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Humiliate in a sentence | humiliate example sentences

  1. They humiliate ME at every turn.
  2. But, I wanted to humiliate those.
  3. This was being done to humiliate her.
  4. Every chance you get to humiliate me.
  5. He leaves us no choice but to humiliate him.

  6. They were out to humiliate her and succeeded.
  7. Why are you trying to humiliate me? she asked.
  8. This degrading duty did not in any way humiliate him.
  9. If the perpetrators' intent was to use and humiliate.
  10. Worse yet, I think she wants to torture and humiliate.
  11. Humiliate, terrify, demean, diminish, bring to despair.
  12. She must never contradict you or humiliate you in public.
  13. Mordecai persistently refused to humiliate himself in this way.
  14. There were also countless attempts to humiliate and degrade the.
  15. We will then say that it is the Russian way of trying to humiliate us.

  16. And you can allow yourself to humiliate so thoroughly honest a man!.
  17. How could she make him ridiculous, humiliate him, before all those women?
  18. I do not wish to utilize the fortunes of war to humiliate an honored monarch.
  19. David Zamos doesn't look as if he could singlehandedly humiliate the world's.
  20. But, the temptation to enrage and humiliate Commander Williams was too great.
  21. Modi, he felt, had deliberately publicized an act of charity to humiliate him.
  22. Put downs are words or actions intended to humiliate or embarrass you, or put you down.
  23. Non-violent methods do not try to humiliate, insult, or diminish the stature of one’s enemy.
  24. But why trample upon the pieces; why seek to humiliate her spirit? Aha! He could not break that.
  25. She couldn’t stay anymore, she said everything! He would not humiliate her! Enough was enough!.

  26. Smith the man made himself clear enough to Wilson when on HMS Tiger, Wilson tried to humiliate him.
  27. Walter had intended to ask, "And you are a liar?" but pity intervened and he did not humiliate Dan further.
  28. I had been humiliated, so I wanted to humiliate; I had been treated like a rag, so I wanted to show my power.
  29. I have to say I was surprised that they wanted her so badly that he was willing to humiliate himself like that.
  30. Meme realized that he was burning in the heat of his pride, and she desperately looked for a way to humiliate him.
  31. He was going out of his way to hurt and humiliate her He lounged toward the door, one eyebrow raised quizzically.
  32. But he forces himself to act out of character just to save face and in the process humiliate the love of his life.
  33. She felt so sinful, so guilty, that nothing was left her but to humiliate herself and beg forgiveness; and as now there.
  34. Ridicule means to make fun of a person with the intention of humiliating them, see? Intention is there to humiliate them.
  35. No I don’t! I’ve seen how men act and how the women have no choice when he decides to humiliate her with pregnancy.
  36. Matthew snapped and made grab for him, knowing that it gave him great satisfaction to humiliate him in front of Ian and others.
  37. Ronald Reagan is not a vengeful man, but his memory is long, and now he desperately wants to win this contest and humiliate Kennedy.
  38. Annet had never ceased to humiliate her by flirting with Wulfric, who continued to grin foolishly at every stupid coquettish remark.
  39. Let’s humiliate the Soviets as much as we can in front of the rest of the World and let’s show them for the hypocrites they are.
  40. I am sad to say I had to ask Colonel to keep quiet, and leave my crime scene before I arrest and thus humiliate him in front of his own people.
  41. How was it possible that the crocodile was absolutely hollow? I don't mind betting that he was bragging from vanity and partly to humiliate me.
  42. To accuse Jews for making too much of a profit from stupid, gullible, gulled Germans; would not only humiliate the entire modern German Nation.
  43. I don't know if she was feeling guilty or what or if she was just wondering what else she could get me to say or do next to humiliate me even more.
  44. This was one obvious reason why the Germans did not protest when Hitler’s began to systematically humiliate and ostracize Jews from German society.
  45. Butterfield was shocked at the way Nixon used the popular services to humiliate Arthur Burns, a well-known economist and his counselor at the White House.
