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    1. You were a hound man,

    2. I am the black dog, spike claw, red eye, the hound in the chase,

    3. Look into the eyes of the beast, the hound, weary,

    4. shaggy hound on the trail whose golden eyes glowed and gleamed in the darkness

    5. Or perhaps you crave the companionship of this flea-bitten hound here?"

    6. “Did you see that mangy looking cur its probably got rabies the bloody Turkish shit hound if I see it again I will shoot it on site and sod the fucking consequences

    7. ” His face had the hound dog look of a basset hound that had been kicked in the balls

    8. Lewis had the big jowls of a hound or

    9. “We found a path that led up towards the top and as always you know old Ben like a hound on the scent right out in front

    10. We had jumped down stretching our legs and getting some air and we all stood there scratching like a pack of hound dogs

    1. the hoot and rave of hounds at my heels,

    2. With every screech of metal on the wooden floor and with every yelp that came out of his mouth as he smashed his shins into rotting theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of hell, but nothing stirred within

    3. "Fine," he said, their personal lives had been nothing but lawyers and gossip hounds the last five or six weeks

    4. prospect of facing these hell hounds one moment longer

    5. private thoughts kept company with the hounds, whittling the bone

    6. theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of

    7. hounds reach this point they’ll be confused

    8. Grinly ran as though the hounds of hell were

    9. The quiet of the early morning, when a local news reporter and the television crews from Exeter were fumbling in the dark, has now been replaced by a small but determined pack of news hounds

    10. The baying hounds of the networks leapt into action, the quickest turn around in the history of the recorded word came about and the day dawned bright in Moscow when the Politburo met

    1. Meanwhile both Heymon and Elmore were pestering him for results, more specifically, hounding him to find the error in his previous observations that allowed quantum information to be created

    2. shouts and barks of the hounding press pack:

    3. "At least re-align your eye so the customer who you're interfering with will stop hounding Kaldiss about the errors they're getting

    4. Other than those five Magi, shortly after they found them, they were forced to abandon their quest as the undead began hounding them in

    5. go because the federal government kept hounding him

    6. It deflected any further worry from hounding him

    7. It deflected any further worry from hounding him

    8. She paused briefly and said, “How did you stay so committed to basketball? I know you have hundreds of groupies hounding you

    9. The legal barracudas, including Sam’s own lawyers at Webber and Hale, would now be hounding UVS for compensation

    10. Sure enough, a few days after Megan's wedding, my PR manager, Stephen, met me in my office and told me that the media were hounding him for information

    1. Number one, what Ava had hounded into him for two hundred years

    2. If the people in authority at the Kassikan decreed it, her royalties could be cut off and she could be banished from the campus, or for all practical purposes, from the city, and she knew of extreme cases where they had hounded people out of the Highlands altogether

    3. There were some that had happened centuries ago who were still being hounded today, and only got peace when they moved to a different basin

    4. “Oh she did, and she hounded me like a pack of hakkens for some, but I was out

    5. But he hounded her, insisting it would bring quite a price! Tom had left her with a small insurance policy

    6. I’m afraid that’s why he’s been hounded from village to village for years now

    7. He is not something akin to Satan to be hounded and humiliated at will

    8. He is not something akin to Satan to be hounded and humiliated at will

    9. He is not something akin to satan to be hounded and humiliated at will

    10. He is not something akin to satan to be hounded and humiliated at will

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    Synonyms for "hound"

    hound hound dog blackguard bounder cad dog heel hunt trace bully pursue heckle bother annoy pester provoke hunting dog mongrel

    "hound" definitions

    any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears

    someone who is morally reprehensible

    pursue or chase relentlessly