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    1. These fertilizers are a unique blend of rock powders and activators that are untreated, therefore, they contain secondary nutrients (calcium, magnesium and sulfur) plus many trace elements

    2. 5% sulfur, 5% calcium and over 30 trace minerals

    3. Using this glove I can deaden certain electrical pathways, and trace superficial surface currents for it to follow

    4. “Normally this kind of procedure would take hours of time and then even more hours to make the hack harder to trace,” The Operator explained

    5. Manure provides organic matter and trace minerals to the soil

    6. The window was still open but there was no other trace that anyone had been there

    7. Even the walls weren’t safe as they blasted them with laser guns and searched the holes for any trace of the technological wonder that Ackers had clutched tightly in his hand

    8. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack

    9. This is primarily due to its high calcium levels as well as high iron, and its large selection of trace minerals, which are made immediately available to the soil and plants

    10. Using a Liquid Seaweed: Seaweed is full of trace mineral and bacteria

    11. Into this place the mixture TGC+™ (equal amounts of organic tobacco, garlic powder, compost and the + stands for trace minerals such as rock dust)

    12. “Exotic” diseases can be directly correlated to the lack of “Exotic” trace minerals

    13. Local compost rich with trace minerals, composted animal manure and lots of humus are best

    14. Besides taking a vacation the addition of compost rich in trace minerals and bacteria is the best thing you can do to help raise the tree’s energy levels

    15. The idea is to provide plants with important trace minerals, bacteria, enzymes, and elements necessary for a healthy plant to grow

    16. The ocean is very rich in trace minerals, enzymes, and bacteria as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

    17. It also makes available trace minerals to the plants

    18. Always provide plenty of oxygen (by stirring pile, aerate it) and plenty of natural nitrogen and trace minerals

    19. Human hair contains nitrogen and other trace minerals

    20. Of Gordon's Lamp there was not a trace, instead there

    21. The photos on top of the small, old TV were all of Saya at various ages with no trace of any parents

    22. "I have all the probes out that can pick up its trace, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    23. The more he found, the more it lead to that same skinny little trace

    24. But then, they'd need at least as much storage as a backup takes and even that can't be kept available for all the females in the Haad thru that one skinny trace

    25. He would trace them down

    26. With a great deal of very tedious effort he was able to trace Linshere to a proxie cherub account administered by a diagnostic link

    27. Even as deep into this hack as he was, he was unable to trace that diagnostic link

    28. This detector had picked up a trace that was listed as that of the Al-Harron

    29. You are repeating the same cycle of life your father was repeating from his father, and you can trace it back and back and back

    30. ‘Berndt confided in me how Joris had asked him to trace his nephew, Karalintze, and how you kindly offered to do this for him

    31. there was no trace of the poor Dinu anywhere

    32. "There was no blood trace in the water

    33. of a bald headed carrion bird, dry and soft, with which I trace

    34. She looked around a little and saw the trace of a kayak canal, now filled in with leaves and a bit of struggling chussweed

    35. In his hand an inscription, a faint trace of hope

    36. ‘Berndt has told me how you worked for the Migraine Association and used that to trace the holders down

    37. trace the molehill maze of aureole and nipple,

    38. trying to trace the contours of distant lives

    39. It was a good size jug with a glass stopper and its contents smelled a lot tastier than what the kids were drinking, even putting off a little trace of fume

    40. The sampling interval can be reduced to the limits of our equipment and it still looks like an analog trace

    41. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from the machine and let its digital DNA drift away on the ether that connects electronic super highways to Acacia Avenues the world over

    42. in his arms with just the faintest trace of a smile on her lips

    43. I was able to trace

    44. The snowstorm had obliterated all trace of their landing and slide into the snow bank

    45. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from

    46. He fiddled with the dials, eventually found a trace

    47. Raising my hand, I gently trace the line of his jaw, feeling the hint of stubble

    48. with one hit wonders appearing and disappearing without trace all

    49. In fact, I think I have managed to trace her life up to where she set up the Foundation

    50. I tried looking her up in the census but couldn’t find any trace of her

    1. The decline in our health can be traced to a few factors

    2. Ominously, 40 percent of nursing home admissions of older people can be traced to a fall

    3. The loss of balance that leads to serious, injury-producing falls can be traced to age-related changes in the brain, diminishing vision, inner ear problems, weakening of the legs and trunk and/or the declining reliability of sensory mechanisms that let the brain know where the limbs are in space

    4. He traced the contours of his corpulence,

    5. His fingers traced the ragged grooves of three long but

    6. Nothing can be traced to our

    7. I traced the wall starting at the door

    8. In the middle of the wall opposite the mattress I traced at head height the outline of a caged light fitting

    9. He traced those techs all the way back via their financials, going into level after level of files where he technically wasn't allowed and not giving a damn