  46. Isodor: The gorgons have agreed to patrol along our titans, but not before I had to humiliate myself to them by asking for their forgiveness for the years of hunt.
  47. She looks straight into the camera, knowing that every click of the photographer’s shutter publicly will humiliate the man whom she considers a failure as a father.
  48. So, since attempts were being made to humiliate her, she wanted to hold her head even higher than usual, and to overwhelm them all with the beauty and taste of her toilette.
  49. Whatever they do to him, however they torture or humiliate him, he will submit, for, alone, he can do nothing; he has no principle for the sake of which he could resist violence alone.
  50. He would have had his hand chopped off before he would have allowed himself by a word, by a hint, to humiliate her, or even to fall short of the fullest respect a woman could look for.
  51. Was this just another elaborate plan to humiliate him at the banquet one final time, in full view of everyone he knew before he was carted off again? He wasn’t sure but he would soon find out.
  52. She felt so sinful, so guilty, that nothing was left her but to humiliate herself and beg forgiveness; and as now there was no one in her life but him, to him she addressed her prayer for forgiveness.
  53. I am afraid that when I come again my God may humiliate me before you, and I may mourn over many of those who have sinned in the past and not repented of the impurity, immorality and sensuality which they have practiced.
  54. Their YC-10 could of course have easily left the P-51s in its dust, but Ingrid’s goal, apart from keeping her visit as discreet as possible, was to gain the cooperation of the Nationalist Chinese, not to humiliate them.
  55. They gently move her hair away from her face and eyes as she continues to shout to Matthew, Don't you or any of your partners or any other reporters out there ever humiliate me or disgrace me again, especially while on stage, you got it!.
  56. I was thinking that you, like every respectable person in similar circumstances, would act openly and candidly and straightforwardly, and not humiliate yourself with comical antics and silly grimaces, and ridiculous complaints and detestable innuendoes, which only heap greater shame upon you.
  57. Angered and revolted, she had swatted it as if trying to kill a fly, and all the time screaming: "It's filth! It's filth!" That embarrassing and terribly humiliating incident, the subsequent hostile relationship between Komadze and his mother, had left him with an overwhelming desire to sexually humiliate women.
  58. And why humiliate ourselves, herself and myself, and especially myself, by supposing such horrors? This mercenary violinist, known as a bad man,—shall I think of him in connection with a respectable woman, the mother of a family, MY wife? How silly!’ But on the other hand, I said to myself: ‘Why should it not happen?’.
  59. His egotism was of the sort that is most frequently found developed in masculine and especially in military circles, and which had become a part of his life to such a degree that he understood no other choice than to domineer or to humiliate himself; and his egotism was the mainspring even of his private impulses; he liked to usurp the first place over people with whom he put himself on a level.
  60. Had he forced her to prostrate herself to the ground all night, had he beaten her or made her fetch wood or water, it would never have entered her mind to think her position hard; but this loving despot—the more cruel because he loved her and for that reason tormented himself and her—knew how not merely to hurt and humiliate her deliberately, but to show her that she was always to blame for everything.
  61. Shall I turn Rogojin off? Ha! ha! you thought I would marry him for your benefit, did you? Why, I’ll call out now, if you like, in your presence, ‘Rogojin, get out!’ and say to the prince, ‘Do you remember what you promised me?’ Heavens! what a fool I have been to humiliate myself before them! Why, prince, you yourself gave me your word that you would marry me whatever happened, and would never abandon me.
  62. Strange to say, I always had, perhaps from my earliest childhood, one characteristic : if I were ill-treated, absolutely wronged and insulted to the last degree, I always showed at once an irresistible desire to submit passively to the insult, and even to accept more than my assailant wanted to inflict upon me, as though I would say : " All right, you have humiliated me, so I will humiliate myself even more; look, and enjoy it! " Touchard beat me and tried to show I was a lackey, and not the son of a senator, and so I promptly took up the role of a lackey.
