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Inauspicious in a sentence | inauspicious example sentences

  1. But inauspicious is bad.
  2. Shugden, but his experience of inauspicious signs and hal ucina-.
  3. Founded by Li Yuan, the Tang Dynasty got off to an inauspicious start however.
  4. I take this as an inauspicious omen and hurry to finish my journey's final leg.
  5. If this was to herald inauspicious tidings for her girls, she alone wished to be the one to receive the news.

  6. If any thing could add to the gloom and sicken the mind under the prospect before us, it is the inauspicious conjunction of events.
  7. Only this time, my tears would be made of water and salt, the way they were that inauspicious night in 1749 when I had been fed on for the very first time.
  8. He said the time was very inauspicious for commencing an undertaking of such magnitude as the building a navy, which could be of no use in the approaching contest.
  9. Finally, Karan was asked to leave by Kiara as it was time for Mehendi and he was told that now he will get to see her only at the wedding altar as it was considered inauspicious.
  10. After an inauspicious start, his headmastership of the school had blossomed in the wake of academic and sporting success, and for fifteen years he had filled the staffroom with kindred spirits.
  11. It was considered inauspicious and downright dangerous to go much near Wolf-skull Cave these days, what with the stories of lights and unexplained disappearances related by several in Solitude.
  12. Indeed, he knew there was still a slight possibility that their visiting the suspects at such an untimely hour and under such inauspicious circumstances would reveal a critical piece of evidence, especially since none of them would probably expect an intrusion now.
  13. I should view her downfall as an inauspicious event; consequences might result from it which I will not undertake to estimate; but I hope that the expectation never will be encouraged from this Hall, that Great Britain can or will receive any terms from us other than such as are fair, honorable, and reciprocal.
  14. No one who had seen the magistrate at this moment, so thoroughly unnerved by the recent inauspicious combination of circumstances, would have supposed for an instant that he had anticipated the annoyance; although it certainly never had occurred to him that his father would carry candor, or rather rudeness, so far as to relate such a history.
  15. And surely all this ought to appear strange and wonderful indeed to those who have been deluded into the idea that, when Great Britain was struggling, gasping for existence, the same thing was impossible: that has with ease, and under more inauspicious circumstances, been accomplished, which the men now in power pretend they have attempted in vain.

  16. These considerations required the arm of Government, and at this inauspicious period, when the clouds which had so long threatened and darkened our political horizon gathered to a thick and horrible tempest, which now seemed about to burst upon our devoted nation, the embargo snatched our property from the storm, and deprived the thunderbolt of its real calamities.

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