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Hotness in a sentence

1. She misses all of this hotness.
2. She gave a half-hearted whistle as tribute to his hotness.
3. Because we still want a hotness in our food whether it is cooked or not.
4. While his thermometer penis forages the atmosphere for any kind of hotness.
5. It depended all on the intensity of the heat, and hotness and thickness of the ash.
6. It was sweet but had a touch of peppery hotness to it giving it an incredible taste.
7. We want an extra hotness to our food, just to slightly burn our palates when we eat it.

8. Lust for the hotness of his breath, the wideness of his chest, the firmness of his buttocks.
9. There is also a harmony between man and seasons with their hotness and coldness and with their vegetables and fruits.
10. He stroked her chin with the side of his thumb and her skin flushed, a hotness engulfing her as he kissed her again, less urgently this time.
11. At this point in our relationship, I didn’t think saying I was a vampire would help my hotness factor, but then again I wasn’t sure what Levi was anyway.
12. The sun is an everlasting concept that turns overheated space into reduced hotness and that material is space-time, which is what the entire Universe is made of.
13. Let’s take for granted that the sun sets while it is still in its highest hotness, then the night comes immediately after it with its cold weather and deep darkness.
14. Buying a flashy car can be like dating a hot yet vapid girl: The hotness will wear off after a little while, and all you’ll be left with is the unsatisfying person beneath.
15. According to this conception, we can say that the air in its coming into being can be considered a star, and so is it with coldness, hotness, the clouds in its formation, the rain, and the like.
16. Delia had seldom been this hot before in her entire life and she knew it must be some kind of psychological hotness - the fact that he was her own son as well as the fact that he was unconscious.
17. The boiling water has not yet settled back into a calmer state of simple hotness and the water jumps from the spout and misses the cup, spilling white hot blisters of water across the counter top and down the cupboard doors.
18. Besides that, his body was not in need for anything in that time, as there was no hunger nor thirst, neither hotness nor coldness, not toil nor fatigue because the spirit was put on the body surrounding it, with its state overruling it.
19. The heat of My face shall burn against the inhabitants, and by the hotness of My anger shall I scorch the earth! Behold, the dry and cracked ground shall speak in the hollows of the waste places, as a testament against them! The heat shall be very oppressive, and desolations shall overtake them at noonday!.

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