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    1. Wiener, your son David is in detention

    2. Wiener was castigating Father Savage in probably the best possible language

    3. Of course David Wiener was turning bright red in the audience figuring that this would probably get him put in the dungeon or something when his mom finally hung up but the rest of us enjoyed every minute of that

    4. Wiener had a call up and bitch and complain that they never should've held detention; that they should've sent everybody home

    5. How could you not joke about his recent behavior, even though his member was more of a wiener than a sausage?

    6. going to whine up naked with their decapitated wiener in their hand in

    7. Last thing a guy needs is to walk around in a cold locker room with shrunken nuts and a party wiener instead of the golf balls and hot dog that the guy would have had under the right temperatures

    8. ” Then Sue took my wiener

    9. close attention to what she was doing, Sue said, “I just love your wiener

    10. me with a smile as I added, “I’ll always make sure that my wiener is

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    dog frank frankfurter hot dog hotdog weenie wiener wienerwurst norbert wiener

    "wiener" definitions

    United States mathematician and founder of cybernetics (1894-1964)

    a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll