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Inaugural in a sentence

The inaugural year long.
4, 1981, during the inaugural.
At the inaugural festivities of the.
which she read at Clintons inaugural).
We were scheduled to have an inaugural.
dents answering the inaugural roll call,.
Im looking forward to seeing you at the Inaugural.

inaugural Perl Conference later that year in Monterey,.
It has been ten solar cycles since your inaugural EP.
in his inaugural address to the Congress of the Cholsum.
Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address in Washington, D.
He had already expressed his vision during his Second Inaugural.
The Americans remembered what he said in his first inaugural speech.
At his inaugural address Nelson Mandela said to South Africa and the.
worked for the Florida Panthers during their inaugural season, in community.
Elsing’s rickety barn than to be the belle of a Republican inaugural ball.
Contrast this sad state of affairs with Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech.
The inaugural wheelchair marathon was staged at the 1984 summer Paralympics.
, Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States (Washington, DC: U.
never in my life watched the inaugural proceedings that would put the person I voted for.
Presidential Inaugural Addresses (Whitefish, MT: Kessinger Publishing Company, 2004), 211.
This is a visual recording of its inaugural flight, as it was leaving for its first mission.
involved with, has been invited to the inaugural festivities next year, so she's even closer.
of my inaugural lover’s breath, the shape of his lips and the modulation of his laugh have.
‘The torch has been passed,’ he declared in his inaugural address, ‘to a new generation.
’ I never really understood what the exchange was about until the Inaugural Day bombs went off.
, in Himayatnagar, was lined up with assorted vehicles of those who came to grace the inaugural function.
It must have been after five, the early news was on, images of that afternoon’s inaugural in Washington.

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inaugural inauguration first initiative initiatory maiden