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Idler in a sentence

1. He had not survived the great death to become an idler.
2. Ah! You declare yourself to be an idler! prepare to toil.
3. The bark at liberty in the wind, what delight! Do you, lazy idler, delve, drag on, roll, march! Drag your halter.
4. You had better be getting off to work now Billy Boy and give that idler George Drew a shout he never can get out of bed in the mornings.
5. Over the fire, by this time burning brightly, he cooked so many kinds of food that the question arose in the Officials' minds whether they shouldn't give some to this idler.
6. Olin had read the words of Washington Irving: No man is so methodical as a complete idler, and none so scrupulous in measuring out his time as he whose time is worth nothing.
7. He is an honorable idler who lounges, who practises country jaunts, who cultivates the grisette, who pays court to the fair sex, who is at this very moment, perhaps, with my mistress.

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Synonyms for idler

bum idler loafer

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