the train station and hopping the Metro

    20. The train stopped, and Junya got off, immediately hopping a cab back to

    21. “Don’t be an idiot, Will,” says Christina, hopping down from her bunk

    22. He snapped awake with a gasp, hopping up so quickly that he fell off the bed,

    23. front of him, hopping between the collection of grey rock and

    24. Larry, my downstairs neighbor, is hopping around on crutches waiting for Medicare to kick in so he can have a hip replacement in June

    25. “What are you waiting for?” William said, hopping into the copilot’s seat

    26. Hopping on one foot, her grandmother held onto Jesse’s arm as she pulled her foot across the seat

    27. Frequency hopping by simple codes such as "up a buck and a quarter" for a 1

    28. Jumping rope is far more complex than hopping on a bicycle or a treadmill

    29. Bumps usually sent the entire unit hopping

    30. Hopping up off the side of the cylindrical sewer wall where

    31. loop, maybe while hopping through the tangled mess in search of

    32. well, and was hopping around at the very end of its tether,

    33. the grass, and then began hopping away with the greatest of

    34. absolutely relished in this little bit of freedom, hopping around

    35. hopping with excitement as we took a seat on the porch fifteen minutes to noon

    36. As a result the enemy became bolder, hopping their swift planes over hedges and hillocks to harass us

    37. Those dogs almost caught us hopping the apartment gate by the canal

    38. “I’m not fuck,” Willie said hopping down the canal

    39. But Peter didn't listen, and off Dingo went, leaping and hopping up and down the stairs

    40. The children jumped up screaming and hopping with joy

    41. After a good hour of searching from platform to platform, hopping on and off shuttles

    42. I pulled my latex gloves on before hopping out of the

    43. He went screaming and hopping down the road

    44. They thanked Serge again on the way out and hopping into their car, headed

    45. He was hopping to get in

    46. They were flying to Miami and staying a couple of days in a five star hotel before island hopping their way to Grand Cayman

    47. his flapping, hopping best,

    48. hopping up the lane, the housemartins nesting in the

    49. this funny little hopping, limping thing because her legs were still

    50. All hopping through the frothy waves,

    1. The smell of hops trails out of the room behind him

    2. Beer: Beer is produced from fermented hops

    3. The smell of the hops being brewed from the Guinness factory filled his nostrils and made him think of old times

    4. The same number of labourers in husbandry will, in different years, produce very different quantities of corn, wine, oil, hops, etc

    5. He escapes and hops a train and is then pursued by the police but escapes by a hair into the forest where he spends the night

    6. In the price of threepence halfpenny, which is at present paid for a pot of porter, the different taxes upon malt, hops, and beer, together with the extraordinary profit which the brewer charges for having advanced than, may perhaps amount to about three halfpence

    7. The poor pay the duties upon malt, hops, beer, and ale, upon their own consumption ; the rich, upon both their own consumption and that of their servants

    8. The hops in beer contain copper which, in trace amounts is good for you

    9. Ale - A style of beer which is made from barley and does not use hops

    10. She hops into the sling face-first and keeps her hands in front of her as Zeke tightens her straps

    11. Fernando hops out of the truck bed and offers me his arm

    12. The phone rings and Jaden hops over the bed

    13. He hops behind the bed again

    14. bombing hops and 7

    15. She thanks Santa and hops off his lap and walks away, a little sad that Santa isn’t real—he should be, darn it! A father places his very young and frightened son on Santa’s lap, the boy having not the foggiest idea of what he’s doing there, thinking maybe perhaps his father intends to give him to this red and white devil as some sort of gift-offering or sacrifice

    16. Then out of this guys car hops the chick!

    17. Dropping his cup, Chee-Chee runs, hops and screams all around the lab with Archan in chase


    19. Frank collected four airplanes during his lifetime, including a Lockheed Constellation fully decked out and loaded, an old Ford TriMotor which carried 10 passengers on short hops, a single engine Corsair for personal flying, and a converted Catalina flying boat

    20. He practically bunny hops up

    21. hops over to the bite and gulps it down

    22. They bounced forward in small, cautious hops in the light gravity of Eris, which was only eight percent that of Earth

    23. Gamma hops into the cockpit and buckle themselves in with

    24. hops on top of it; double taps his MicroBerry

    25. A large insect with blue and green wings flutters past us and settles on a flower, then flaps away and hops to a different flower instead

    26. For the hops and barley lovers that you are shopping for, there are numerous "Beer of the Month" clubs

    27. For those people on your gift list who prefer the grape to hops and barley, there are "Wine of the Month" clubs where for about the same price as the fruit and beer you can send 2 bottles of wine from award winning wineries around the world

    28. He initiated the Tracer Route program and it immediately began to trace the routes in a series of hops that the user accessed the webinar

    29. Wiggling out of his arms, she hops to the ground and runs over to Thor

    30. Fenrir pushes herself out of the bag, runs across the aisle, and hops into his lap

    31. The stool promptly hops backwards and begins to scamper around like a small dog

    32. Hops and lemon balm are approved by the German

    33. You’d think it would be too much for Bephistoles since he's nearly a million years old, but he hops around like a mountain goat

    34. couple grasping hops, he came to rest on my shoulder

    35. If a child parent hops to get what they want, it is usually an easy fix when the parents

    36. Anthony closes the book and then hops off the bed

    37. He hops in the driver’s side door of his truck with me sitting in the passenger seat and startles when he sees me

    38. Abruptly she hops down from the desk and begins chasing an imaginary mouse around the room

    39. She hops up onto McSpadden’s desk again and starts rubbing her head against the computer

    40. She hops forward and then back again

    41. perfect wedge-swing hops

    42. the week the rest of their eighty acres had been planted in barley, hops, grapes and sugar cane

    43. Now, you can shock the cadaver with electricity until it hops about like a ping-pong ball, if life

    44. Moreover until a definite majority hops on board, you will never develop enough power to sway and swing the system the other way

    45. He hops over it, but I crouch into a second one and send him to his rear on the mats

    46. ” Laden runs his warm hand up and down my body several times, then hops out of bed quickly

    47. She approaches David's car and hops into the vehicle

    48. Five minutes later, a cab arrives at the corner! Dana hops into the back seat of the cab! The cab then pulls off! The cab takes Dana to an area! Dana gets out of the cab! The cab pulls off as Dana goes and disappears around another corner!

    49. Thy limitless crops, grass, wheat, sugar, oil, corn, rice, hemp, hops, Thy barns all fill'd, the endless freight-train and the bulging store-house, The grapes that ripen on thy vines, the apples in thy orchards,

    50. The cuts, thrusts, down strokes, back strokes and doubles, that Corchuelo delivered were past counting, and came thicker than hops or hail

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    Synonyms for "hop"

    hop record hop hops hop-skip skip trip flight jaunt stopover journey leap jump bound spring flop bounce

    "hop" definitions

    the act of hopping; jumping upward or forward (especially on one foot)

    twining perennials having cordate leaves and flowers arranged in conelike spikes; the dried flowers of this plant are used in brewing to add the characteristic bitter taste to beer

    an informal dance where popular music is played

    jump lightly

    move quickly from one place to another

    travel by means of an aircraft, bus, etc.

    traverse as if by a short airplane trip

    jump across

    make a jump forward or upward