    10. I barely breathed as I traced the outlines of a few grubby pencilled words written in Arabic

    11. His fingers traced the ragged grooves of three long but thin scars, as if a large tom cat had raked talons across his skin

    12. ‘Yes, we’ve traced the kids and they don’t remember seeing you … or anyone else

    13. and traced it’s wrinkled course towards his hanging jowls

    14. Struck to the core by the pain I saw there, I had gently traced the line of his jaw with my hand, his stubble rough beneath my touch … I don’t know how it happened exactly, whether I leaned forward or whether he did, but the next moment we were kissing

    15. Ava traced those equations in the logic

    16. When I traced the original occurrence of

    17. As we traced back the origins of the individual trapped

    18. A single bead of perspiration traced its way down the side of Matai’s face

    19. I traced the scars with my fingers

    20. He traced the river as it snaked southward through the trees heading towards the town they had stayed at

    21. The path she was used to taking turned off to the right outside the barracks and led down to the cove, a junction part way along leading off to the dig … but what if she went left outside the barracks? With one finger, she traced the route of the path as it wound through the marsh, concluding that it appeared to end up further along the coast at a stretch of beach shown on the map by a splash of yellow … at least she assumed that’s what it meant

    22. “We’ve traced her to where she was living, we found she had won a free year at the Kassikan

    23. “That bottle of psychoenzyme you signed out has been traced to the shonggot that took Tdeshi

    24. “I’ve traced the girl’s origins

    25. ‘You may be interested to know that we have traced Mrs Hartley-Jones’ mother – she is coming up to see her daughter

    26. the Dean traced patterns on the desk with his finger

    27. Thin streams of energy leapt out before him, illuminating the room in a bluish glow as the threads traced the path of the serving girls

    28. She showed him how to draw war craft on his tablet, then traced the words ocean, wind, and sail for him

    29. This time, Dora was closest, and he traced the outline of her flank

    30. He must have traced us here

    31. A pair of guards traced her sprightly steps and she thought she heard one muttering under his breath to the other, who merely snickered in response

    32. “Well, I did and you kept on calling me ‘Xonia’,” she said with a glint in her eyes, her lips pouting as she traced a finger down the side of his face, circling his chin and coming to a stop on his lower lip

    33. And before she turned around the blade traced her DRAFTChapter 8 137

    34. now, she’d traced Odysseus's path all the way from Troy to Ithaca, blending his ordeal with her own

    35. She allegedly assigned a task force of our finest warriors to set up a colony not too far distant from Lascor---so that their activities could possibly be traced to us---and those activities were supposedly to include the random acts of kindness and charity towards any with whom they made contact

    36. Our associations or experiences can be traced to any of the following:

    37. Me Elijah and Johnny Grundy were stood together we had known Johnny since joining up he was a small dynamo of a man with dark hair that met in a widows peak and hard brown eyes he had a scar that traced a line from the corner of his eye to the corner of his lip

    38. Her gaze traced each scar slowly, appreciating how soft his skin looked between the sore red tracks

    39. A silvery glow traced the figures of everyone who stood before the Cross

    40. He traced her jaw line with a finger

    41. Had it diagnosed and traced for an arrest in one day

    42. The federal policeman traced the

    43. The stranger touched her forehead, chanting as he traced symbols on her skin with a gnarled finger

    44. She traced the faded yellow canary painted on the lid

    45. On the top of the hill I halted and revelled in the glorious view, for the atmosphere was unusually clear, and the vast undulating sea of gloriously tinted foliage could be traced for miles

    46. These events happened some years apart, but General Neethling’s forensic people traced the arc of the bullets by measuring their angle of penetration and duly arrested the law breakers who were found guilty by the court of a variety of offences

    47. Intrigued, they traced his position back to the time when he would have had to keep the horses from bolting away

    48. Weren’t expecting me, eh? They must have come for the money, probably traced Akstyr’s note to the area

    49. Then another round of bullets traced their way over the waves towards him, pushing such thoughts from his mind

    50. The aforementioned bombing has been traced to (former) members of a right-wing militia group from Michigan

    1. Some people believe water is a powerful messenger that can hold electromagnetic traces as a type of 'memory'

    2. You see, when Janet irons, all traces of her husband go away

    3. They all walked inside, Nancy bringing up the rear of the group and still looking for any traces of Silence

    4. The current monitoring logs of all the logic all his programs ran in had to be edited, then he had to edit out the current traces that process took manually, before he could close

    5. That probe found no traces of human blood in the water

    6. he shuffles off, kicking at traces of dew

    7. by my headless four, the black stallions, wild eyed, sweating in their traces,

    8. even without the traces of make up

    9. Now, when it is too late for me to tell the long faded traces

    10. she traces the contours of her arms,

    11. There are traces of a Minoan settlement and public baths here which are signs the Dorini area has been chosen for settlement since the very early days of colonisation