  63. She is worthy of sympathy? Is that what you wished to say, my good fellow? But then, for the mere sake of vindicating her worthiness of sympathy, you should not have insulted and offended a noble and generous girl in her presence! This is a terrible exaggeration of sympathy! How can you love a girl, and yet so humiliate her as to throw her over for the sake of another woman, before the very eyes of that other woman, when you have already made her a formal proposal of marriage? And you did propose to her, you know; you did so before her parents and sisters.
  1. It is humiliating to expire.
  2. That would have been humiliating.
  3. So that indeed it's not humiliating.
  4. My mother continued humiliating me.
  5. He was humiliating her to the maximum.
  6. It was a humiliating experience that he.
  7. The humiliating news became widely known.
  8. Humiliating as such a confession is, I am.
  9. She could not bear the humiliating reminder.
  10. So that indeed it’s not humiliating ….
  11. It was humiliating to have Brady kick my ass.
  12. People feel sorry for me, and it's humiliating.
  13. He’s such a proud man, it must be humiliating.
  14. I thought having an aide was going to be humiliating.
  15. If that’s not humiliating, I don’t know what is.
  16. Number 3 was a humiliating list: Must be fed most foods.
  17. Also in 1954, a second humiliating experience awaited him.
  18. It was humiliating and humbling, but MY Love is so great.
  19. It was a mutual decision, and pregnancy is not humiliating.
  20. She was also tested for AIDS – humiliating but necessary.
  21. A bright-red, curly wig topped off the humiliating ensemble.
  22. I don’t think I can hang for another humiliating event he.
  23. I’m sorry to say this but it was a very sad and humiliating.
  24. If this weren't terrifying, it would be downright humiliating.
  25. It was humiliating for him to not be in control at this moment.
  26. What she had endured in the pursuit of a child was humiliating.
  27. But still, it was a little humiliating to be slower than a tree.
  28. At first this was very humiliating for a young wife of a lawyer.
  29. With Lisa, I had an added cause for this humiliating disposition.
  30. Humiliating them was an important element of the ritual sacrifice.
  31. The time Marilyn had spent in New York was humiliating for Natasha.
  32. This was permitted, provided he submitted to the very humiliating.
  33. Mercifully, the humiliating feelings of defeat and loss passed quickly.
  34. That was humiliating, she said, laying her head against his chest.
  35. Two things stood in the way of me submitting to this humiliating stunt.
  36. Yes, being watched and babysat was humiliating, and I refuse to raise.
  37. The first day in the college was scary and humiliating experienced for me.
  38. And that's humiliating for a young man of any pride, in our day especially.
  39. Might as well celebrate a little after that horrendous and humiliating ordeal.
  40. She would surely find it even more humiliating that her boss should witness it.
  41. He suffered a lonely, humiliating and brutal death at the hands of His enemies.
  42. The Romans used crucifixion as a prolonged, agonizing, humiliating death…….
  43. It was small stuff, which made it all the more humiliating, because it was so.
  44. And that’s humiliating for a young man of any pride, in our day especially….
  45. The ride to the station, handcuffed in the back of the police car was humiliating.
  46. Nevertheless, in her new humiliating uncertainty she dared do nothing but comply.
  47. Who will receive a humiliating punishment, and on whom will fall a lasting torment.
  48. Think about it, you’ll lose a lot of votes and that would be totally humiliating.
  49. In 1974, the governing Conservative Party lost the election in humiliating fashion.
  50. Moreover, finding her situation humiliating, she continued to be confounded no end.
  51. Yet to call him up because I was in a mess and needed his help would be humiliating.
  52. If that's mine, I feel so exalted, so strong, that nothing can be humiliating to me.
  53. It was humiliating, because due to continuing emigration, everyone knew what it meant.
  54. Another reason was the bitterness he still felt about the humiliating defeat in Korea.
  55. And if he can ever get help from security, they treat him in a humiliating way as well.
  56. That alone must have been humiliating and degrading for someone so bright and prideful.
  57. You are humiliating her before all those who are passing by and that is not acceptable.
  58. It also imposed reparations, though under an even more humiliating name: Capitulations.
