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    1. ) The roadside diners and hotdog stands or ice cream ―parlors‖ where weary travelers could stop and unwind and shake off some of the road dust, also provided opportunities to do some ―sightseeing‖, to take in the lay of the land or ―connect‖ with the people or simply walk around town and clear their heads

    2. Jaden fires a very small pink torpedo, the size of a hotdog towards the female in the car

    3. “Pass the hotdog,” James said, stealing a chip off me

    4. looked at it and said, “This is the hotdog bun

    5. hotdog!” We both laughed

    6. “But you can’t even cook a hotdog without burning it,” I said

    7. I shook my head, chewing my last bite of hotdog

    8. The first time you run for a hotdog is when he, him, who, whomever, if he exists, will come in, make her sneeze, and she's gone

    9. All I wanted to do was have a hotdog stand, the only one on Mars, the first and most important one

    10. At eight o’clock he was back sweeping the front of the hotdog stand self-consciously

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    Synonyms for "hotdog"

    dog frank frankfurter hot dog hotdog weenie wiener wienerwurst red hot

    "hotdog" definitions

    someone who performs dangerous stunts to attract attention to himself

    a frankfurter served hot on a bun

    a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll