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Inaugural in a sentence | inaugural example sentences

  1. The inaugural year long.
  2. At the inaugural festivities of the.
  3. We were scheduled to have an inaugural.
  4. Im looking forward to seeing you at the Inaugural.
  5. It has been ten solar cycles since your inaugural EP.

  6. Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address in Washington, D.
  7. He had already expressed his vision during his Second Inaugural.
  8. The Americans remembered what he said in his first inaugural speech.
  9. At his inaugural address Nelson Mandela said to South Africa and the.
  10. Elsing’s rickety barn than to be the belle of a Republican inaugural ball.
  11. Contrast this sad state of affairs with Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech.
  12. The inaugural wheelchair marathon was staged at the 1984 summer Paralympics.
  13. Presidential Inaugural Addresses (Whitefish, MT: Kessinger Publishing Company, 2004), 211.
  14. This is a visual recording of its inaugural flight, as it was leaving for its first mission.
  15. It must have been after five, the early news was on, images of that afternoon’s inaugural in Washington.

  16. My fellow Americans, Ford had promised in his inaugural address, our long national nightmare is over.
  17. I knew Frank loved that guy, had campaigned for him, organized his inaugural entertainment, so it seemed strange.
  18. He had participated several times since the inaugural competition, and he had never received even honorable mention.
  19. At the same time, we were just weeks away from the inaugural Kennedy Forum meeting at the JFK Presidential Library.
  20. Author and commentator Michael Knox Beran notes that Bill Clinton spoke of communitarianism in his second inaugural address.
  21. St Paul’s inaugural Winter Carnival was staged in 1886; one of its most popular attractions was the city’s first ice palace.
  22. We also had the ignoble privilege of being the inaugural class for the nuly enacted federal policy: the National Youth Right of Passage.
  23. It is time for us to realize that we are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams, he preaches in his inaugural address.
  24. Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Pirriwee Peninsula Erotic Book Club! said Madeline as she opened her front door with a flourish.
  25. Please use the provided slips of paper and write down your own personal choice for our inaugural production, as well as what role you would envision yourself playing in that endeavor.

  26. The president is referring to astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, who successfully piloted a new craft known as the Space Shuttle on its inaugural voyage into the heavens during Reagan’s convalescence.
  27. And when the kids came over following their real Christmas with Regan for his paltry imitation and their inaugural custody overnight, Cate ignored the canopy bed he’d bought her and headed for the horsehair.
  28. Therefore the inaugural production of the Village Theatrical Society shall be that same play which Shakespeare himself crafted to demand the best of his own company and elicit the greatest imagination from his audience.
  29. The Game of Status will have a great inaugural round, and by this time tomorrow I’ll be able to report on who’s been promoted to fill the vacancies in our command structure left by the dragons who’ve gone to Xervia.
  30. The next indicator of the rising tide of ill will toward the Livingsons, which if it had been at all anticipated they did not need to wait long to encounter, occurred on the first evening after the arrival of the Lodges' inaugural guests.
  31. Five doctors, chosen from a worldwide list of more than four hundred scientists and practicing physicians, and NARC were the inaugural recipients, and they received cash prizes and grants to support their individual research projects and programs.
  32. To that end, it's only fitting that we close with the quote we used to lead off our Editors' Letter in the inaugural issue of Value Investor Insight, from Warren Buffett's long-time partner—and a brilliant investor in his own right—Charlie Munger:.

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