  59. The fall of Singapore was the greatest humiliating defeat in the history of British arms.
  60. Her relations with Stepan Arkadyevitch after their reconciliation had become humiliating.
  61. After all, sometimes it is the man who is ‘barren’ and that is even more humiliating.
  62. But those who disbelieve and reject Our revelations-these will have a humiliating punishment.
  63. So the thunderbolt of the humiliating punishment seized them, because of what they used to earn.
  64. It was an incredibly humiliating experience for them, but they never complained about their fate.
  65. Facing the reality that they might not be able to carry through on that decision was humiliating.
  66. His plan could work given what he knew of these pirates, but it was humiliating even to consider.
  67. Ralph thought how beautiful she was, even while she was rejecting and humiliating him so painfully.
  68. I didn’t know how to be of assistance to Babu without humiliating him, but Adi heaved it very wel.
  69. She had best be silent, she decided; though to withdraw into silence was of itself a humiliating defeat.
  70. The choice was stark, die now, many times horribly, or live through the humiliating serial recantations.
  71. It was a demoralizing, humiliating predicament for one who had always boasted of success and independence.
  72. This consciousness of abnormal weakness of mind became at moments very painful and even humiliating to him.
  73. All that was distressing, and especially all that was humiliating, in her position rose vividly to her mind.
  74. When the guards weren’t venting their fury at the captives, they entertained themselves by humiliating them.
  75. She tried to make her body limp and her mind blank: it would be too humiliating if she, too, reached a climax.
  76. Not to stand high in the opinion of one’s servants was as humiliating a thing as could happen to a Southerner.
  77. A man of real abilities can scarce find out a more humiliating or a more unprofitable employment to turn them to.
  78. This must have been how he came to feel it all so humiliating, and then I made that blunder, a very important one.
  79. Two letters have I written her in that strain, and I began straight off today about its being humiliating for her.
  80. That naively humiliating entreaty was the more pitiful, the more heartrending for being so flagrant and impossible.
  81. You know this isn’t my strong point, but if it helps I think I can picture just how humiliating that must have been.
  82. What was worst of all, there was something humiliating in it, and on their side something supercilious and scornful.
  83. Ridicule means to make fun of a person with the intention of humiliating them, see? Intention is there to humiliate them.
  84. After a humiliating parley at Rock Landing, Georgia, at which McGillivray toyed with less crafty representatives from the U.
  85. Much that was absurd, indeed, and humiliating, because it was like a mountebank performance—^yes, a regular show at a fair.
  86. Going against her stated wishes and humiliating her has brought much criticism on the government and on Prime Minister Attlee.
  87. Humiliating, but her analytical mind became instantly skeptical of the actual relevance of this list to her individual outcome.
  88. She also didn’t feel close enough to any of her ex-husbands to ask for help, and besides, it would have been too humiliating.
  89. Stevenson, not content to have fired me in a humiliating fashion, came to Contracts, and shouted at me during my last few runs.
  90. I've been thinking about it a little of late, but I'm almost afraid to try, for, if I should fail, it would be too humiliating.
  91. And having learned of the humiliating death of Mussolini at the hands of captors, Hitler was too cowardly to face his enemies;.
  92. To my thinking it is their duty to be controlled, because that's their vocation, and there is nothing humiliating in it for them.
  93. It is devastating, horrible, degrading, humiliating, unnecessary, evil, illogical, disgusting, violent, reprehensible and stupid.
  94. But he rather died than betrayed his Mentor Master last will and also he refused to live with the memories of humiliating defeat.
  95. Does anything about me seem average? The stinging reality of his inflections actually hurt my brain, further humiliating me.
  96. Nathan’s girlfriend at the time was making money humiliating and torturing young wealthy accountants and middle management types.
  97. To my thinking it is their duty to be controlled, because that’s their vocation, and there is nothing humiliating in it for them.
  98. A human being would have been disgusted by the humiliating sight, but Primagnon Parker only smiled down at the distraught politician.
  99. On the one hand they encountered white segregated fundamentalists reeling from humiliating defeats in their defense of God’s Word.
  100. Having done as the Healer asked– having brought her the mouse ears– why was she laughing at him this way? It was so humiliating!.
  1. He was humiliated and angry.
  2. The girl who humiliated you.
  3. He was humiliated himself at.
  4. He felt humiliated and stupid.
  5. Vicky was once again humiliated.
  6. He was crushed and even humiliated.
  7. He was humiliated, he felt violated.
  8. She felt furious, impotent, humiliated.
  9. To do things by stealth humiliated him.
  10. If they feel humiliated, however, their.
  11. It made her feel defeated and humiliated.
  12. She had never felt so humiliated as at the.
  13. Maybe, I was too humiliated to tell my story.
  14. Often they have been ridiculed or humiliated.
  15. To him, that was worse than being humiliated.
  16. She staggered away, embarrassed and humiliated.
  17. After all, it was he who was chiefly humiliated.
  18. And pain-in-the-ass Joe, the one who humiliated.
  19. His voice was like a humiliated child, wheedling.
  20. And if they failed: they were publicly humiliated.
  21. Most important, he had been profoundly humiliated.
  22. She left the class because she was humiliated not.
  23. After all, he has been brought home and humiliated.
  24. He was humiliated, disillusioned, and utterly crushed.
  25. She was hurt, insulted and humiliated in her feelings.
  26. The owner of the two dogs humiliated them, mercilessly.
  27. After being humiliated, gawked at, and tormented on the.
  28. At last Miüsov felt completely humiliated and disgraced.
  29. Our country had been humiliated and we wanted to know why.
  30. Anna felt humiliated, insulted, but she saw that from her.
  31. She felt humiliated, ashamed of her awkward distorted body.
  32. He could not have told whether he was touched or humiliated.
  33. Dad, you humiliated me in front of my friends and all of.
  34. Only in this way will they avoid being misled or humiliated.
  35. Again, she was angry and humiliated by her own incompetence.
  36. America was humiliated in Iraq, humiliated in Afghanistan.
  37. Mischia felt humiliated, and conscious of every move she made.
  38. He was humiliated, whipped, and scorned for each of us, and.
  39. She looked up at him with her grey eyes, humiliated and lonely.
  40. He's good-hearted, but he's proud, and now he's so humiliated.
  41. No one paid any attention to me, and I sat crushed and humiliated.
  42. She lost her dignity and was humiliated in the eyes of the world.
  43. She was worse than humiliated, she was ashamed and heartbroken.
  44. He had completely humiliated her! What had he to be angry about?
  45. I felt completely humiliated, but stopped when modesty demanded it.
  46. He was to watch as he was publicly humiliated and his professional.
  47. This mockery and humorous persecution, as I thought, humiliated me.
  48. He felt humiliated by the fact that he was making an effort, making.
  49. Still everything was fresh in my mind that I had humiliated Raj once.
  50. More angry, more humiliated, more a feeling of failure than jealousy.
  51. Humiliated and blooded, Roger lay there on the ground for a few minutes.
  52. He is not something akin to satan to be hounded and humiliated at will.
  53. He is not something akin to Satan to be hounded and humiliated at will.
  54. I wanted to cry for Joe; first scared out of his wits and then humiliated.
  55. Matthew felt angered and humiliated by it and was sorry he turned up at all.
  56. I was somewhat humiliated at the time but didn’t make a big thing out of it.
  57. Humiliated, he quickly dropped his pants and sat, relieving his aching bowels.
  58. Egil, humiliated, seethed with fury at the new-comer, but dared to do nothing.
  59. Did he ever! Went on about how I would be humiliated publicly, even sued.
  60. Your child would be shunned by society, it would be humiliated and made fun of.
  61. She sat in the rocking-chair, feeling somehow hurt and humiliated, for his sake.
  62. I am humiliated every moment; I endure it all; I got myself into this abasement.
  63. In an argument, he never bullied or forced his views or humiliated the opponent.
