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Initiative in a sentence

Loss of Initiative.
Zeal and initiative.
initiative was hell on.
Bram took the initiative.
· Taking the initiative.
It was my own initiative.
We have the initiative.

Terminus took the initiative.
star t of the KM initiative.
Nicholas took the initiative.
launching on a new initiative.
roadblocks to initiative and.
Description of the Initiative.
remuneration for its initiative.
doing this on my own initiative.
there is an initiative to take it.
He did that on his own initiative.
I had to act on my own initiative.
Now the Allies held the initiative.
Concerning all acts of initiative.
initiative and plunged into projects.
to show any initiative in this regard.
I don’t want to lose the initiative.
She needed him to take the initiative.
He would try to regain the initiative.
They want to take back the initiative.
Annie took the initiative and walked.
They take initiative rather than mere.
initiative, intelligence and imagination.

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initiative opening enterprise first inaugural initiatory maiden

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