    12. And on a wall in a smaller room were faded painted traces of dark fat grapes and twisting in through the window, grey old straying twists of some very lively jasmine, and even wild rosemary

    13. Topless and bethonged and stretched across one of the sofas, she was carefully admiring her reflection in a mirror whilst wiping away some lipstick traces from those teeth

    14. Their logic devices had traces hundreds of atoms wide, they would hardly be effected

    15. I don't tend to notice most of the time, but the splashes from the shower do leave traces

    16. “Because the traces are over twenty atoms wide, only single particles in single atoms would be entangled

    17. “As such,” Ava said, “If this is the echo of 2341 you should know the history of the Android Wars?” She had been young when it happened, but the early asteroid belt had been plagued by sabotage and outright pitched battles as iOS and Moly tried to exterminate all traces of the Android OS

    18. There are traces of quicklime on the bleached arms of the fermenting corpses

    19. Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or Ecstasy in other words, and Ketamine together with some traces of amphetamine

    20. The officer traces the boomerang pattern on the table top with his finger for a moment before he replies

    21. Tyres thump on tarmac, leaving minute traces of themselves on the white lines that mark out road junctions

    22. She traces the contours of his arm with a finger nail

    23. There are no traces that way

    24. He followed smaller paths for awhile, but eventually lost all traces of them

    25. He explained that there were scarce traces of the Energy Age in Lumpral, and the whole Trenst basin had been peopled by hunter-gatherer tribes who watched the Energy Age go by while peeking from under the forest canopy

    26. The faint dust traces told him one other book was missing

    27. My mate the parking officer has got the traces and reins all ready, perhaps you and your son outside could give us a hand to saddle them up

    28. ‘Tell Flitter to use his pocket knife on the traces and harness

    29. left some traces among those with less culture

    30. Cold droplets poured over him and helped to wash away all traces of the reeking death

    31. She lay down Eury, then reattached the traces that she’d started to take off

    32. Not even the traces of blood that surely would have found the ground

    33. At his request, a program of defoliation is begun to eradicate all traces of Patagonian trailing creeper from Central Park

    34. In an interview with Newsweek, a former associate claims that Professor Spanners' present militant stance against the butterfly world is the result of childhood trauma, which she traces back to being dive-bombed by a red admiral on a family picnic

    35. The faintest traces of sweet incense rode the breeze and readily found her nose

    36. She had not adopted the new style of dying her tresses and her hair held traces of grey mixed with black

    37. There were traces of blood on the handle and along the serrated edge

    38. at that point; make out the traces of electronic, man-made light smoothly bathing the edges of the

    39. He heard the knock and jumped out of his seat, wiping the traces of tears from his eyes

    40. Abbott smiled broadly, all traces of hostility forgotten as he stood and offered his hand

    41. Sicarius followed the intermittent traces with some sense she did not possess

    42. What is it about the Hollywood Culture that seems to effectively absorb all traces of their former selves, transforming them into Kafkaesque-like characters whose abnormal, dreamlike perceptions manufacture a distorted sense of reality?

    43. �Do you think we can find traces of blood in that rented car?�

    44. �The car rental had been cleaned several times but it still revealed some traces of blood, but too small to be used for analysis,� remarked Linda as she studied one of the reports

    45. We also inform him that traces of Laura's blood was uncovered from that car rental that Petersen drove that night

    46. We also found traces of Laura's blood in that car, sir,� Steve coolly remarked and he stared hard at Jonathan but he could only receive a mild reaction to his statement

    47. crime scene in and around Mia"s apartment building would be preserved until the investigators had scoured for all possible traces of physical evidence and photographed everything from as many angles as possible

    48. He seemed lost in thought but then he coughed with traces of blood in his saliva and replied to Amonas:

    49. With a little help from Kazowskis, Colling managed to get the little mare between the cart’s traces and harnessed, but rather than immediately driving the horse to pull the unfamiliar cart, Colling chose to instead lead the little mare by the bridle and walked beside her back to Karol’s

    50. Traces of this competitive outlook still mar some parts of church life in Scotland to this very day

    1. In running his fingers along her seams, in tracing the

    2. ’ Stephen admitted, tracing the top of his mug with one finger

    3. The Countess ran her free hand along the contours of her body, tracing the

    4. The Countess ran her free hand along the contours of her body, tracing the curve of her firm, full and neatly upturned breasts

    5. my breath tracing the trade winds of the morning breeze,

    6. ” They thought she could have found out what happened to her by tracing back how she had been brought into the lab

    7. Her fingers caressed the smooth stone, one fingernail running along the crystalline white line, tracing its course down one side of the stone and back up the other

    8. There won’t be any way of tracing the mail, but try not to spend it too

    9. empty receptacles, following his every move and tracing his path until she was on