  64. An animal that abused me, humiliated me and threatened me, who was out for more.
  65. The nation who humiliated the mighty Egyptian Empire has sent spies into his city.
  66. I could only imagine how humiliated being strung up on the flagpole must have been.
  67. That was a problem: having been humiliated, Callie would probably be out for blood.
  68. She felt terribly humiliated and indeed something insufferable had happened to her.
  69. Refusing to let both our boys grow up, many times I have humiliated you in front of.
  70. He recognized all his magnanimity, but he did not now feel himself humiliated by it.
  71. They humiliated my father and misbehaved in front of their family and their relatives.
  72. Every time that happened they reprimanded or humiliated you in front of your peer group.
  73. Emily blushed, but laughed again at the odd expression on Travis's face, he was humiliated.
  74. Their eyes humiliated, they will emerge from the graves, as if they were swarming locusts.
  75. In the end, he’d tried to do the right thing, but was humiliated by a man as dissolute as.
  76. Arriving late to school, we were humiliated by the unfavourable attention from our teachers.
  77. I really believe that he waited outside the door then, to see her humiliated before Lambert.
  78. They don't know how at every step he's humiliated me, and been just as pleased with himself.
  79. So in the next chapter we have the parable of the supper, and the self-exalted man humiliated.
  80. He walked straight on at a venture, keeping close to the houses like a sad and humiliated man.
  81. Still, do you truly understand what it is that you have done? You have humiliated yourself.
  82. I felt humiliated once I sobered up and realized that I probably had made an ass out of myself.
  83. Teachers, lecturers, party officials, and even Politburo members were tortured and humiliated.
  84. No one expected that defeated, humiliated Japan would become an economic superpower, but it did.
  85. I sat down; the servant began laying the table; I felt even more humiliated when he was present.
  86. She had never been as humiliated as when her case against Keith Herman had blown up in her face.
  87. Every day, the men were slapped, kicked, beaten, humiliated, and driven through forced exercises.
  88. Mammy replied that the girls would be a sight more humiliated if they found lice upon themselves.
  89. I ought to be free, equal to everyone else, and loved; and I am—a slave, humiliated and hated.
  90. She felt so desperately sorry for the mother of the child who was about to be publicly humiliated.
  91. The other two girls burst out laughing and I rushed out of the bathroom, feeling totally humiliated.
  92. Some Soviet leaders felt Khrushchev had been humiliated and forced him out of power two years later.
  93. The pictures of the humiliated Ron Bender and the smiling Apollo crew alternating in his mind's eye.
  94. Her people will be feeling humiliated by what she has done, and ours will support a serious sanction.
  95. He was so humiliated by Camilla that he wasn’t willing to tell me the truth, even when all was lost.
  96. The farm was where Roger had been humiliated a year earlier by Harald Gascoigne and his servant, Robin.
  97. He stood as though lost in thought, and a strange, humiliated, half senseless smile strayed on his lips.
  98. He felt disgraced, humiliated, guilty, and deprived of all possibility of washing away his humiliation.
  99. Even if he were completely innocent, their captors had been humiliated, and they would scream for blood.
  100. He felt humiliated and discontented; he did not even feel drunk; and he had only twopence in his pocket.
  1. It humiliates me to think that I am of the same age as that baldy.
  2. This shameful system humiliates us as beings thinking, conscious and capable of finding solutions.
  3. Since toleration is a loaned acceptance, putting one on an eternal payment plan of pleasing the lender, toleration only humiliates, being a caste system inequality, and therefore is, in essence, a Shame Waitlist.
  4. I have that fatality hanging over me that, not being able to ever have anything but stolen consideration, that consideration humiliates me, and crushes me inwardly, and, in order that I may respect myself, it is necessary that I should be despised.

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