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Initiative in a sentence | initiative example sentences

  1. It was my own initiative.
  2. I had to act on my own initiative.
  3. Now the Allies held the initiative.
  4. He did that on his own initiative.
  5. Concerning all acts of initiative.

  6. She needed him to take the initiative.
  7. They want to take back the initiative.
  8. He would try to regain the initiative.
  9. I don’t want to lose the initiative.
  10. Annie took the initiative and walked.
  11. They take initiative rather than mere.
  12. The initiative had passed into his hands.
  13. Why hadn't he taken the same initiative?
  14. He wanted the initiative, the high ground.
  15. Have a look around and take the initiative.

  16. Individual pilots must have more initiative.
  17. Her father took little initiative, these days.
  18. The No Child Left Behind initiative in the U.
  19. Many uprisings are from the initiative of one.
  20. Wendy took the initiative and attacked Victor.
  21. It means you regained the tactical initiative.
  22. I’m sure they thank you for the initiative.
  23. Senate would vote on his initiative the next day.
  24. Bob learned to fly in 1911 on his own initiative.
  25. He would have liked to have taken the initiative.

  26. Certainly it showed a solid flicker of initiative.
  27. Russians, I would have appreciated the initiative.
  28. Taking the initiative and becoming more socially.
  29. His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will.
  30. I liked it when she kissed me taking the initiative.
  31. Nothing was left to chance, imagination, or initiative.
  32. With America’s initiative, the North Atlantic Treaty.
  33. I Care is an initiative of the LHC Foundation Trust, Reg.
  34. Ana takes the initiative and tries to hold Arthmes, who.
  35. Work hard, and use your personal initiative by all means.
  36. She took the initiative and started shoving him through.
  37. This initiative had to be completed in a 60-day time frame.
  38. When you take the initiative they will respect your action.
  39. Ingrid nodded her head, visibly pleased by his initiative.
  40. Open Source Definition, The Open Source Initiative (1998).
  41. Ability is very plentiful, but organizing initiative and.
  42. He wanted someone of their own free initiative to help him.
  43. I wanted to give her time; to have her take the initiative.
  44. Friendly, yes, but not one to take that sort of initiative.
  45. It was her presence that enabled the initiative to succeed.
  46. PROCESSES: To further the Innovation Initiative goals, the.
  47. A daring effort, she said, surprised at his initiative.
  48. He’d made that mistake with Barry and lost the initiative.
  49. What departments will be impacted by this initiative?
  50. They also need financing to support the business initiative.
  51. He had initiative and was a leader, whether he knew it or not.
  52. At length, Blanche took the initiative in explaining matters.
  53. Open Source Initiative and one of the leading hackers to en-.
  54. Luckily the captain and his men were already on the initiative.
  55. Court in removing the Parental Notification Initiative from the.
  56. They were removed from our midst or left on their own initiative.
  57. This results in lack of initiative, innovation, and self-reliance.
  58. He took the initiative by saying, It’s great to see you, sir.
  59. The SAARC initiative was a brilliant move, raising Modi’s stature.
  60. On the one hand, they did show some initiative in coming to our aid.
  61. It is important that the student should learn to take the initiative.
  62. She was smiling brightly at seeing Callder show a bit of initiative.
  63. Missiles up, guns up, called the computer on its own initiative.
  64. Farid, she said, This first time, I must take the initiative.
  65. He liked the way she took the initiative and loved her expert tongue.
  66. Take initiative, you may be dealing with rivalry and competition soon.
  67. No: now she was a full-fledged woman, who liked to take the initiative.
  68. We should try and take initiative for the establishment of such centers.
  69. Because this initiative has a wider impact, one that must be carefully.
  70. It was now time for us to move in and seize the initiative and cartons.
  71. Thomas and Tim sat silently beside John as he took the initiative in the.
  72. She expressed her love on many occasions but never on her own initiative.
  73. He did all of this on his own initiative but with the approval of Andrew.
  74. The Grand Wizard jumped in, stealing the initiative back from his monarch.
  75. It must have been Malarkey, Gill wasn’t too swift to take the initiative.
  76. Now what does that mean? It means taking initiative, taking the initiative.
  77. Campaign, an initiative of the American Heart Association, and she is a.
  78. At least he can still be forgiven, for he had never taken the initiative!.
  79. In a rare moment of command initiative, Reuben took control of the situation.
  80. Needless to say, this initiative is a sore subject and taboo during sessions.
  81. Wars initiative which the Americans had used so successfully in its Orbital.
  82. Like Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, NJ, who took the initiative to turn his.
  83. Despite careful assessments, it was surprised to learn about the initiative.
  84. Maybe that’s where it has to be a student initiative to get things rolling.
  85. Of course you will know better than I how and when to take the initiative.
  86. This is a cycle for developing social skills and not for personal initiative.
  87. They now could seize the initiative to seek out and hunt down their attackers.
  88. His first initiative is for a battle tutu for combat soldiers, as he explained.
  89. The hopes we had that a fair and just peace would follow that bold initiative.
  90. Something about a public show of support over their new Middle East initiative.
  91. We decided to call this mental health leadership initiative the Kennedy Forum.
  92. The ringleader approached me first, for I call him so because of his initiative.
  93. There is nothing wrong with personal initiative and nothing wrong with consensus.
  94. The Clinton Global Initiative claims to have helped 400 million people worldwide.
  95. Not long ago he had been looking after her, and now she had taken the initiative.
  96. This was his day of f and with laudable initiative he had hur-ried out ‘to see.
  97. I said to myself, if there is to be a follow up let it come through her initiative.
  98. Personal merit and personal initiative matter, but these days it’s not about that.
  99. A folder full of something, with the words SAFE IN SCHOOL INITIATIVE across the top.
  100. While tactically speaking, much of any social initiative requires a ready, fire, aim.

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