    10. I got involved in a research project tracing yandrille evolution and hoped that would help

    11. " he whispered, tracing the line of her chin with his thumb

    12. As a girl, it had been a favorite game to watch them tracing spirals as they leapt about

    13. It was a bowl, a golden bowl with ancient etchings tracing the rim

    14. The glob slid down her cheek, tracing the faint path where her scar

    15. I was having real problems as the key seemed to have a mind of its own tracing patterns round the locks opening but refusing to fit in it and open the bloody thing

    16. ” I carried her bag to the car and noticed that it had dealer plates, no license, no tracing the car

    17. In the apparently most civilised districts, all manner of diabolical crimes are committed under the very nose of the authorities; and so superstitious are the people, and so powerful the influence of the fetish priests, that the greatest difficulty is experienced in tracing these acts to their source

    18. He sat with the album on his lap, his fingers unconsciously tracing the patterns in the leather, remembering back to their first date

    19. She scanned the letter again, tracing the dark splodges on the paper - obviously tears - with the tip of a finger

    20. But he just propped one hand under his chin, tracing the aquiline bridge of his own nose with his eyebrows drawn together in a way I had begun to recognize as unease

    21. ” With her hand to his chin, she turned his face to her and peered deeply into the darkness of his eyes while tracing a finger the length of the scar on his cheek

    22. He stared at the faded rug, tracing the outline of a bird perched within a tree

    23. He otherwise looked quite solemn, his hands tracing the pages of the book he was engrossed in

    24. She was tracing her hands along his length now, and he had closed his eyes

    25. I was running my fingers through her now, feeling the folds of her labia and tracing around her clitoris

    26. He held his bloody knife to her chest now, tracing her nipples and breasts with it

    27. He pulled out a map, tracing his

    28. Shorty went the other, tracing the main stage

    29. “Alongside the guns, the bullets and the shells?” asked the father with a smile, his hands tracing the emptied tin cup of coffee in front of him, his eyes lost somewhere beyond the church grounds

    30. tracing one of the gauges with a fingertip

    31. Orphenn smiled and nodded, tracing the curly “R” with a fingertip

    32. A caticornered rent in the skirt had been darned with scarlet tracing cotton and the hem had been let down, showing a bright strip of unfaded pink around the skirt

    33. After tracing Acapipioltzin’s route, we also traced the various trips we had taken over the years

    34. Tracing his fingers over

    35. It did seem to stick with the facts as I knew them, but tracing our Khakhanate back to anyone but Kaidu was ridiculous

    36. Tracing his stare, Cloud

    37. I could feel Ishvara’s eyes follow me, tracing my every move, but I was too enthralled in Jiva’s tale to care

    38. I was beginning to lose my grip on reality the way I had dangerously come close to before and if I hadn’t heard the crackling of leaves, the stems under someone’s light footstep, moving the way only a vamp knew, tracing the forest the way only a vampire could, I would have given in to Levi then and there, without a care for what would have happened afterwards

    39. the bulge that was growing in my jeans, tracing with her other hand the outline of what I

    40. first, by tracing and eliminating all wrong ideas and emotions

    41. of shape onto my back, tracing it over again and again

    42. ” I added tracing the line of his small smile

    43. ” He said, tracing the contours of my smile

    44. I recall Hani's instructions and double check my route by tracing out the map's yellow path and by searching for chiselled crosses on both sides of each passage

    45. while the camera moves in and out tracing an invisible quarter spiral rotation

    46. She reached up and stroked his scars gently, tracing their outline with her

    47. Still gripped in admiration, he reached out and touched the carving, running his fingers across the rough wood and tracing the line of the bird’s neck

    48. As before, her aim was true and her saliva struck his left cheek before tracing a slow journey downwards

    49. Connecting the dots of a dream, color by number and tracing the lines

    50. Instead of tracing a path around the building or to one of the other, now non-existent, doorways, the flames simply led to the wall and stopped

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    Synonyms for "trace"

    trace tracing shadow tincture vestige ghost touch hint suggestion tint decipher follow delineate describe draw line hound hunt retrace evidence indication shred fragment dash sign footprint mark record track spoor trail pursue discover determine ascertain find out outline copy sketch diagram

    "trace" definitions

    a just detectable amount

    an indication that something has been present

    a suggestion of some quality

    a drawing created by superimposing a semitransparent sheet of paper on the original image and copying on it the lines of the original image

    either of two lines that connect a horse's harness to a wagon or other vehicle or to a whiffletree

    a visible mark (as a footprint) left by the passage of person or animal or vehicle

    follow, discover, or ascertain the course of development of something

    make a mark or lines on a surface

    to go back over again

    pursue or chase relentlessly

    discover traces of

    make one's course or travel along a path; travel or pass over, around, or along

    copy by following the lines of the original drawing on a transparent sheet placed upon it; make a tracing of

    read with difficulty